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Legendary Players

Video: Legendary Players
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Studio: airerose Entertainment
The influential and iconic Sean Michaels directs Legendary Players, an interracial display featuring four perfect seasoned veterans of the industry, Nina Hartley, Julia Ann, Teri Weigel, and Shayla Laveaux. Teri and Shayla have their first on screen encounter with Sean Michaels! These amazing performers deliver great performances!

Stars: Teri Weigel, Nina Hartley, Julia Ann, Shayla LaVeaux, Sean Michaels

Horny Grannies Love To Fuck 6

Video: Horny Grannies Love To Fuck 6
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Studio: Devil's Film
Four more hot and horny grannies that want and need a cock in their mouth and pussy. Who says they’re too old to fuck. Not these ladies. They love sucking on that rod and love riding that cock. They also love the taste of that warm load. Karen Summer is on the cover and you can watch her in scene four with J. Crew in the bedroom and he certainly loves her big titties. Also watch all of the ladies masturbate in scene five.

Stars: Nina Swiss, Zena Rey, Dalny Marga, Karen Summer, J. Crew, Herschel Savage, Anthony Rosano, Marco Banderas

Love To Be Gangbanged 10

Video: Love To Be Gangbanged 10
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
You’ve asked for it; and now she’s gonna give it to you just the way you like it! The red-haired siren of sex is back her 10th installment of Love to be Gangbanged! Once again, she’s back with a friend to polish her multi-tasking skills…by juggling a few cocks at the same time. Watch her suck, fuck and get filled up like the raunchy cock queen that she is! Neither woman stops until they get the very last gooey drop!

Stars: Sexyscorpion

Slut Boy

Video: Slut Boy
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Studio: Joan Wise Productions
After spending all of Kate’s money at the strip club, bald Dean thinks he’s oh so bold and macho... until he gets taken apart by torrid blonde bombshell Kate. This lady is big, standing at 5’9” and 155 lbs, she is beautiful and powerful and handily destroys her small male opponent. Dean will never forget losing to the hands, legs, tits, and ass of Kate the brickhouse. Kate nearly chokes the life out of Dean, applying crushing head scissors and facesits.

Stars: Kate, Dean

Muttis Fotzchen Will’s Nochmal Wissen!

Video: Muttis Fotzchen Will's Nochmal Wissen!
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Studio: MJP-Video
“Muttis Fotzchen will's nochmal wissen!” (“Mom’s Pussy Wants to Know Again!”) is four scenes of banging mature German MILFs on the hunt for cock! It may have been a while for these ladies, but riding a dongle is just like riding a bike; you never forget! In fact, we think that these cougars are going to have to teach their costars a thing or two about how to deliver a most excellent fuck.

Jackpot In Vegas

Video: Jackpot In Vegas
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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…but lucky for you, Carl Hubay is giving you a peek at how he spent his trip! After meeting a sexy cocktail waitress named Tracy, he can’t keep himself from taking her back to his bedroom! Watch him pound her moist, pink hole and even flip her around to get a feel at her tight asshole too! Without a doubt, Carl’s definitely hits the jackpot in more ways than one!

Stars: Tracy, Carl Hubay

Magic Moments Presents Sammy Sparks

Video: Magic Moments Presents Sammy Sparks
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Studio: Magic Moments
Sammy Sparks strikes anyone that has the pleasure of seeing her in person or on the screen as the homely MILF next door. The alluring women with a knowing smile that seduces men into her home and into her bedroom through the beaded doorway, meeting them with passion and an eye-popping lingerie set.

Stars: Sammie Sparks

Kris Clark Bitchin’ Muscles

Video: Kris Clark Bitchin' Muscles
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Studio: Iron Belles
“No One Tells Me What To Do!" says Kris Clark. And that is exactly what she mean in this video clip and shows you that SHE tells YOU what to do, how to do it, when to do it, etc. etc. Watch her amazing thick muscled physique walk into the room and immediately take control. She jumps on top of her waiting client, who is mad that she is late, oh well; she is her own person and quickly lets him know. She throws him up against the wall and knees him in the groin. She belly punches him over and over again. She lifts and carries him, she shows how strong her biceps are by doing some arm wrestling, and she then takes her top off to show off her thick pectorals and wrestles him senseless on the ground. After she finishes him off, she still has "show off" energy let, so she gives her fans an exciting posing fantasy in the bedroom.

Stars: Kris Clark

Furry & Frisky Grannies

Video: Furry & Frisky Grannies
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Studio: DVSX
DVSX presents the first volume to the series “Furry & Frisky Grannies” Four scenes and four grannies get fucked by a younger guy. First is Agnes, and what a facial she receives after her unshaved pussy gets slammed. Speaking of which, all these horny ladies have all natural tits with nice and furry down below. Kara gets fucked right in her yard. Katalin masturbates while looking online and then gets a cock to satisfy her. Ildiko loves giving a blowjob and getting fucked right out on her deck.

Stars: Ildiko, Agnes, Kara, Katalin (i)

Kelly Madison’s World Famous Tits 7

Video: Kelly Madison's World Famous Tits 7
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Studio: Kelly Madison Productions
This movie features the extremely buxom blond-bombshell Kelly in various titillating adventures from training a dragon, or should I say, draining the dragon of all his cum, scavenging in the garage only to find the toy of her dreams, shopping for the best produce to shove insider her hot box, and several other escapades where her only objective is to expose her giant all natural World Famous tits and suck and fuck and get herself off in the most exquisite ways. She loves boys, she loves toys, she even has a thing for dragons so if anything comes across her that even resembles a hard cock, well, she’s gonna fuck the hell out of it!

Scene 1: Big Titty Chill: Just chillin' in my bedroom and thinking about what nasty things I can do in here. I really want someone to come and play with me and odds are that my husband will make his way up here and see my garter belt and stockings and decide to make me his! In the meantime, I'll be chilling out with my big titties. You can drop by and chill with me if you like.

Scene 2: The Book of BJs: I'm reading a new book and boy is Ryan enjoying this one. The Book of BJ's is a real page turner. I can't put it down! There's so many ways to turn your man on with your mouth and tongue...

Scene 3: Scavenger: I was scavenging through the garage. I was on a hunt for a very important item. No, it wasn't an expensive heirloom. It wasn't a family portrait. What I was searching for was much more important than any of those items. It was my long lost friend... Alas in a small black box. I Found It!

Scene 4: Produce Pussy: I was supposed to be making a cucumber salad; instead I grabbed those big long cylindrical veggies and thought about what they might feel like inside my hot pussy. I licked it and slid it in and surprisingly it felt better than I had ever imagined. Next I tried a summer squash, an ear of corn, and every other fruit or vegetable I could find in my kitchen. I even went to the fridge to get out the beefstick and crackers I was serving later on that night to my guests. I shoved that big piece of hard meat deep inside me. I liked the size but the thickness was a bit much. I ended up going back to my friendly Mr. Cucumber and got myself off. I then cut up the cucumber, made my salad and served up the beefstick to my eager guests! Next time I have a dinner party I might spice up the main entre and not just the appetizers :)

Scene 5: Tittytastic: You want titties? You want big titties? You say you want big big titties? Well here you go. I get a lot of requests for titty fucking so I decided to gather up my favorite titty fucking scenes for you titty fucking connoisseurs to gobble up. Tell me if you like what I have chosen. Did I miss your favorite scene? I hope not, I really want to make this a special update for you guys!

Scene 6: How to Blow Your Dragon: I always wanted to be a dragon slayer. I dreamed of how I would kill a dragon if I could catch one. Beyond my wildest dreams I actually shot a dragon out of the sky only to realize that I didn't want to stab him and tear his heart out. What I felt the urge to do was to grab him and tear his cock out of his dragon suit and suck him off! If you want to know how to "blow your dragon", please watch my video. I never knew such harmony could exist between beast and woman.

Scene 7: Boobies In Bedland: Ahhh... boobies, don't you just love them? I love mine - that's why I decided that in my dreamy bedland that I'd show them just how much I love them.

Scene 8: Hoodie Puppies: After much acclaim for my "Sweater Puppies" update that I did back in March I decided to revisit that same idea and bring you "Hoodie Puppies". There is something easy and sexy about a bra and panties and a hoodie or sweater that makes me want to suck and fuck a cock on camera. No set, no outfit, minimal hair and makeup but a big amount of horniness and nastiness makes for a fun shoot. I hope you like it and I love doing updates like this. This represents how I am at home and how I really like to have sex. No props or gimmicks, just me and my puppies, my chest puppies that is!

Scene 9: Titty Licking Good: Titties like to be licked and I especially love to lick mine when they are covered in juicy hot cum. Please cum all over my titties and smoosh them around and spread it on to my nipples. Let me suck your cum off my pink nipples. I promise not to leave a single drop.

Scene 10: Orgasmatose: Dressing in the color red makes me feel adventurous and wild. I was once called "Tiger Lilly" from a friend years ago so I found it appropriate that my favorite flowers are tiger lillies that just so happen to be in the photos. I got that nickname for being a bit wild and outspoken. I never grew out of that. I think I am even wilder and more adventurous as the years go by. I felt a bit wild and grabbed my toy after having sex with my husband and had the best orgasm. At the end I almost felt comatose, hence the name, orgasmatose. By definition it means cummings until not only your toes tingle but your brain goes numb. Oh what a feeling!

Scene 11: Wet Nude and Nasty: It's shower time. I'm a dirty woman and I need to be cleaned thoroughly. I need to be washed down and scrubbed down and oh yeah, go down on me too! I like it wet and hot and sudsy. Grab onto my slippery body and hold me tightly to you as you make love to me in the shower. I want to feel your throbbing hard cock slide in and out. Squeeze my soapy tits and slide your fingers down the length of my legs. Touch me everywhere, don't miss a spot!

Scene 12: I'm Stuccoed on You: I can't get enough of you. I want your big meaty manhood and I want it now! My big heavy breasts want you too. They want to be fondled and squeezed and sucked. I know you are supposed to be working on the house but how about if you take a break and come over and fuck me. Yeah, fuck me outside. No one will see. Just you me and few stucco walls.

Stars: Kelly Madison, Ryan Madison