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Glamour Ladies 3

Video: Glamour Ladies 3
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Studio: N-Studio
These mature ladies love cock, and they find their prey relaxing in a living room on a lazy afternoon. The first is choking the chicken to a magazine, and is surprised by her sudden appearance. His fears are put to rest as she sits on his face. The second is politely nonplussed by the cougar’s sudden appearance, but is put to rest when she begins sucking his cock!

Love To Be Gangbanged 5

Video: Love To Be Gangbanged 5
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
Sexy Scorption XXX and her sexy and naughty friends are at it again! Sexy Scoprion XXX is a voluptuous bombshell and she possesses a sexual hunger that needs to be fulfilled! Scorpion is joined by her friend; a vivacious blonde is who is also aching at the chance to get fucked by multiple dicks. The movie features two scenes of gangbanging action featuring your favorite Brit, Sexy Scorpion XXX!

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx

The Best Of India Summer

Video: The Best Of India Summer
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Studio: Legend
Legend Studios is super stoked to bring you The Best Of India Summer! India has established herself as one of the most in-demand starlets out there today. And this is a collection of India Summer's hottest scenes to date! Find out why this champ tramp is one of the best in the biz! This is an ultimate collection of six of Summer’s most scorching scenes!

Stars: India Summer

Oma Trude is’ ne geile sau

Video: Oma Trude is' ne geile sau
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Studio: MJP-Video
They may be in their golden years, but these mature women need to suck and fuck just like the young whipper-snappers half their age! Watch these old tarts get their just desserts with a young, hung and horny stud in over an hour of raunchy fun – geriatric style! It’s never too late for an old cum-craver to teach a hard cock new tricks! So grab the lube, sit back and relax and let these over-the-hill cock addicts show you ancient suck & fuck techniques that are sure to keep you cumming back for more in four toe-curling scenes!

Family Fantasies – MILF 720

Video: Family Fantasies - MILF 720
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Studio: Red MILF Productions
For Their Own Good

Rachel’s sister and her step-son Brycen had come to stay for a long weekend. Brycen had turned 21 and was attending college. Julia had been divorced for several years and was finally getting back into the dating game. When they arrived they sat down for a chat. Rachel asked Brycen how school was going and he and Julia began to argue. Rachel was shocked since they used to be so close. Brycen accused his step-mom of being a slut, dating guys his age. Julia accused him of partying and screwing up in school. Rachel felt the tension and quickly changed the subject. After a tense dinner they all went to bed. Rachel tossed and turned because she could not sleep. She was so upset at their arguing. She went to get a book to read. She found a book on the art of hypnotization. After reading a few pages she thought it would be worth a try. She snuck to where Julia slept and carefully chanted suggestive words. Julia was very receptive. Rachel snuck into Brycen’s room and carefully whispered encouraging words to him while he slept. She told them they would not argue anymore and they would show their true feelings to each other. Rachel decided the code word would be, Love. When she said that and snapped her fingers they would respond. The next morning Rachel awoke to them arguing again. She tried to change the subject but they continued. Rachel snapped her fingers and said “Love” and they both froze. Rachel could not believe she did it. She quickly told them to express their real feelings and hide nothing. Brycen told his step-mother how much he really loved her and how beautiful she was. Julia confessed how she too loved him and thought he was smart and handsome. They hugged and kissed and Rachel thought that was that. Julia and Brycen continued to confess their true feelings and before long sexual desires were being discussed. Rachel’s jaw dropped when Brycen revealed his hard on and Julia told him she wanted him. Rachel snapped her fingers and said the code word over and over. Brycen and his step-mother began to have sex. Julia sucked her step-son's cock hungrily. Rachel snapped again but they were too deep into it. They began to fuck each other right there. Rachel quickly grabbed the book searching through the pages looking for a way to undo what she had done. Nothing was stopping them. Rachel sat there watching in disbelief. They said the nastiest things to each other. Step-mother step-son sex talk was one thing Rachel had never heard before! She was shocked. Brycen was ready to cum for his step-mother and he shot his cum in her open mouth. Julia drank up his load. Rachel left the room. She was disgusted but felt it was for their own good that they make up. Julia and Brycen put their clothes back on, sat down and snapped out of it, not remembering a thing. They resumed their argument. Rachel shook her head and gave up on them.

Stars: Rachel Steele, Stacie Starr

Two Old Fucks & Young Sluts 7

Video: Two Old Fucks & Young Sluts 7
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Studio: Must 4 Adults
Two Old Fucks features Linda, Kristyna, Jennifer, and Teena getting fucked by older men and getting accompanied by older women who are ready and more than willing to join in on all of the fun. There’s a reason this steamy, seasoned series is now in its 7th installment. There’s nothing like mixing young and old when it cums to fuckin’!

Stars: Teena, Sofi, Kristyna, Linda, Jennifer, David

Deutsche Hausfrauen – Mit 40 Wird Man Erst So Richtig Geil

Video: Deutsche Hausfrauen - Mit 40 Wird Man Erst So Richtig Geil
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Studio: Foxy Media
These German housewives are quite horny as you will see. They’re more mature and all they want to do is suck cock and get fucked. No matter what time of day or night or where, they want sexual satisfaction. Nines scenes of hardcore sex including anal and DP. These horny ladies can’t wait to have that nice warm load either. They know what they want and get it.

Private Lustschweine – Alte Fotzen Brauchens Hart

Video: Private Lustschweine - Alte Fotzen Brauchens Hart
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Studio: Mega-Film
Mega-film is extremely pumped to introduce you to Private Lustschweine - Alte Fotzen Brauchens Hart. And the dominant theme of the movie is older, German women being paired up with younger lovers for explosive results! For example, in the first scene we are treated to seeing a pretty woman in her fifties being paired up with two hard studs for a scorching hot threesome!

Cock Craving Cougars 2

Video: Cock Craving Cougars 2
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Studio: Pornstar Platinum
If you let a stacked pornstar mature like a fine wine, soon you’re going to have a vicious, prowling cougar on your hands! These ladies have been at it for years, and when they have a craving for stiff, young cock that can spring up at a moment’s notice, they know just how to hunt for it! We loved dirty talking Ava Devine’s savage fuck fest at the hands of Justice Young, and Wolf Hudson getting sensual with Sexy Vanessa! And don’t miss the coup de gras when Wolf returns to go head to head with evil stepmother Veronica Avluv for some delicious hate fucking!

Stars: Veronica Avluv, Eva Notty, Ava Devine, Erica Lauren, Sexy Vanessa, Jessy Jones, Jerry, Justice Young, Wolf Hudson

Granny’s Got A Bone 2

Video: Granny's Got A Bone 2
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Studio: 7th Street Media
Leona and Marketa are horny for some anal play and within minutes of retrieving their handy dildos we find them thrashing and stuffing their granny holes like there’s no tomorrow! Anna…well she’s so hot for some alone time she doesn’t even make it to the back hole. It’s all about that sweet pink up front and getting a quick one in! Bet you didn’t know Grannys could get down like that.

Stars: Anna, Leona, Marketa (ii)