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Sex Lesson 2

Video: Sex Lesson 2
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Studio: N-Studio
I hope you’ve been paying attention, because there will be a quiz on the material! It’s time for some naughty guys to receive a well –deserved sex lesson. The film introduces two teachers who have a fancy for some extra-curricular behavior once the final bell has rung. And give it up for these sexy professors as they enrich some student’s minds and their bodies!

Punter POV

Video: Punter POV
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
Hot big titted MILF SexyScorpion XXX has a great POV experience with the big bald man (as well as the big bald man attached to him ::WINK::). She sucks his big uncut cock, licks his old butthole, before taking a deep doggy fucking from him! She finishes him off with a hand fuck (with satin gloves), leading to a hot stick mess on her belly!

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx

Hey Bitch Shut Up & Take It Motherfucker

Video: Hey Bitch Shut Up & Take It Motherfucker
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Studio: Sally's Cuckold / Femdom Corner
Sally D’Angelo comes home and question’s her husband why he hasn’t cleaned up his clothes before she got home. He’s looking at one of her porno magazines and wants his wife’s pussy so bad. He has a hard time dealing with his wife fucking around. She shows him her panties and he sees the load on her pussy from the guy she fucked. It’s time he gets undressed and her cuckold hubby will get a good ass fucking from his wife’s strap-on. He does and she sits on his face and makes him lick her pussy. He jerks off and is allowed to cum on himself.

Stars: Sally D'Angelo

Miyuki Kanno M

Video: Miyuki Kanno M
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Studio: Kobayashi Kougyou
Miyuki Kanno M is an exciting Japanese film that features a taboo family fantasy, with a Japanese twist! The film centers on a gorgeous Japanese woman in her 40’s. As she’s gotten older, she’s noticed a change within herself and within her body. The first scene serves as a great appetizer, as we get to see our protagonist masturbate and play with a vibrator. The next two scenes showcase the action between her and her step-son!

Una Sorella Da Saziare

Video: Una Sorella Da Saziare
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Studio: Topax Film
Una Sorella Da Saziare by Topax Films is Italian hardcore at its finest! The film is split into three outstanding scenes and they all feature a heavy hitting Italian starlet like Rebecca Guadagno, Zia Selvaggia, and Monica Boldi. To say the film is kinky would be an understatement. There are elements of family fantasy and even older female/younger male pairings!

Stars: Zia Selvaggia, Monica Boldi, Rebecca Guadagno, Gustavo, Pierre D.J., Manuel Fantoni, Michael Zen

Young Stud

Video: Young Stud
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
SexyscorpionXXX is back with another piping hot movie! This one features Scorpion taking on a horny, young stud with energy and stamina for days! If anything, Scorpion has proven that her sexual needs are strong and she needs a partner with plenty of stamina to keep up with her! Cum and see this sexy pair go at it!

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx

What Do You Think, Am I Insurable?

Video: What Do You Think, Am I Insurable?
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Studio: Sally D'angelo
Sally has a hot insurance salesman come to her house. She is in need of insurance and it’s not for her beautiful home. It’s for her tits and pussy. She shows the sales guy and he can’t help but feel them and kiss the, this leads to him fucking her on the dining room table and he gives her a facial. He can’t resist her orders to fuck those big tits of hers. Sound like Sally will get some free insurance.

Stars: Sally D'Angelo

Sex Lesson

Video: Sex Lesson
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Studio: N-Studio
If you’ve ever fantasized about being with your sexy teacher, Sex Lesson is the fulfillment of all your adolescent fantasies! Watch as these two lucky guys get seduced by their teachers, letting them suck and fuck them. Don’t you wish you could’ve bent your hot teacher over a desk like this?!

Horny 50 Plus MILFs X-Cut

Video: Horny 50 Plus MILFs X-Cut
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Studio: SCORE Group
Forget about the MILF, It’s all about the GILF now! This isn't a movie about sensitive older women who love passionate kissing. This is a movie about the most debaucherous, old, horny sluts slamming their pussies until they jerk and spasm from intense fuckin' cums! Dirty divorcee Josette Lynn is a flight attendant with a big, fuzzy bush and an asshole full of anal beads! Bea and Rita are both sex-agenarians, which means they've had decades of practice in dirty talk and finger fucking! Plus, three ore filthy 50 plus MILFs!

Stars: Sheri Fox, Rita Daniels, Bea Cummins, Phoenix Rising (Female), Josette Lynn, Classy Katia, Katia

Kiyomi Koizumi Nakazono

Video: Kiyomi Koizumi Nakazono
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Studio: DreamStage
Kiyomi Koizumi Nakazono features two lovely Asian women who don’t need any convincing when it comes to getting down and dirty. They love to be fucked and these lucky guys take total advantage of their cock-craving. Groping, sucking and fucking are all on the menu for these mature babes!