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Horny Grannies Love To Fuck 12

Video: Horny Grannies Love To Fuck 12
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Studio: Devil's Film

When Ms. Leighs therapist shows up with her new walking chair to begin her therapy for her recent hip relplacement this old granny shows a real reluctance. Well who can. blame her. She is watching the golden girls. But therapist T turns off the show and gets Ms. Leigh up and into the chair to get her working. Got to get those hips going. But watching her he soon realizes she is packing some serious booty and starts sprouting a boner while watching her work out that walker. Hands on her ass she demands more than just a swat. And does she ever get it as he pulls out his cock for her to suck and soon is impaling her doggy style while she orgasms hard on that walker.

Dustin has been living with his grandma Jamie for years now. She's not his real granny cause he was an orphan but he loves her all the same. In fact more so than a normal granny. Granma Clare taught him so many things. How to make rhubarb pie. How to tap dance. She even taught him how to fuck a girl. Such a wonderful woman. He better get all of the grandma pussy he can before he goes to college this week. It's a long wait till winter break and he can be back between grandma's legs

It is a very sad time in Ms. Sue's life. She has just lost her husband Mortie and is now having to go through the hard party of picking a coffin. They are all so expensive. It's so nice that the man from the funeral home is so kind. He helps her and finds her a nice pine box. In fact, he even has her eternal resting spot next to Mortie if she can make the small down payment and afford the payments. The payments are no problem but that down payment is tough. Especially with all of the funeral expenses. But if there is one thing her late Mortie taught her was as long as you got a wet pussy you don't need money. Time to put that moneymaker to work. Eternity depends on it.

Ms Lauren is on a fixed income and is looking to pull some money out of her house. Her loan officer from the bank comes up with a great idea. Why not tap into that mortgage without having to pay it back via a reverse mortgage. Having all that extra money will allow Ms. Lauren to do so many things now. Wow, money gets her old pussy wet. She really needs to thank the young man from the bank. How about a blowjob? Well if there is one thing the bank will not resist is a chance to fuck you so before you know it he balls deep in that old cunt and plowing away to an eruption of cum on her kisser.

Stars: Erica Lauren, Clare Fonda, Kelly Leigh, Penny Sue, Dustin Daring, Eric John, Jake Adams (i), T Stone

Bad Ass Grandma Series Two

Video: Bad Ass Grandma Series Two
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Studio: Lacey Starr Productions
Five more, all new episodes featuring Lacey Starr as the Bad Ass Grandma. In this series, she gets down and dirty with some of the hottest UK talent and the super-hot action cums thick and fast as granny goes hard at it. This series was originally shown on Television X but now you can see it totally uncut, with all the bits that were way too hot for TV!

Stars: Chessie Kay , Jem Summers, Lacey Starr, Tina Kay, Luke Hotrod, Ricky Stone

Granny Meets Girl #6

Video: Granny Meets Girl #6
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Studio: Productions
Vinna Reed is taking some sexy selfies on the bed before Pam Pink arrives to engage in some lusty lesbian love. Gorgeous babe Lulu Love gets a taste of the voluptuous granny Astrid. Enjoy this young and mature love session where both go down on each other's sweet pussies. Naughty mature Lucette Nice seduces cute Pixie into eating her moist pussy. Pixie was pleased having her mouth filled with this old woman's pussy. Racked granny Franny has a soft spot for younger redheads. Ornella Morgan prefers her pussy aged and refined. Perfect Babe Daisy Lee gets a taste of the brunette granny Mariana. You'll be conquered by this old-young passion between a blonde beauty and an experienced lady.

Stars: Astrid, Vinna Reed, Daisy Lee, Franny, Lulu Love, Lucette Nice, Mariana, Ornella Morgan, Pam Pink, Pixie

Sex Ed

Video: Sex Ed
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Studio: Tangled Vision Entertainment
It is known that the family that fucks together, stays together. So who better to teach you the birds and the bees than your parents! These erotic taboo tales showcase sexual education taught the old fashioned way: hands on, and at home! Pay attention boys and girls, class is now in session!

Stars: Hayden St. Clair, Margo Sullivan, Brycen Ward, Vince

Taboo Afternoon

Video: Taboo Afternoon
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Studio: Desert Wind Videos
This is so sad, the old guy really tries to resist the sexual overtures of his 42 year old daughter. They have had sex before, once with her and his granddaughter but he has sworn to not have sex with them again. She wanted a little photoshoot so he did a really nice, non-sexual photoshoot for her. After the shoot, they are on the couch as he is telling her that they can not have sex again.

Well, that only lasts for a few minutes, she is soon giving him very non daughter kisses. There is no way the 85 year old daddy can resist. He soon has his fingers deep inside her pussy. He likes to video his sessions with his daughter and is soon videoing closeups of her cute pussy. She pulls his pants down as starts sucking on his cock. He thinks she gives the best blow jobs of anyone. He is very lucky.

They go into the bedroom so they can get naked and he gets to suck on her pussy. He is very surprised that she has hair on her pussy and that gets him very excited as he sucks on her sweet pussy. They do a great 69 position sucking session too. He always likes to cum on her ass so he oils up his cock and her asscheeks and starts grinding away. She loves the feel of his cock on her asshole and the feel of hot cum on her ass.

Hot Granny 1

Video: Hot Granny 1
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Studio: Magic Horn
Hot Granny 1 is all about older woman who are still solid gold! These horny grannies are craving a hot beef injection and no man can disappoint them! They might be 50+, but they still can't wait to suck and fuck hot, throbbing cock! They will definitely teach you a thing or two about fucking!

Stars: Edith, Ilona, Susanna, Susanne

MILF Stunners #2

Video: MILF Stunners #2
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Studio: CX WOW

Alura Jenson is a busty blonde goddess with massive boobs and a passionate spirit. Her sexual chemistry with Christian is off the charts. When they get together it ALWAYS produces fireworks. Watch these two experienced lovers explore each other's bodies until they both release RAGING orgasms.

Claudia Valentine is horny and wants to do something about it. Her boyfriend is trying to hit the gym, but she has other plans for him. His resistance is futile and soon they are fucking on the couch. What a slutty MILF she is!

Karen Fisher called a repairman to fix the cable. Her girlfriend Sara Jay is horny and while he is fixing the box, the girls start fooling around. He sees them, goes to leave, but they strike first and soon he is getting his dick sucked before fucking both of these busty MILFs

voluptuous goddess Eva Notty wants to get fucked by a big dick, the problem is you have a tiny cock. So she enlists the help of Christian XXX, who fucks her properly while she tells you how pathetic you are. This scene is a lot of fun for him and her, but not so much for you. You only get to watch.

Stars: Alura Jenson, Claudia Valentine, Eva Notty, Karen Fisher, Sara Jay, Christian XXX

Bad Ass Grandma Series One

Video: Bad Ass Grandma Series One
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Studio: Lacey Starr Productions
Lacey Starr is one Bad Ass Grandma! She’s the crazy, over-sexed granny who whose filthy exploits have taken the porn industry by storm! This series was originally shown on Television X but now you can see all five episodes, totally uncut, with all the bits that were way too hot for TV!

Stars: Amyka Lee, Lacey Starr, Valentina Bianco , Violet Love, Jean Claude, Paul Back

Over 50 Fuckers

Video: Over 50 Fuckers
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Studio: Rookie Nookie
The Baby Boomer women never get tired of being fucked. They will show you how it feels to be fucked by a woman with experience. Try it, you may never go back. This movie is made for women and men who love seeing older women in all their natural glory! 4 amazing scenes of these beautiful over 50 fuckers!

Stars: Babe Morgan, Erica Lauren, Laylani Wood, Sky Haven, Chad Diamond, Eric John

Grandma’s Bush #4

Video: Grandma's Bush #4
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Studio: Productions
Lusty grandma Donatella is having a drink with her young friend, eyeing him with passion and hoping for something a little stiffer than an ounce of gin. Cute granny Valerie seduces hot guy Nick into fucking. She offers him a drink before sucking his hard throbbing cock. Oliver dials up a date with Mayna May : a sexy Grandma just down the block. Watch her dance a little strip tease before the younger boy, and soon undress to reveal her beautiful silver-aged body. Rob knows his tastes, and he loves the aged perfection of grandma lovin' - he gets nasty with Nanney. Her beautiful granny senior's complexion drives him wild, and he has to be inside this sexy Gma’s asshole.

Stars: Donatella (F), Mayna May, Nanney, Valerie Voss, Oliver, Rob, Don Diego