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MILF Tugs Hardcut 5

Video: MILF Tugs Hardcut 5
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Studio: SCORE Group
Six older women in their 50’s and 60s and this features some of the horniest, most-seasoned, cock hungry sexpots that have been filmed the latest installment of this best-seller is our filthiest yet! These sexy old birds love using a young man's baby batter as wrinkle cream, and lustily milk every drop from their hard cocks. Big-bootied Latinas Sandra Martines and Marcella Guerra tag team a MILF-loving stud. And man-gravy craving, cock-tugging vets Sydni, Bethany, and Phoenix and Jeanie get their fill!

Stars: Marcella Guerra, Phoenix Skye, Sandra Martines, Sydni Lane, Jeannie Lou, Bethany James

Olivia Adams 23 – Beyond Moist

Video: Olivia Adams 23 - Beyond Moist
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Studio: Femorg
Olivia really is a one orgasm girl, and she can cum really quickly or she can take her time and edge herself to orgasm. But no matter which option she chooses, there is one guarantee...her pussy gets sopping wet with her stringy juices, and her orgasms are crisp, pulsing and natural!

Olivia rolls onto the screen as a close up of her crotch clad in her brand new lace panties! She takes a second to orient the camera perfectly before pulling the panties tightly against her crotch with one hand and gently rubbing it with her other. One of her lips breaks free...her finger finds it and gives it a nice little rub too! Then she pulls the crotch of her panties aside, and you can see a nice little juicy string hanging onto the fabric for dear life! ;-) As Olivia plays with her pussy, her wetness really starts to this point, there is already a drop of her wonderful juice gathering at the base of her vagina. And when she spreads her lips wide, it runs out of her and heads south :-). Olivia is ready. She reaches over for her silver bullet vibe, turns it on and starts a very gentle circular motion on her clit. She gasps as soon as the toy touches her, and from then on, she is just holding off...not wanting to come too quickly. But she is not able to edge for long - she cums hard with a series of nice pussy pulsating contractions. As she recovers, her pussy is still contracting and pulsing, long after the stimulation stops!

Not wearing any panties at all, Olivia is seated on a black cloth covered chair. Her fingers are already roaming her crotch - her legs are not wide apart, so our outer labia are closing in her inner ones. After a moment, she sits back and spreads her legs and it is immediately obvious how engorged her clit is already...she even leaves a wet trail on the black fabric! Olivia was about to try out a dolphin for her very first time - she is absolutely soaked! She turns on the toy, reaches around her leg and slips two fingers into her vagina as she gingerly buzzes her clitoris with the blue toy. The toy is giving her quite the buzz and she has to keep taking it off her clit to stop herself from cumming. This she does for a few minutes until she just HAS to cum...she lets go and has a nice, pussy pulsing orgasm, strings of her juices attaching her anus to the black cloth.

OMG - Olivia starts this scene with a bang ... wide open and wet! And she wastes no time picking up her purple dildo vibe and inserting it into her wet pussy. Immediately she starts reacting - cooing and "ah-ing". She then brings her silver bullet vibe to the party, buzzing away at her clit as she hisses and virtually purrs from the pleasure the two toys are giving her. Her inner thigh is trembles gently as she works both toys - the vibe going in circles on her clit while the penis vibe is going in and out of her vagina. Her bits look totally engorged and aroused - very sexy! "Fuck...yeah...ahhh". You know she is close now. Olivia starts rocking her hips onto the penis vibe, jamming it very deep into her pussy as she buzzes her swollen clit. Wham-o…she has a nice big orgasm, her pussy clenching the penis vibe rhythmically, her clit hopping along! She lets the vibe slip out, recovers for a few seconds, then switches the camera off.

Olivia is now wearing a very sexy black one-piece outfit and black shoes as she squats in front of the camera. Her nipples show though the netted fabric as she rubs her crotch, exposing her clit and lips through the opening between the snaps. She then sits on the floor, undoes the snaps and completely exposes her can see her juices on the inside of the material. She turns on her o-Honey vibrator and gasps as she touches her clit with it, then she stuffs it into her vagina and lifts her hips off the floor to give us a better look. After some more o-Honey play, Olivia puts her favorite vibe back to work...the silver bullet vibe. And the next thing she knows, she is cumming again. It's a nice contracting orgasm, with the o-Honey vibe still dangling out of her pussy. Her tip of clit is nicely exposed to as her clit hood is retracted.

Looking very relaxed on her soft wooly blanket, Olivia is already naked and aroused. Her patch on her pubic mound has grown just a little. She is gyrating her hips as she caresses her breasts, then she zooms the camera in for a close up of her dripping wet pussy. Her legs are spread very wide apart, and her white egg vibrator is ominously close. Olivia spends a little time just showing off her body, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. When she decides that it is time, she fires up her egg vibe - on low - and starts buzzing her clit and playing with her running juices with it. She really takes her time with this one, wanting to make it all last. And when she finally gets very close, she lets out a little "fuck", then a few "yeah's", and then cums really hard with very fast snapping contractions...lots and lots of them! They go on even after she has turned the toy off.

Olivia is squatting again, but this time directly over the camera. And there is a stringy drip of pussy juice building up on her vulva. She starts to rub her clit just as the grool drips down onto the camera, and she continues to rub and practically strum her clit (almost like playing a sting instrument!). Her clit is covered in her juices now and it's beginning to froth a little as she rubs and rubs it. When she is adequately warmed up, she turns on her purple penis vibe and uses that to buzz her clit in a circular fashion. Olivia is watching the action on the cam screen, and this is really turning her on! She cums with countless contractions which make another bead of grool to form on her lip and drip down to the camera...and another big drip, and another! Wow - she does get incredibly wet!

Already completely naked, Olivia is seated on a tan cloth covered chair. She is ready to make herself feel good and is already jiggling her clitoral hood. She has shaved recently, and her pussy is smooth...and quite moist already. Olivia is already hissing and panting softly as she gently plays with her pussy - mostly rubbing the area just above her clitoris and pulling up on her pubic mound. This pulls her whole vulva upwards and makes a bead of grool to the base of her vagina. She lights up her trusty bullet vibe, touches it to her clit, and orgasms in seconds! With a hiss and a moan, her pussy starts pulsing and contracting as she cums! A bead of stringy juice attaches her bum to the cloth. Olivia sits quietly for a moment to recover.

Hairy Olivia is next! Her pubic mound and labia are fully covered in hair! She is lying back on the bed, legs akimbo and giving us a wonderful view of her pussy and breasts. Olivia doesn't waste any time in turning on her white egg-head vibe and gently caressing her clit and pussy with it. Her moisture is pretty apparent already, and she is panting and hissing and moaning softly as the buzzy toy stimulates her sensitive clitoris. She reaches down with her other hand and rubs her juices all over her pussy, then resumes stimulating her clit, spreading her legs even wider apart, and then thrusting her hips against the toy. She almost cums and quickly pulls the vibe away, pauses for a second and then resumes masturbating. Olivia really can decide exactly when she wants to cum, and with a few "ahh's" and "yeah's" and an "oh fuck", her sopping wet pussy suddenly jerks into orgasmic spasms! Olivia lets out more pleasure sounds and another expletive as she comes down from that one! We like "hairy Olivia"!

New panties? I think so! Very nice. Olivia is seated in a chair, one leg over each arm and gently rubbing her pussy through the fabric of her new panties. She tugs on her panties, pulling the crotch tightly against her vulva as she rubs. Then she pulls the crotch aside, and her pussy is already engorged and excited! Olivia really does enjoy taking her sweet time and just playing with herself - it gets her quite aroused and ready for more! And this is exactly what she gets...she turns on her silver bullet vibe, plants it on her clitoris, and is moaning in pleasure within seconds. And suddenly, with a moan and an "oh shit", Olivia cums seemingly unexpectedly! Her pussy throbs and pulses all the way through, and she hasn't even had the chance to take her panties off!

Stars: Olivia Adams

Anal Cougars

Video: Anal Cougars
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Studio: CX WOW
When a lady gets a little older, she’s gotta learn some new tricks to keep the men around. These young girls today do stuff we didn’t get to til our thirties! The one magic trick they’ve found? Taking it up the ass! This hole’s as tight as it ever was and ready to take on VIP ticket holders who held out for the grand opening! Mature MILFs, tight assholes, and enough lube to fit a chicken through a keyhole, it’s Anal Cougars!

Stars: Raquel Sieb, Alura Jenson, Rita Daniels, Coralyn Jewel, Christian XXX

Hange Titten – Pervers

Video: Hange Titten - Pervers
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Studio: BB-Video
Titty fuckers rejoice; this movie is jam-packed with breasts that are beyond the threshold of D cup. There’s nothing more at-home for a breast man than having his cock between two large tits. The best part for these four studs is to watch these girls ride them cowgirl, where they get to feast their eyes on their bouncing breasts.

MILF Filth 4

Video: MILF Filth 4
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Studio: Mr. Niche
Four hungry MILFs that truly lead the cougar life. The hot MILF on the cover, Claudia Valentine gets her pussy pounded and swallows the creamy load. Rumor has it that Sable Renne is a cougar that fucks all the younger guys well she proves she will fuck anyone. Crystal Taylor takes on a big cock in this interracial scene. Ashley is so horny to have a younger man satisfy her sexual needs.

Stars: Sable Renne, Ashley, Crystal Taylor, Claudia Valentine, J. Crew, Guy DiSilva

The Escort – Interracial

Video: The Escort - Interracial
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Studio: Sally D'angelo
Richard Mann is alone in his hotel and feeling the need for company. He needs someone that can actually take the full extent of his monster cock, and the pickings are slim on that front. It’s a good thing he has Sally D’Angelo’s number! He calls her up and she arrives and takes care of all his problems using all the skills and tricks she’s learned over the years!

Stars: Sally D'Angelo, Richard Mann

C You Next Tuesday #4

Video: C You Next Tuesday #4
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Studio: Forbidden Fruits Films
These women have no idea what it means to join the Tuesday night book club, but they shall definitely find out about all of the nuances of the gathering soon! As the series continues, we find the first Mother-Daughter book club members trying to both co-exist in this Lesbian sexual romp! The tensions are high as good girls are preyed upon by more experienced lesbians!

Stars: Amber Bach, Jodi West, Callie Calypso, Kimber Woods, Licious Gia, Kandie St. Andrews

Casting Call: Pink Desire

Video: Casting Call: Pink Desire
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Studio: KA Entertainment
The Man put an ad in the paper looking for some innocent young thing to come in and try to be a porn star. He forgot the young ones don’t read the paper, so a slightly more mature woman, Pink Desire, came in to apply! The Man likes a big ass and big titties regardless of the age, and lil Pinkie has more than enough of both!

Stars: Pink Desire

MILF Sex How To 3

Video: MILF Sex How To 3
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Studio: Kobayashi Kougyou
In this compilation series, made up of five scenes featuring twenty couplings of hot, petite Asian MILFS and their lucky partners, these men show you what to really do with a sexy, mature woman. Watch as these experienced babes get the fucking of a lifetime; complete with crazy moaning and creampie cumshots!

My Hairy Grandma

Video: My Hairy Grandma
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Studio: Third World Media
These grannies are ready to nurture you and make you feel extra special with a yummy hair pie! Ayako Tamaso, Evelin, Janicka and their mature friends may be over the hill, but they are still in their sexual prime and more than eager to take on a fat cock in their tight, hairy holes! Janicka takes Joachim’s massive cock in her ass before getting a hot load spewed on her bush! Ayako sucks and fucks like a younger female instead of the 50+ freak that she is! Cum join the party and let these hairy grannies teach you a thing or two that’ll keep you cumming back for more!

Stars: Evelin, Nina Swiss, Janicka, Pairis Angelo, Veronica Snow, Joachim Kessef, Ayako Tamaso , Hiroko Akaishi