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First Child Favoritism

Video: First Child Favoritism
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Studio: Desperate Pleasures
Camille has always been, well… let’s say 'overly friendly' with some of her favorite family members, but this time around she isn't the one that instigates a more intimate taboo relationship! Camille's step-mom has had these urges for years to show her that she is not only Mom's first child, but also her favorite! Let’s keep it all in the family!

Stars: Leilani Lei (i), Camille Black, Leilani Lee

Lesbian Training Day 6

Video: Lesbian Training Day 6
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Studio: Forbidden Fruits Films
Forbidden Fruits Films presents the 6th volume to the series “Lesbian Training Day”. Seasoned lesbian film veterans Jodi West, Mindi Mink, Patton Hall and Reagan Foxx train fresh young talent Jackie Marie (Jackie Jupiter) in their first girl/girl scenes. Find out what the women like and why they like being with other women.

Stars: Jodi West, Payton Hall, Mindi Mink, Anya Olsen, Jackie Marie, Reagan Foxx

She’s A Baby Doll

Video: She's A Baby Doll
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Carl and Sharee were waiting for a friend to come fuck them both silly. He never turns up, so they decide to get a good fuck in anyway! They already have the room, so why not?! Carl eats out Sharee and then can’t wait any longer. He climbs on Sharee and pumps her tight little pussy with his big cock. Sharee cums over and over and Carl cums on her little pussy and licks it up.

Stars: Sharee, Carl Hubay Jr.

Seat Of His Pants

Video: Seat Of His Pants
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Eve finds out her attractive new teaching assistant Mike, has been foolishly "sexting" with students, which behavior is, of course, forbidden. To avoid serious reprisals, Mike agrees to submit to hard, corrective discipline, including a bare bottom, over the knee spanking, a leather strapping while on all fours with bottom thrust into the air; and a sound wooden paddling over a trestle bench. Cute, submissive Mike has no choice but to bend over and take his punishment from Eve Howard.

Stars: Eve Howard, Mike Fluffy

Kelly Madison’s World Famous Tits Volume 18

Video: Kelly Madison's World Famous Tits Volume 18
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Studio: Kelly Madison Productions
We can't get enough of Kelly's World Famous 34FF tits, lucky for us there's more than enough to go around! Whether at home baking or turning heads in Hollywood, Kelly is always ready to show off her massive tits and have a good time. Join us while Kelly fucks and sucks cock until her all natural 34FF's are covered in hot cum!

Stars: Kelly Madison, Ryan Madison

Ditzy Stewardess

Video: Ditzy Stewardess
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Carl’s ditzy blonde wife is a stewardess. She just got back from an overnight flight. She’s really hot but, not really bright. Carl tells her he didn’t marry her for her intelligence, but, because she was a great fuck. He proceeds to have her suck his cock and then fucks her hard before cumming all over her pussy and asshole and licking it up.

Stars: Josie Pesci, Carl Hubay

My First Massage

Video: My First Massage
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Studio: Fantasy Massage
RayVenNess is the greatest masseuse in California! She’s also willing to give a little extra for those that she thinks deserves it! The word must be getting around, because she has customers lining up around the block for their first ever massages! Men, women, she don’t mind! As long as they have something they need rubbed, Rayvenness is glad to do it to their satisfaction!

Stars: RayVeness, Stephanie Cane, Briana Blair, Capri Cavanni, Taylor Tilder, Dick Chibbles, Michael Vegas

POV Throat Fuck

Video: POV Throat Fuck
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
SexyScorpionXXX has a new fan by today, but he’s feeling a little camera shy. No matter! She’s gonna let him hold the camera while she services him! She decides to get him a bit more excited, so she brings out her vibrator and plays with herself for the camera! Finally she goes back to work and brings him to a dribbling climax!

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx

Naughty Gloryhole Housewives

Video: Naughty Gloryhole Housewives
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What would you do if a hard cock came poking it’s head out of a hole, like a groundhog looking for water? These women have the right instincts; SUCK THAT DICK RIGHT NOW! It’s so cute! It just wants attention that only a mature MILF knows how to give! Six scenes of anonymous gloryholes!

Meet The Batemans

Video: Meet The Batemans
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Studio: Pretty Dirty

Dip into the seedy side of Pretty Dirty. Just because we’re pretty doesn’t mean we can’t be filthy too. The Batemans hire babysitter Nina North, but Seth Gamble and Brandi Love aren’t parents. They are a dominant couple training an unsuspecting girl to perform submissive sex acts and threesomes as a member of the household. When Mick Blue decides to fuck Brandi Love, nothing is going to cum between him and tight pussy, certainly not a bit of fabric at the crotch. Obsessed fan Anikka Albrite saves her favorite celebrity porn star Mick Blue from a premeditated car accident so she can nurse him back to health with a blowjob and other forms of sexual healing. Will these unrepentant evildoers ever be forgiven?

Meet The Batemans Part One: When naive Nina North meets the Batemans for a babysitting job, Brandi Love and Seth Gamble couldn't be happier with her. They seem really great, until Nina discovers they aren't parents. They're a Dominant Couple, seeking a submissive slave. Nina's never done anything like that before, but she really needs a job and the Batemans are very persuasive. Nina nervously submits to being undressed for inspection. When Seth gets a boner from touching her perky tits, she follows Brandi's directives to suck and fuck his cock the way he likes it. Nina obediently bounces her tiny body up and down the shaft of his cock, while Brandi masturbates her pussy, turned on by the sight of her husband's cock inside another woman. Brandi dominates Nina with her mouth while Seth fucks her mouth with his cock. Nina screams with pleasure, ready to orgasm, but Nina's not allowed to cum, Seth is going to cum. Brandi holds Nina's hand so she can't rub her pussy while Seth fucks it deep with his cock. He pulls out of her pussy and cums hard all over her face, Brandi licks it off and prepares to cum next.

Thong Stuffing: When Mick Blue comes home after two weeks away, Brandi Love forgets about the homecoming meal she's cooking and goes straight for the gift he's brought her; a gorgeous lacy blue thong. He wants to work up an appetite, so he tells her to put it on before he eats. She obliges her man with a sexy strip show, proudly showing off her tiny waist and tight ass in her new thong. His huge dick is hard by the time she turns around. She gets on all fours and crawls over to give his cock a blow job. Mick takes off the panties, and puts them in her mouth to wet them a little. He balls them up in his hand and feeds them into her pussy with his fingers. Then he double stuffs her pussy with both the panties and his giant dick, before slowly pulling out the lingerie like a strand of erotic beads. The reuniting couple use the panties as a prop while they fuck each other six ways from Sunday before he erupts in her face.

You're Not Going Anywhere: When Anikka Albrite wins the chance the meet her obsession, celebrity cock star Mick Blue on set, she's disappointed that she only gets a handshake because he's too busy fucking his co-star. In fact she's in such misery, that she tampers with Mick's brakes to orchestrate a car accident, just so she can cum to his rescue. When Mick wakes up with two broken legs, in a strange bed, and begins to freak out, the pretty blond fangirl from the set says she's taking real good care of him. She coos at him and rubs his thighs, close enough to his crotch to give him an unwanted erection. She won't let him make a phone call, or leave though. Not until she makes him all better. First she's going to nurse his cock with a blow job. When Mick can't think straight, after all that sucking and slurping, Anikka shows him her big natural tits and her wet pussy. He's so horny, he begs to lick her pussy, and stick it in her slit. And like a good nurse, she does all the heavy lifting, riding his hard cock, cumming like a dream cum true, flooding his cock with her juices, till he flips her over and pumps her hard, filling her quim to the brim with a creampie! But can she get an autograph?

Meet The Batemans Part Two: n this hot follow up to Meet The Batemans Part One, where Brandi Love and Seth Gamble seduce and fuck their newly hired submissive Nina North, Brandi's pussy takes center stage as this Dominant Couple continues to initiate Nina into the family. Brandi is horny from watching Seth and Nina fuck and needs to fuck a cock in order to release the pressure in her pussy. Ready to receive Seth's big cock, Brandi bends her body and outstretches her legs to expose her open cunt. Seth fucks his wife's wet pussy, and with the help of Nina's tongue on her clit, gives Brandi a powerful quivering cum. Brandi guides Nina through a tandem blow job, and puts her sub through another round of fucking Seth's cock. For the big finale, Seth fucks Brandi's pussy hard until his cock releases a huge wad of cum for Nina to snack on before they send her to bed.

Stars: Brandi Love, Anikka Albrite, Nina North, Mick Blue, Seth Gamble