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Video: Oma
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Studio: BB-Video
Watch four over 50 ladies that are still horny and want a young hard cock in their mouth and pussy. Who says sex has to stop after 50 years of age. They grave it as you will soon watch. They still can get into every sexual position and they can’t wait to get that creamy load from their young stud.

Relax, She’s My Stepmom

Video: Relax, She's My Stepmom
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Studio: Filly Films
Whatever Mommy wants, Mommy gets! These smoking hot young ladies are ready to get a taste of older, seasoned, stepmom pussy! And the gorgeous stepmom’s are more than ready to reciprocate! These horny stepmom’s have made up their mind and they’re on the prowl for fresh n' easy teen pussy!

Stars: Mackenzie Pierce, Tegan Summers, Trinity St. Claire , Gabriella Paltrova, Britney Young, Simona Solay, Julia Ann, Austin Taylor

Aching Ball Handjobs Vol. 29 Claudia Valentine

Video: Aching Ball Handjobs Vol. 29 Claudia Valentine
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Studio: Glamorous
Claudia Valentine is the sexy brunette siren giving Dick Fitswell an afternoon he won’t soon forget! While the busty babe is in the bathroom getting ready; he just can’t help himself and soon joins her! He enjoys watching her shave before she strokes his member before moving into the living room. Once there; the kinky duo fondle each other before she masturbates and continues to give him a hand job until he spews his spunk all over her hands!

Stars: Claudia Valentine, Dick Fitswell

Sex Im Buro

Video: Sex Im Buro
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Studio: Unter Deutschen Dachern
The title is “Sex in the Office”. Watch this mature woman, maybe the secretary enjoy two cocks in this office threesome. Then a young blonde girl gets fucked by an older man and he gives her a creampie. The two women enjoy each other’s tits and pussy licking before the dick enters and they have a three-way.

Stacked Blonde Loves To Fuck

Video: Stacked Blonde Loves To Fuck
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Josie is housekeeping in some holey blue jeans with her plump, juicy ass hanging out of her jeans and Carl gets incredibly turned on. He eats a lot of pussy and licks her asshole and then fucks her silly. When he’s ready to cum, he cums on her ass and pussy and gobbles it right up!

Stars: Josie Pesci, Carl Hubay

In Praise Of Older Women Volume #4

Video: In Praise Of Older Women Volume #4
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This latest Jerky Girls compilation includes nine scenes of the hottest older women in porn including two scenes each from legendary MILFs of porn Amber-Lynn. If you'd like to be seduced and dominated by the hottest MILFs around, then you will absolutely love this compilation!

Stars: Zoe Holiday, Summer Meadows, Pamela, Shannon, Amber Lynn Bach, Carmen Valentina, David, Sonny

Way Over 60

Video: Way Over 60
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Studio: Rookie Nookie
Erica Lauren, Cala Craves, Babe Morgan and Leylani Wood are simply too hot for their age! These mature cock cravers are ready to teach a lucky young guy just how down and dirty they can get! They’re more experienced, and can’t wait to get those silver cunts filled and drilled before getting their faces covered in the cream they crave!

Stars: Erica Lauren, Cala Craves, Leylani Wood, Babe Morgan, Christian XXX, Chad Diamond

Office Affair

Video: Office Affair
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Studio: Femdom Empire

Scene One: My Male Secretary - Being a woman of power, Nina Harley likes to surround herself with beautiful things. She keeps a handsome male secretary at her beck and call, and wants to see just how far he is willing to go to please his superior.

Scene Two: Plaything Cock Jerk - Mistress Nina Hartley enjoys controlling the cocks of her slaves, making them cum on her command. This slave is so under her command that the very sound of her voice makes his cock jump up and down from excitement. While Nina sits on her slave's face, getting her pussy pleasured by his tongue, she completely controls his cock, expertly edging it until it is rock hard, then smacking it back down, denying his orgasm again and again. When Nina has had enough oral worship, she concentrates on jerking her slave's cock; it is just a plaything in her control. When she finally decides to let him cum, she makes sure that he eats his load while she uses her foot to squeeze the last bit of cum out of his cock.

Scene Three: Pussy Licking Boy Toy - Mistress Nina is a successful female executive who has it all - a large salary, a nice office, and a pussy licking boy toy male secretary available to please her pussy anytime she wants! Nina is in the mood for some pleasure, so she summons her secretary into her office and orders him to crawl on his knees to worship her pussy. Nina knows that her employee has a jealous girlfriend, which makes his submission to her all the sweeter. Fully aware that his job depends on keeping Nina happy, her secretary makes sure to earn another gold star with his tongue skills.

Scene Four: Job Interview JOI Test - Nina Hartley looks for qualities beyond just education and career experience when interviewing potential job applicants for her company, as you will soon find out. When Nina notices you checking out her legs and shoes, she does not get mad - in fact, she encourages you to check out her hot body. She even gives you permission to take out your cock and start jerking off for her! Nina is a super hot cougar on the lookout for guys who can give her pleasure, and she wants to see how you might "measure up" for that position as well. Nina instructs you to stroke your dick exactly how she likes it, amused by how throbbing hard your cock gets as she plays with her breasts. Once she reveals her pussy, she knows that you have potential, as your breath shortens and you near orgasm. But Nina does not allow that yet; she wants to see you exercise some control, so she gives you a countdown from twenty to see if you can do it. With two jobs on the line, both of which you really want, can you come through and impress Nina with your "application" to be her sex toy?

Scene Five: Strap-On Connection - When Nina Hartley's office assistant screws up his duties yet again, Nina decides that some serious correction of his behavior is in order. As she verbally scolds Alex, her assistant, Nina comes to the conclusion that the problem here is that Alex does not have proper respect for her as his boss and needs to better understand his position - which is that of being her bitch. And what better way to "drive" that point home than the head of her strapon cock? Nina could care less about Alex's protests of having a girlfriend; she just undresses him and bends him over her table for a long and hard cock pounding. When Nina notices his dick getting hard, she orders Alex to stroke it for her amusement. Nina then jerks off his cock herself while she keeps pounding him, as it makes sure that she has his total attention. When she has finished fucking his ass, Nina warns Alex not to let it happen again and dismisses him. But she is soon pondering whether another piece of eye candy might make a better assistant.

Stars: Nina Hartley, Alexander Gustavo

Le Amiche Di Marlene 2

Video: Le Amiche Di Marlene 2
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Studio: CentoXCento Italia
Le Amiche Di Marlene 2 is an outstanding Italian film! The action takes place at Marlene’s place and features a full-blown orgy! Marlene loves to entertain and her apartment is perfect for the sex parties she loves to have! Marlene’s girlfriend and three men are invited over for a very epic orgy! You don’t want to miss it!

Stars: Marlene, Alex Magni

Mother & Daughter Lesbians in Japan

Video: Mother & Daughter Lesbians in Japan
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Studio: Kojibonia Bongal
Mother & Daughter Lesbians in Japan focuses on the relationship between a beautiful young woman and her older, sexy housemate! But, take notice -- this isn’t your typical lesbian film! Both of these gorgeous ladies are packing a little something down below, so you might want to call them hermaphrodites! You’ve definitely never seen a futanari movie like this!