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My Girl Fucks Grannies

Video: My Girl Fucks Grannies
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Over two hours of young couples fucking and sucking the shit out of a hot granny! Young & old threesomes. Old ladies get extremely horny when they see a fresh young couple. So these couples decide to fuck the brains out of a granny! Things just turn hotter and hornier with the experienced babes like the grannies in here!

Heisse Muttis – Naturgeile Uber 40 Frauen

Video: Heisse Muttis - Naturgeile Uber 40 Frauen
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Studio: Unter Deutschen Dachern
3 extremely hot scenes with all horny hot mature women and men! They're fucking on film and doing it in the right way! They're moms, but you'll excuse them if they feel the need to turn their wild sides loose for all the world to see! All natural women with their mouths wide open! Older ladies showing they still got what it takes!

Magical Panty Remover Episodes 7 & 8

Video: Magical Panty Remover Episodes 7 & 8
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Studio: Brandon Lee Harrington Productions
Brandon Lee Harrington Productions is back with another great episode of Magical Panty Remover 7 & 8. Brandon is a lucky guy, because he gets to fuck hot chicks like Jade Jamison and Katniss Raw. These women know their job very well and how to satisfy him.

Stars: Jade Jamison, Katniss Raw, Brandon Lee Harrington

Mommy Banged A Black Man 3

Video: Mommy Banged A Black Man 3
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Studio: Combat Zone
Joachim Kessef is back with an all new line-up of MILFs on fire! Ameli takes her time sitting on a massive anal plug before he feeds his throbbing member to all her hot and hungry holes. Jessica sucks her own massive tits while playing with her shaved muff before Joachim drills her gaping asshole and rewarding her with a gooey creampie! Carolina Ilsa wastes no time getting to the meat of the matter taking Joachim’s pulsing prick in every position before swallowing a hot load of ball batter. Mega-hot interracial action brings big black cock home to mom! She's fucking in heaven for that deep anal release!

Stars: Jessica Aureli, Carolina Ilsa, Ameli, Joachim Kessef

Nachbarn Privat

Video: Nachbarn Privat
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Studio: Unter Deutschen Dachern
These mature women love young hard cocks! They've been fucking for a long time and if there's one thing they'd learned during all those fucks, it's that young boys are fucking awesome! They're sexy, mature, and experts in pleasing their partners in ANY way possible!

Simones Hausbesuche 63

Video: Simones Hausbesuche 63
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Studio: BB-Video
Pure sex at home with you! Germany's hottest series! Amateur housewives don't think twice...going down on a throbbin' hard cocks, pleasing their partners and themselves the best ways possible! Naughty housewives lose all control when something hard comes through a hole! It's nothing but the most mature and horny German ladies being beautiful!

Stars: Manuela, Simone (iv), Claudia, Tina, Melanie, Stefan, Tino, Klaus, Ernst

Strap On Work Out 2012

Video: Strap On Work Out 2012
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Studio: ms_indeep Productions
Ever wonder where Mistress InDeep gets those unforgettable movies when she has her strap-on buried deep inside you? Today she gives you a front row seat to the work out of ALL work outs! Watch her stretch, lunge and perform leg-lifts before a sexy strip tease. After she’s nice and limber, she models massive strap-on after massive strap-on before inviting you over to cum and see her sometime.

Stars: Mistress InDeep

Die Fick Klinik

Video: Die Fick Klinik
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Studio: Unter Deutschen Dachern
She's mature, horny and up to please her patients! Watch as this sexy mature nurse turns to her wild side and opens her mouth for cum! They're old, bold, and looking to dust off the ol' love pantry. Lots of sloppy blow jobs and fucking! They may be old, but they definitely need some lovin' too!

Francesca Le Is A #HotWife 2

Video: Francesca Le Is A #HotWife 2
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Studio: Le Wood BMC

The married pornographers of LeWood Productions know cuckold kink intimately: Lust-crazed cougar Francesca Le loves putting her cheating in husband Mark Wood’s face. LeWood facials viewers with “Francesca Le Is A #Hotwife 2,” exposing the American Latina bombshell’s adventures with well-hung younger dudes, plus a nasty lesbian play date.

Scene 1: Young Cock Sodomizes MILF Hotwife - Glamorous Latina MILF Francesca Le loves seducing nervous young dudes like Xander Corvus. The busty slut sits close, stroking his big cock through his jeans. Francesca wraps her talented mouth around his tool, gagging and slurping on his sack, and squeezes her big knockers around Xander’s pulsing prick. He passionately fucks her juicy cunt and stuffs his boner into her rectum, sodomizing the eager wife. Francesca sucks cock ass-to-mouth until he blasts her pretty face with semen.

Scene 2: Cougar Hotwife’s Young Cock Sodomy - With her big boobs crammed in a white shirt and a tight skirt wrapping her thick, bodacious butt, glamorous MILF Francesca Le enjoys telling her cuckold husband about the well-hung younger stud she’s planning to fuck. Stunning Francesca practically attacks Markus Dupree, grinding her booty in his face and eagerly slurping on his hard cock. Markus pounds the sexy hotwife’s pussy. He gives the American Latina a relentless anal reaming and then spurts hot cum into her open, slut mouth.

Scene 3: MILF Wife’s Hand Job Taunts Cuckold - Beautiful MILF Francesca Le enjoys flaunting her tan, curvy body for husband Mark Wood. Wearing nothing but platform heels and jewelry, the busty hotwife informs her cuckolded spouse about all the studly young guys she’s been fucking, and makes her long-suffering husband beg for some hand job relief. She kneels and cups his balls while using her other hand to jack on his hard dick. Francesca smiles with cruel delight as he cums on her manicured fingers, and she licks them clean. Spent, he can think about her next date.

Scene 4: Cuckold Watches Hotwife’s Lesbian Fun - Gorgeous, naturally voluptuous Angela White flaunts her enormous tits and thick, alluring ass, putting on an outdoor tease show with busty MILF Francesca Le. These two sexy bitches are hot to torment Francesca’s cuckold husband with some no-dicks-allowed lesbian fun, and he’s made to watch! The curvaceous ladies hungrily tongue each other’s juicy pussy and tight, winking butthole. Angela and Francesca swap spit, fuck each other using dildos and a massager, and go ass-to-ass with a pussy-stuffing double dong.

Scene 5: Cuckold Films Hotwife’s Young Cock Fun - Latina hotwife Francesca Le has invited boyfriend Michael Vegas over to fill her cougar pussy with his big, young cock. While Michael undresses the busty MILF, her cuckold husband shoots the action on camera, watching the horny stud lick his wife’s asshole and documenting a ravenous blow job. The slut wife rides the stud’s big prick as he relentlessly pumps her sweet pussy. Finally, Francesca kneels for a hot mouthful of tasty sperm.

Stars: Angela White, Francesca Le, Xander Corvus, Markus Dupree, Mark Wood, Michael Vegas

Suzy Hott 6 – Wet And Throbbing

Video: Suzy Hott 6 - Wet And Throbbing
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Studio: Femorg

Sexy MILF Suzy Hott is back, showing off her incredible wet pulsating pussy and clit hopping orgasms in this raw and uncut series of videos filmed by her hubby. What her masturbate with her fingers and various vibrators, on her back, squatting, doggy style - you name it. And all to the same end result - huge, pussy pulsating orgasms!

Suzy Hott really does like her rock and roll! She starts out dancing in a short skirt sans panties, with camera only showing her butt and legs. She bends over so show off her prominent lips from behind, then sits down in an arm chair and pulls out her large soft breasts, giving her nipples a firm tweak as she does. Suzy reaches down between her legs and starts to rub her clit with the palm of her hand. But she really means business and exchanges her hand for her black smoothie vibrator. Her prominent pussy starts puffing up at the sides as she gets more and more aroused. Then with one hand firmly tweaking her nipple and the other in control of the vibrator, Suzy goes over the edge and has a big pussy pulsating orgasm!

Suzy is sitting on a bench at a table in a booth and the camera is positioned under the table. She has her legs up on the table, dress hiked, legs akimbo, and a small purple vibrator on her clit! After masturbating for a few minutes, Suzy takes her feet off the table (keeping her legs apart), applies some saliva to her clit, and keeps on masturbating. She keeps this up for a bit before reverting to her feet on the table. She seems to have a bit of a hard time finding this orgasm, so her hubby steps in to lend a helping hand, He inserts a finger in to her ass while she buzzes away at her clit. She seems to really like this! "Oh yeah" she says as he finger fucks her ass. "Oh yeah, oh, oh, oh, oh man ..." and Suzy's pussy starts popping and pulsating as she cums! "Wow" she says as she takes the vibe off her clit, her pussy still contracting and throbbing with aftershocks.

This time Suzy is completely naked and sitting on a bar stool. The tan lines on her large pendulous breasts show that she has spent some time in the sun. She is working a little hook tipped blue vibe on her clit, and this toy really brings out the size of her labia! Nice! Suzy reaches down with her other hand and parts her lips, draws some juices up to her clit and pulls up on her clit hood before she continues masturbating with the little hooked vibrator. She hooks the tip of the toy underneath her clitoris, just at the really sensitive spot. Suzy keeps on masturbating, shifting positions on the stool and lifting her leg and reaching around it to get to her clit. This position did the trick ... "Ah, oh yeah, oh, oh, oh man ..." and Suzy cums hard with huge pulling contractions.

More music as Suzy sits in a leather chair wearing a white tight t-shirt and no bra. She runs a piece of ice over her nipples then the respond remarkably! The got huge and hard and very sexy! Suzy continues to play with her breasts and tweak her nipples before migrating south and rubbing her pussy through her tiny and tight stretchy shorts. She picks up a pocket rocket from the table next to her but keeps on rubbing her pussy through the fabric for a bit. When she turns on the powerful little vibe, she first buzzes herself through the fabric too. But she wants a bit more, so she pulls the crotch to one side to expose her wonderfully large pussy lips and clit, then gets into masturbating again with the pocket rocket. This little toy really packs a punch and it has her moaning in no time at all, and the next thing she knows, her pussy starts contracting rhythmically as she cums! She rides out that orgasm completely, just keeping the toy on her clit. A nice bead of pussy juice has built up at the base of her vagina. When she has had enough, the camera zooms in for a close up of the aftermath!

The camera is position between Suzy's legs, her lips are parted, her pussy is wet, and her hand is pulling up on her clit hood. She rubs her clit to spread the moisture, then brings a Hitachi magic wand into the picture! Suzy puts the wand on her clit just as the camera pans out and shows that she is actually straddling the arms of a chair with her butt hanging above the seat. She is completely naked and her large pendulous breasts are right there. She pauses for a moment to spread her juices over her pussy and lips, then continues masturbating with the big vibrator. She really is sopping wet! Suzy rather gently vibes her clit (sounds like the toy is on low speed) without moving very much, and soon enough she is overcome by the stimulation - "Oh, oh, ah ... I'm going to cum ..." she says softly, and her orgasm takes hold causing her body to jerk as her contractions begin! That looked like a really powerful orgasm! Suzy plays with herself and dips her fingers into her vagina as the scene ends.

Suzy is sitting on a wooden chair with her legs apart - no panties. But she does have a string of beads draped down around her vulva as she rubs her clit with her finger. Have I ever mentioned that she has really nice and large pussy lips? She pulls the beads away so that she can masturbate unobstructed, then continues rubbing away with her fingers - just a slow and steady circular finger rub with the occasional dip for juice. When the camera pans out, we can see that Suzy has her breasts pulled out of the top of her t-shirt and that she is sitting in front of a beach scene wall paper. She switches from just her fingers and starts masturbating with the bead. Suzy switches back to just her fingers as she gets closer to cumming ... faster and faster her fingers go, flapping her lips around and giving us glimpse of her glistening moisture. "Oh, oh, oh, oh ..." and hubby reaches in and spreads her pussy wide apart as Suzy announces her orgasm - "oh yes, oh I'm cumming" - and her contractions take hold!

"Here we go", says Suzy as she stands stark naked in front of the camera. "I am so wet", she says as she bends over a table and shows us her soaking wet pussy from behind. She turns on her little black smoothie vibe and starts to buzz her huge flapping labia and clit doggy style. She focuses the toy between her folds and directly on her clitoris, occasionally dipping the tip into her vagina for lubrication (and there is a lot of it!). It doesn't take Suzy very long until her long and strong pulling contractions begin. She seems to really have enjoyed that one! "Yummy". Suzy reaches back with both hands and spreads her big wet pussy wide!

Suzy Hott is on the beach, sitting on a beach chair in a cabana. She unties the string on one side of her bikini bottoms, pulls it to one side and applies a little saliva and her little black smoothie vibrator to her clit. The camera moves out to show the ocean and the people in the background. There must have been some people close by as when the camera goes back to Suzy, she has her legs closed to begin with and sets herself up to masturbate again. She focuses the vibe on her clit, only moving it to draw her juices up and to apply some saliva. All of a sudden, she takes the vibe off and pulls her bikini crotch back over. The camera moves out to show some people walking past. When they're gone, Suzy gets back to masturbating - her pussy looks really nice and large, and her soft breasts are pushed up and showing quite the cleavage! Suzy keeps working the vibe on her clit, pulling her feed up, stretching her toes, and getting wetter and wetter until "Oh yes, ah, ah, ah ..." and Suzy cums hard with lots of strong contractions! The camera zooms in for a good look at her wet pussy.

Suzy is squatting in what looks to be a pretty empty room. She's not wearing any panties so her large labia are just hanging under her - wow! She reaches down, spreads her lips and gives her clit a good rub. Suzy pauses to take off her top and bra, releasing her large pendulous breasts. She starts masturbating with a purple smoothie vibrator, buzzing it over her clit as she tweaks her nipples. "Ah, it feels good!" she says. She switches position and gets comfortable on the floor, removing her shoes and keeping her legs spread wide apart. Suzy masturbates with the little buzzer holding it slightly off to the side so we can see the head of her clit. he cums and we get a good view of her orgasm contractions and also of her clit hopping - very nice! Suzy spreads her pussy wide which is still contracting and spasming with the after effects of her orgasm!

Stars: Suzy Hott