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Granny Goes Anal 6

Video: Granny Goes Anal 6
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Studio: Channel 69 Video
Who says old gals can’t learn new tricks? Now they’re learning to take it anally! They’ve dropped the knitting in favor of getting cocks up their wrinkled assholes. They want cock deep up their horny asses. If you have a thing for old ladies, these hoes are still bangin' and won't let you down. They have been fucking for years and they have the experience the young girls don't. Nobody takes it in the ass better than these hot old grannies.

Stars: Amanda, Ana Maria, Cabi, Kis Marianna


Video: Hausfrauen
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Studio: BB-Video
These Hausfrauens are the "hot wives" in the community. Usually they’re stand up citizens - except when they're on their hands and knees performing their community service for the hung and horny studs around the way! Whether it’s the maintenance man coming to maintain the pipes, a co-worker visiting to get some “work” done, or the boyfriend coming home after a long day’s work. They’re in for a pleasant surprise that makes their nature rise and throb until they’re drained to the last sticky drop!

Omnibus Two Pleasure Of Beautiful Mature Mother

Video: Omnibus Two Pleasure Of Beautiful Mature Mother
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Studio: Kobayashi Kougyou
Four scenes with four MILFs and their bodies are ripe and ready. As they’ve matured they’ve become more sensitive to their horny needs. They want young cock and they get it. The beautiful older women can’t wait to wrap their warm mouth around that cock, make it hard so they can ride that stiff dick until that young male explodes.

Vegetable Dessert 3

Video: Vegetable Dessert 3
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Studio: N-Studio
What, vegetables for dessert? The ladies are cooking with these garden grown veggies. These are sticking them in every hole. Zucchini, carrots, eggplant anyone? They get caught playing so now into their mix…cock. Two scenes of hardcore threesomes. They even add fruit in the second scene, bananas and oranges, nice anal play.

Tanya’s Hotel Office Affair With Lee Stone

Video: Tanya's Hotel Office Affair With Lee Stone
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Studio: Tanya Tate Productions
Tanya is away on a business trip with her well-endowed boss Lee Stone. He phones her to come have a meeting in his hotel room, where he attempts to break off their office affair. She decides to give him a reason not to end the relationship. A number of reasons actually, apart from the sexy secretary outfit, heels, and stockings. Tanya throws her lips on him and he can't resist. She soon has him fucking her all around the hotel room!

Stars: Tanya Tate, Lee Stone

Sultry British Muscle Babe

Video: Sultry British Muscle Babe
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Studio: Iron Belles
This British beauty has no shame of her gains, and she wants to show them off in all their nude glory! Not only does she have big muscles, big tits and big clit but she also knows how to move them so sensually right before your eyes that your eyes will pop out!! Watch her as she strips for you down to the buff and then shows you all she's got on the couch. Beware!!! Shocking full frontals and rears that will make you die and got to Muscle Heaven!!!

Gayle Moher is soooooooooooooo sexxy and sensual in this stripper video as she finishes on the couch and begins her bed show and tell. You will just love what she has in store for you here! Watch he strip down on the bed from her pink outfit to the buff and start playing with her Muscle Clittie and showing you how lucsious and gorgeous it really is!!!Just can't get enough of this super sexxy sensual Muscle Babe.

Gayle Moher is awesome as she does some great big clit exhibiting on the bed and then stripping out of her see thru pink gown for more clit exhibiting on the coffee table. She is soooo hottt!!!Gayle just LOVES to be an exhibitionist and she certainly proves it in this totally nude posing video, oiling herself up, playing with her Muscle Clittie while toying and teasing with you, showing us everything she has got and what a package it is!!!!

Stars: Gayle Moher

My Sister’s First Black Cock

Video: My Sister's First Black Cock
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Studio: Sally D'angelo
It all started the other night when step-sis and I were on a mini vacation, we were down in the bar flirting, dancing and showing everyone some leg when a handsome black man approached me. He bought me a drink we had some small talk, I could tell he had class plus, I rubbed his crotch to check out his tool which was very nice by the way. When sis and I got back to the room we sat on the couch sharing small talk. It didn’t take long to discover she’s curious about the good looking black man I met at the bar tonight (BTW we're both married,) but I never realized my sister has never fucked a black cock. I looked her dead in the eyes and said I know we're both married, but I adore a big black cock in my tight love box… plus I have that gentleman's number! We used to take turns on our boyfriends and we've even had sex together quite often in high school. So sis and I agree to tag-team this stud that has to be packing at least a 10 incher! “What do you say sis, let's fuck him! It'll be your first black cock and it’s time to celebrate!” I knew what she would say, “Let's get the show on the road!”

Stars: Payton Hall, Sally D'Angelo, Jonathon Jordan, Jonathan

Vegetable Dessert 2

Video: Vegetable Dessert 2
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Studio: N-Studio
Veggies are good for you, no matter which end they go in. These people know how to get maximum pleasure from anything. It's possible to receive a great pleasure and orgasm even from a vegetable. Watch these horny boys and girls enjoying themselves with some extra vegetables.

Eat The Cum Off My Asshole

Video: Eat The Cum Off My Asshole
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Connie’s always horny and never thought she would meet her match. She’s moved into a new neighborhood where her friend tells her that there’s a local guy who can out fuck her. She shows up at Carl’s door and says she wants to get fucked. Carl can’t pass this up, so they hit the bedroom. Carl enjoys eating Connie’s pussy and having her suck his cock before he tears up her pussy until she gets too sore to keep fucking. Then he does her ass for awhile before she says she can’t take it anymore. Carl eats out her asshole, jacks off all over it, and then eats it up.

Stars: Connie, Carl Hubay

Me Mom And Granny Part 1

Video: Me Mom And Granny Part 1
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Studio: Sally D'angelo
Grandma Sally always comes to visit over summer break. Step-mom always seems very tense around her…the way she rubs my shoulders and whispers things in my ear. I thought that was just what step-grandma’s did! Until she took it a little further. I had no idea granny’s tits still looked so good! We played around a little bit, until Mom caught us in the act! I hope she’s not mad… Maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll want to join…

Stars: Dani Dare, Sally D'Angelo, Connor Coxxx