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Meaty Mammas 1

Video: Meaty Mammas 1
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Studio: Porndoe Premium

Amateur Italian BBW enjoys hardcore anal and cum in mouth with masked man. Heavy girl Bambolona Petra is excited to ride Ugo Diabolik's cock. She gets banged in all holes and eats his creamy cum.

Italian mature granny in amateur hardcore fucking. Adriana is busty cock-hungry bitch, in fishnet stockings getting her snatch pounded hard by a younger guy before finishing him off with a good ol’ hand job and getting her juggs cum covered

Intense ass fucking with squirting BBW mature Italian amateur. Naughty Danette Squirt is in for a wild hard ride with Fabry Horse, getting her pussy and ass drilled hard before getting a sweet facial.

Mature Italian BBW Moana enjoys dirty anal swinger sex. Chubby mature brunette newbie in black stockings Moana craves a good hard ass-fucking from Fabry Horse. Watch as she gets all her holes crammed with dick and her face covered in cum eventually

Italian mature BBW Danette Squirt gets both holes drilled and wets dick. Naughty Italian mature Danette Squirt flaunts her fat, fleshy body in a hardcore fuck with Max Dominatore. She gets it in her pussy and ass, squirting like crazy, then receives his cum over her shaved cunt.

Stars: Adriana, Bambolona Petra, Danette Squirt, Moana, Fabry Horse, Max Dominatore, Ugo Diabolik

Cougars Et Autoritaires (Bossy Cougars) (French)

Video: Cougars Et Autoritaires (Bossy Cougars) (French)
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Studio: Philippe Soine Productions

Back in Belgium! But this time, our sluts have decided to take things in hand ... And it is these gentlemen who will now have to stand at attention to satisfy their most lustful desires.

In search of a new housekeeper, Loly will make a hiring interview from the hottest to a lucky candidate. After cleaning his personal dungeon and his sex toys collection, it is with a stroke of luck that he will show him the extent of his skills.

Olivia, she will have to crop her chef ... A little too maybe? So what better than a greedy blowjob and the offering of his bulging rump to motivate his troops in the most enjoyable way.

Finally, the very demanding Lana will organize a casting to find the duo that will satisfy his libertine clientele. Our two friends will raise this challenge by hand filling it to orgasm. In turn, they will take it in all directions and meet his most perverse expectations.

Stars: Lana Vegas, Miss Loly, Olivia Diva

Grandma’s Good Girl

Video: Grandma's Good Girl
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Studio: Older Women
Lacey Starr is the dirty nana who's gonna show these winsome babes what it takes to be Grandma's Good Girl! She'll get your pulse racing as she uses more than just a stethoscope to give one of these babes an exploratory and intimate examination at the doctor’s surgery. Another honey discovers that when she massages nanny's massive mammaries, this moaning matriarch becomes putty in her hands and this grimy grandma shows one more sweetie how to get off using a high speed vibe and, if there are no spare batteries to hand, a firm banana straight out of the fruit bowl will suffice. Granny's passions know no bounds!

Stars: Alessa Savage, Chessie Kay , Lacey Starr, Sookie Blues, Jake Matthews

Hot Granny 2

Video: Hot Granny 2
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Studio: Magic Horn
Magic Horn is back with the second installment of their Hot Granny series. Granny's horny and she's tired of the blue pill poppers! She misses the days of fucking hard bodied studs with rock hard cocks! Granny Wants A Younger Man, and that's just what she's going to get! 3 scenes with amazing olderyounger hardcore action.

Stars: Amelie, Ema, Marianne

Madam Ivana – Handjob

Video: Madam Ivana - Handjob
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Studio: JH Production
Madame Ivana knows you want nothing more than to please her. Want to touch her big boobs? Maybe undress her and take that tight body for a ride? Too bad! The only thing you can do to please her is whip out your cock and let her get a grip of the situation! That’s right; she gets off on jerking you off! Watch her stroke and flex at the same time over and over again until you can’t help but to explode in three cum spewing scenes!

Stars: Mistress Ivana

Suzy Hott 8 – Way Back Orgasms

Video: Suzy Hott 8 - Way Back Orgasms
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Studio: Femorg

This is a collection of 16 early videos (with 16 pulsing pussy orgasms!) from Suzy Hott that have not been made available as full-length movies - they just sort of got left behind as Suzy kept creating newer, longer, and higher resolution videos. As this was before HD, these scenes are from native 4:3 sources, and are very natural and erotic!

Suzy Hott is jamming out on the bed with her clam out, completely naked except for a cap pulled low to hide her face and her pink smoothie rubbing up and down on her clit. Her hubby is filming her and is offering words of encouragement as Suzy masturbates her meaty pussy, her large breasts bouncing in unison ... "Right now" says Suzy amidst a series of "Ah's" and she pulls the vibe off her clit as she cums!

Large labia and a moist pussy fill the screen with Suzy's fingers rubbing her clit. "Try to hold it?" asks Suzy ... "No, make it go" says her hubby. Suzy rubs just a little more, goose bumps all over her butt and inner thigh as her big, tugging, clit hopping orgasm contractions take hold! Very nice!

Suzy is outside on the deck sitting on a stool, completely naked, and rubbing a vibrator up and down her slit. "I'm so wet" she says as the camera moves in for a close-up of the action. There all kinds of nice juicy noises as Suzy continues to masturbate with the smoothie vibe and white creamy juices slip out of her vagina and drip down to the deck below. The camera shows us her large breasts and big nipples, then moves back down to her pussy action where her phenomenal big lips are flapping along with the motion of the vibe. Suzy holds the vibe steady on her clit and lets out a series of "Ah's" as she gets closer and closer to cumming. The with an "Ah yes", her pussy starts pulsating and contracting from her orgasm. She really is creamy wet and swollen!

Suzy is fully dressed but has her skirt hiked up and isn't wearing any panties. Her knees are pulled up as she strums away at her clit. "This feels so good" ... "ah ... ah ... ahh ...her I cum ..." and indeed, there she goes! Another nice pussy pulsating orgasm!

This is a self-filmed scene ... Suzy has set up the camera and sits down in a chair wearing a matching blue top and skirt. In her fashion, she is listening to music as she lifts up her top and tweaks her nipples. She lifts up her skirt, spreads her legs, and starts buzzing away at her large clitoris with the pocket rocket. The little vibe packs quite the punch and has been one of Suzy's favorite toys. "This feels so good" she says as she slides the little buzzer up her slit, settling it on her clit. She is getting very wet already! But she doesn't want to cum just yet so she puts the toy away and moves closer to the camera. Her juices have already dripping out of her pussy and are clinging to her dress. (The music actually sounds like a band practicing!) Suzy continues to play with herself, introducing her glass dildo and fucking herself with it ... eventually going back to the pocket rocket. This takes her to the finish line - her orgasm is accompanied by nice big popping contractions! She puts the toy away and spreads her legs to show her aftershocks and just how wet that made her.

Suzy's big lips are poking through her crotch-less panties as she gives she clit a good rub. Her nipples are poking out through slits in her bra too. She rubs her clit firmly with her fingers ... "getting nice and wet now", she says as she keeps up her rhythm until she has a nice big orgasm! She spreads her pulsating pussy lips and shows off her glorious juices!

Suzy is naked on a chair as she tugs and firmly tweaks her big nipples. "I'm sooo horny", she says as she slips her hand down between her legs and starts rubbing her clit and pussy. She is already getting very wet! She stuffs two fingers into her vagina, then rubs her clit some more. But she is in the mood for toys! Her glass dildo is the first - she rubs it over her clit, pushing it into her vagina, then rubs her clit with it again. She really seems to enjoy this, but it's not what she wants to finish ... she cranks up her smoothie vibe and slides that over her clit and up and down her entire slit, rocking herself against the toy ... suddenly, "ah ... ah ... ah" and Suzy cums hard!

Suzy is masturbating with a black smoothie vibe up close ... but only for a few seconds as she suddenly cums with huge pulsating contractions!

This is an interesting view! Suzy is butt up, spreading her ass cheeks with her hands, her big pussy hanging out, and lips dangling. Her hubby puts her purple smoothie to her clit and within seconds Suzy says "I'm going to cum ...", and cum she does with nice strong orgasm contractions!

It sounds like band practice time again! And that means that Suzy is filming herself once again ... she is wearing just her panties and a tight t-shirt and is pinching her nipples through the fabric. And they look great! She reaches down between her legs and rubs her pussy through her panties ... then plays with her nipples some more. Suzy pulls her legs up and rubs her panties right into her slit before she slips them off. She continues masturbating with her fingers, but eventually decides she wants more ... "Big George" is her answer, her big dildo. She inserts the toy into her vagina and fucks herself ... her big pussy lips clinging to the side of the toy as it goes in and out of her pussy, and her juices creaming at the base of her vagina. That was feeling really good, but now she wants something a else ... the pink pocket rocket iVibe. She fires up the toy and puts it to her clit, taking her time and buzzing out a nice and welcome, pussy pulsating orgasm!

Suzy Hott is sitting on her deck again, wearing just a pink dress and pulling her ample breasts and nipples out of the top. She gives her nipples a good tug, tweak and rub before shifting her attention to her crotch. She sits back in the chair and lifts up her dress for direct access ... her pussy looks just full and amazing as she rubs it and she looks like she is going to cum already! "Don't cum yet! Just tease it." says her hubby, who is filming the action. Suzy immediately stops rubbing and inserts two fingers into her vagina, before resuming her rubbing. Hubby reaches in, spreads her lips wide apart and rubs her clit. And it only takes seconds before she cums! But he stops rubbing as soon as her contractions take hold, almost ruining her orgasm ... Suzy quickly reaches down and continues to rub, keeping up the stimulation until her orgasm is complete!

Suzy is rubbing her pussy with the end of her glass dildo, sliding the toy up and down her slit. She is sitting outside on a stool. "It's all wet ... it feels so good ... ah ... ah ..." she says. She stuffs the toy into her vagina and continues her clitoral assault with a pink vibrator. And that is all a bit too much - she cums hard with strong pulsating contractions ... nice!

Suzy is strumming her clit with her fingers as she sits in a chair and listens to music. Her pussy is already very moist, and she pauses to draw out a string of her glorious grool before resuming her rubbing. The camera moves in really close as she rubs her clit with her middle finger. But Suzy wants a different type of stimulation so she turns on her pocket rocket and applies it to her clit. It's only a matter of seconds before the thing makes her cum really hard with lots of big popping orgasm contractions! The camera moves in to show her hopping post orgasm clit!

Legs spread, no panties, wet pussy, and her white smoothie vibrator. Suzy is sitting on a motor bike as she masturbates her big pussy lips and clit. "Getting ready for bike week" she says, mid stroke! Her tits are pulled out under her shirt. She really seems to be enjoying herself as she say's "I can do this all day". But can she really ... it looks like she is already getting close to cumming! Suzy turns the power up on the vibrator and jiggles it on her clit as she tweaks a nipple. And that does it - her pussy contracts and pulses from her orgasm, and it's a long and big one too!

Suzy is topless and has her skirt hiked as she sits on a towel in the grass. She spreads and pulls her legs up, reaches behind her for her vibrator and starts buzzing away at her engorged clit. Suzy can cum fast!! She is literally cumming in seconds, her pussy contracting and her clit hopping with her orgasm!

Suzy's breasts are exposed and she is tweaking her big nipples. She reaches down to her bare pussy and rubs her clit with her forefinger for a moment before she starts buzzing it with a tiny white vibe. Suzy gets into a squatting position and works the little toy over her big lips and clit as hubby gets the camera underneath her. Her large labia dangle and jiggle with her masturbation movements, and very quickly, with a series of "ah's", Suzy has a big orgasm. The camera angle is not slightly above her pussy, making for an unusual and incredible looking orgasm!

Stars: Suzy Hott

Marina, 57, The Banker (French)

Video: Marina, 57, The Banker (French)
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Studio: La Banane
Mr. Fouquier is a bank branch manager in the urban periphery. All customers, individuals and businesses, are leaving the agency that risks closure. His last chance is based on the methods of Marina, a special banker who is known for straightening out failing businesses.

Marina teaches the staff how to give the most outstanding customer service and trains the staff in the sexual debauchery that will decide whether the agency will survive or not. With sodomy, slobbery blowjobs, and office fuckery, will Marina fulfill her mission?

Stars: Cyann (i), Marina Beaulieu, Poopea

Cheating Wife

Video: Cheating Wife
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Studio: Sally D'angelo
Cheating Wife starring Sally D'angelo and Nicky Rebel. Married bitches, they're all whores, my wife thinks she’s sneaky but I have everything on tape, her boyfriend helped me photograph the whole liaison , what a fucking slut, she tells me she's going on a weekend getaway with her girlfriends, but in reality she's going off to fuck her 25-year-old big dicked boyfriend, now what the fuck does she have in common with a 25-year-old, what a fucking slut. Creampie, MILF, Cougar, Sneaking, whore, Fucking, Blow-job , Bitch, Married, Wife.

Stars: Sally D'Angelo, Nicky Rebel

Toy Boy To Go

Video: Toy Boy To Go
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Studio: presents "Toy Boy To Go!" Twelve horny as hell and dripping wet grannies fuck young boys insane! Three ladies to one young man is every man's dream and it's even better when all the women are experienced and want it just as badly as you. Cum watch as these mature and sexy ladies fuck these young guys silly!

Naughty Old & Young Lesbians 2

Video: Naughty Old & Young Lesbians 2
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Hanging out with their mature friends sure beats any boys. Who needs boys when you have fingers, tongues, and toys... Over TWO hours of young and old lesbians licking each other to infinite and passionate orgasms! Wicked Moms & Naughty girls love to lick and finger each other's pink parts!

Stars: Elena Gilbert, Gabriella Daniels, Jana Pilsner, Jane J, Kristyna, Lea, Violette V