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Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 48

Video: Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 48
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Studio: Girlfriends Films
In Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 48, mature ladies indulge in tasteful, sometimes kinky, and always erotic encounters with their younger partners. The older/younger dynamic is currently one of the top selling concepts in adult entertainment. Girlfriends Films was the 1st serious entry into the genre and is now the company most closely associated with quality older/younger themed lesbian videos.

Stars: Carter Cruise, Mindi Mink, Sandy Sweet, Raquel Sieb, Mellanie Monroe, Sovereign Syre, Shae Snow, Ava Dalush

Mommy Shows Me What To Do 2

Video: Mommy Shows Me What To Do 2
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Studio: Naked Sins
Another round of mothers showing their daughters how to get off is better than ever! Whether it’s hot moms getting back at their cheating husbands or their daughters not satisfied with their boyfriend's cock the sex is unreal when it's kept in the family. A first time lesbian experience with your stepmom is all you have been thinking of all week. Now that dad is away your fantasy will come true. Feel her lips as she slowly kisses you and puts her fingers deep inside you. Now it's your turn. You want it to last forever. If this second edition does not keep you rock-hard for hours nothing will!

Stars: Nicki Hunter, Magdalene St. Michaels, Tanya Tate, Ashley Graham, Jennifer Best, Tilly McReese, Sara Luvv, Nicole Ferrera

Olivia Adams 21 – The Honey Pot

Video: Olivia Adams 21 - The Honey Pot
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Studio: Femorg
The undisputed Queen of real female orgasms, Olivia Adams is back for an incredible twenty first movie!! In The Honey Pot, Olivia delivers 10 incredible orgasms. And we do mean INCREDIBLE orgasms!

Olivia is naked from the waist down and playing with a purple clit pump while lying on her bed. Her labia are shaved bare, but she has a very closely cropped triangle patch on her mound up above. Clear pussy juices start to flow like only Olivia can do. We change camera angle, more juices. She bounces the clit pump. Then we change view to a side angle once more to watch that pump pull and elongate her clit. Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. She pops off the clit pump opting for her white egg vibe as we switch back to a frontal view once more. Her pussy is really wet. Really, really wet. Just barely audibly murmuring, Olivia smears her juices all around with the toy on her clitoris. Olivia works the egg vibe just the way she likes until she is enjoying an incredible pussy pulsating orgasm, complete with her soft "ooohs" "aaaahs" and "yeahs". Nice.

Olivia is seated on top of her washing machine in a pair of pink lacy see through panties. She is stroking her pussy through the panties and hissing quietly. The silver lipstick vibe is her toy of choice this time. With panties to the side, the wetness builds and builds as she rocks her hips upward. Laying the toy aside of her clit, Olivia pops out a nice strong orgasm, moaning and thoroughly enjoying her seat on the washing machine. She turns off the toy and sits slightly forward.

Olivia is feeling very horny and her soaking wet pussy proves it. :-) She has snuck into her roommates room and is sitting on a chair that is covered with a tan sherpa blanket. Her wetness is spilling out with her excitement, clinging to her inner thighs and dripping onto the blanket. She is frantically finger massaging her pussy as she doesn't want to get caught. She pauses from the finger massage just long enough to move the camera in even closer to that wet pussy. She squeezes and strokes her clitoris between her two index fingers. Then the frantic massage starts again as she whispers, "yeah, yeah, yeah" and cums! Perfectly visible, perfectly awesome orgasm. She sighs in satisfaction through the aftershocks.

This time Olivia is wearing red lacy panties and black tank top as she sits on top of a white fuzzy blanket. Just touching herself through her panties gets the clear stringy juices flowing. She scrunches her panties around and between her labia before she pulls out her purple dildo vibe. Her panties get pulled aside as she buzzes her clit with the big dildo vibe. She pauses for panty play as her wetness and juices build in her slit. She dips her finger into her vagina and smears her juices all over her clitoris before firing up her purple toy once again. Olivia enjoys another stellar, perfectly visible, hard contractor orgasm. And as the contractions just start to subside, she says, "Oh, fuck. Mmmm."

Pink lace panties and bare breasts! Olivia tweaks, squeezes and gives those small natural breasts a good fondle before lying back against the white fuzzy blanket to touch her pussy. The pretty pink panties get pulled to the side as she fires up her silver lipstick vibe. The pussy contractions seem to start immediately as she quickly pauses from the toy, finger massaging instead. The toy goes back in place - but it's too much too soon and before Olivia even knows what is happening she is cumming! It's a nice orgasm. No denial there.

Wearing only black knee high boots, crotchless black pleather panties and sitting on a red chair with her bare breasts exposed Olivia looks like she is feeling naughty. Olivia is using her little silver lipstick vibe which instantly has her moaning and lifting her bottom up and out of that chair. Her pussy is dripping wet, too. She pauses from the toy stimulation to stick a finger into her vagina and to play with her pussy juices, drawing them out and smearing them on her thigh. The toy is turned on once more. Olivia murmurs, "Shit, yeah." and it's all over, rover. She is cumming hard with nice big contracitons and her clear juices flowing. She turns off the toy, pulls back on her mound and catches her breath, literally panting. she leans forward to turn off the camera, and her red sheets are wet with pussy juice. Yummy!

Olivia is lying on a black blanket wearing black string tied bikini bottoms. She is softly and slowly massaging her pussy through the bottoms before slowly slipping them down - just teasing us by giving us little glimpses of her fuzzy mound. She pats her pussy firmly, gyrating her hips. She unties one side of the bottoms. She stretches the fabric so we can see how she has soaked her undergarment with pussy juice. Pat, pat, pat on her pussy some more as the other side of the bottoms are untied. With the fabric barely, barely, covering her pussy, she fires up the silver lipstick vibe. She wriggles and gyrates her hips. She finally pulls the triangle patch of black fabric aside and gets down to serious business with the toy. She says, "Oh, yeah." Twitch. "Oh, fuck, yeah" as her pussy contracts and pops in orgasm. She removes the toy, turns it off, then touches her pink pussy as she recovers.

It's late at night. Olivia is horny and her pussy is hairy. She is working the silver vibe on her already soaked pussy. She pulls back on her mound and spread her lips with one hand as the other control the little vibe. There's a lot of frothy, clear, pussy juice involved. A lot. When Olivia starts to work that toy frantically - seriously making her inner labia flap from the masturbation - we know she's getting close to cumming. The tip of the toy works the tip of her clitoris as a hard and fast series of contractions squeeze from her pussy before she even makes a moan. But she does moan as the contractions continue and she pulls back on her mound to recover.

Olivia is wearing a black, flouncy skirt without any panties beneath as she stands over top the camera in this upskirt masturbation scene. Her juices are literally dripping right out of that shaved smooth pussy and onto the floor. Watching herself in the camera lens only gets her pussy wetter. She pulls back on her mound, just jiggling her stuff and her juices continue to build and flow and drip. She is rubbing her full crotch and the strings are dangling from her pussy and bottom. She fires up her trusty little silver vibe once more and within seconds her pussy starts to contract and spasm. I think she tries to stop the action, but she too late. One touch from her fingers and her orgasm takes over. She moans as she enjoys it.

Another orgasm. Another pair of sexy panties. Olivia is on her purple bedspread in bluish/purplish panties. As she gyrates and scrunches her pussy into the bed, a huge wet spot spreads across the crotch of the dark panties. She lies back, spreads her legs wide and plays with herself. With the panties still on and the wet spot growing, Olivia fires up the wet egg vibe, working her clitoris. She pulls her panties to the side. Yep, they're soaked and so is her pussy. She pulls back firmly then puts the white vibe back on her clitoris. A few strokes and a few buzzes are all that are required for her to rock out another hard, snapping, juicy wet, orgasm. She moans because it feels so good! Nice one.

Stars: Olivia Adams

Teen Fidelity Vol. 10

Video: Teen Fidelity Vol. 10
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Studio: TeenFidelity
Teenfidelity introduces another chapter in its hallmark series with four scenes complete with the hottest teens that could be found. These teens show off their sexual prowess which spans far beyond their age and make the Madisons cum hard. Kelly tries to teach Hillary Star some etiquette, but ends up in a threesome with Ryan ending in a lesson in cream pies. Jenna Ivory’s Teenfidelity premiere as a classy pinup model shows off her skills at sucking and fucking that would make Marilyn blush. Ryan cuts off the power to scare Lacy Channing and then calms her with his rock hard cock. Sabrina Taylor goes for a little skinny dipping in the pool before getting fucked and her tits covered in two huge loads.

Stars: Kelly Madison, Tiffany Star, Sabrina Taylor, Lacy Channing, Jenna Ivory, Ryan Madison

Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 35

Video: Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 35
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Studio: Girlfriends Films
This is simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video. Moms and their daughters mix with other romance-minded mother-daughter pairs! This is the pinnacle of older female/younger female pornography! The hottest cougars get paired up with gorgeous kittens! Featuring Nicole Moore, Julia Ann, Tara Morgan, Staci Carr, Mindi Mink and many more!

Stars: Tara Morgan, Staci Carr, Mindi Mink, Marley Matthews, Nicole Moore, Julia Ann, Raquel Sieb

ATK Over 40 Hot And Bothered Housewives

Video: ATK Over 40 Hot And Bothered Housewives
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Studio: Kick Ass
ATK Aunt Judy's proudly presents "Over 40 Hot and Bothered Housewives". This fine as wine collection has some of the hottest and horniest mature women on the net. These hot and horny MILFs love to show off their aged to perfection bodies and quench their insatiable lusts for your viewing pleasure. With over two hours of the most torrid older women on the net, out to get their groove on, this video is packed to the rim with mature satisfaction.

Stars: Amber Lustfull, Scarlet Rose, Amber Jewell, Raylynn, Sophia Jewel, Holiday Hughes, Mimi Moore, Silky Thighs Lou

Puzzy Bandit Vol. 13 – Interview Rita Daniels

Video: Puzzy Bandit Vol. 13 - Interview Rita Daniels
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Studio: Puzzy Bandit
Puzzy Bandit Vol. 13 contains an interview along with a scorching hot scene with Rita Daniels. Though in her 60s, just looking at Rita assures a hard cock due to her sexual vigor and hot frame…not to mention, she loves black dick! She sucks that BBC like it’s the last one on earth and screams in pleasure as that cock gets lodged in her wet pussy!

Stars: Rita Daniels

Naughty Alysha’s I Fuck My Fans Vol. 7

Video: Naughty Alysha's I Fuck My Fans Vol. 7
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Studio: Sticky Studios
Naughty Alysha truly lives up to her name in this 7th installment of her popular “I Fuck My Fans” series. Reality porn super star and real life super slut raises the bar for fan appreciation! Alisha sucks and fucks her fans for real cause she knows an autograph just doesn't cut it! Talk about a super star giving back to her fans! That’s real fan appreciation!

Stars: Naughty Alysha

Book A Fuck

Video: Book A Fuck
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
She took her time stringing together a chic outfit for the phone call she’d just received. Sexyscorpion just booked a fuck, and she knew exactly how to make the man feel at home. Her black lingerie contoured and fitted to her curvy body just so, sheer stockings covered shapely legs, ensnaring and arousing the tall individual at first sight!

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx

Mature Maid Out Two Omnibus Pension

Video: Mature Maid Out Two Omnibus Pension
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Studio: DreamStage
They may be mature maids, but these older women have a craving for young cock bigger than any young girl! Younger girls are just eager to please…these MILFs have experience so they know how to suck and fuck a pulsing pole just the way you like it! So cum on and join the party where these nurturing mamas nurture copious amounts of cum from your cock with kinky sex acts that’ll leave you drained!