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Video: Stranded
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Studio: OffWorld
Sometimes airlines can be extremely frustrating to deal with. What with the hassle of getting through airport security in one piece and not having to deal with cancerous machinery, and then having to deal with the fact that your flight has been canceled. These two beautiful women contend with such issues with style, grace, wine, and a bit of sexual debauchery!

Stars: Magdalene St. Michaels, Ela Darling

Old Time Lesbians

Video: Old Time Lesbians
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Studio: 7th Street Media
Old Time Lesbians goes to show, once a carpet muncher ALWAYS a carpet muncher, and these grandmas are proud of it! Scene one opens up with two horny old bags at the bar who can’t even wait for their first drink before ripping each other’s panties off and finger fucking away. Next, we find ourselves in a classroom where sex education is the topic and Gwen, a cute little schoolgirl, is about to get a sensual lesson from her teacher that she’ll never forget. We end with one of the best old lady sloppy threesomes your imagination can come up with!

Stars: Lady, Gwen Cortez, Leona, Marketa (ii), Anna

70 & Still Fucking #2

Video: 70 & Still Fucking #2
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Studio: Channel 69 Video
These old gals are still alive and kickin’! Well, they’re not actually kicking, but they are fucking, and they’re fucking hard. They’re fucking like they’re back in college all over again, and their bodies are still fresh, springy and new. Well, they must’ve adopted the mantra “you only live once” and decided to take that to its very limit!

Stars: Nina, Angelika, Lady, Annabelle Brady, Nauty Tia

My Favorite Anal Gilf

Video: My Favorite Anal Gilf
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Studio: Sex Box Video
Sex Box Video is here to put their own take on a May and December relationship. What do you get when you match up a horny GILF and an athletic younger stud? Well, you get a very steamy fuck session, that’s what! And even though our horny GILF is older, she has zero problems keeping up with her younger lover. Our GILFS real specialty is anal fucking … cum and see what all the fuss is about!

Horny MILFs 2

Video: Horny MILFs 2
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Studio: N-Studio
Horny MILFs 2 features two older ladies who desire their share of young cock. Not only do they want to suck that rod flesh, they feel almost entitled in receiving their share of pleasure. In scene one this gray haired busty MILF makes sure she gets her juicy pussy satisfied. Scene two contains more of the same, except with a more rotund MILF who’s even hungrier for dick!

Big Titty Grannies

Video: Big Titty Grannies
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Studio: Channel 69 Video
Let’s face it. They just don’t make grannies like they used to. These grannies don’t have time for baking apple pies and kissing boo-boos to make them feel better. Grannies now-a-day are stacked like a brick shithouse and just as horny and cock hungry as these young chicks on the prowl for a fatty! Just because Nana is old doesn't mean she can't still show off that sexy big rack! But that’s not all Nana can do. Watch these G-moms get tit-fucked, face fucked, fingered, and drilled in six scenes and over two hours and forty minutes of mature old ladies with big ol' natural titties!

Stars: Kimi, Veronica, Mimi, Milada, Pamela Jane, Karen Kouger

Xenon Mature Milf – Huge Mushroom Nipples

Video: Xenon Mature Milf - Huge Mushroom Nipples
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Studio: 97% Amateurs
Xenon is a very cute MILF! Xenon also has a great pair of tits with a set of puffy, large and suckable mushroom nipples! Xenon bares it all and loves to play solo while the cameras are rolling! The second scene proves itself as a real stand out, as we get to see Xenon play with a breast pump! The final scene showcases Xenon in a real solo scene complete with a large glass dildo!

Stars: Xenon (Female)

Her First Older Woman 2

Video: Her First Older Woman 2
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Studio: N-Studio
Their lustful excursion begins in the living room where a sizable strap-on is used to plow the beautiful young blonde repeatedly. The excitement is continued onward in the living room as they take turns tasting one another. The movie reaches its climax in the bathtub where a red double-ended dildo is used to administer pleasure to both of them.

Squirting Smoking BJ

Video: Squirting Smoking BJ
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
Our all time favorite cougar, Sexyscorpionxxx is back and raunchier than ever! She gives an incredible, nasty blow job to one lucky guy while smoking a sultry cigarette, wrapping her soft lips around both. She fingers blasts herself until she squirts all over the place, and our lucky guy loves every minute of it!

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx

Muscle Bomb Passion

Video: Muscle Bomb Passion
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Studio: Iron Belles
Marina Lopez and Emery Miller are two muscular ladies who are having a blast exploring each others’ beautiful bodies and seeing what makes each other tick! Won't you cum join them? The passion continues for a while longer on the couch, loaded with touching, fondling, kissing, these two are ever so magical. Then Emery carries Marina onto the bed where the hot passion gets even wilder between the two of them. Both women strip each other down to the buff and WOW! You’ve just got to watch it to grasp the eroticism of these two magical muscle bombs in action! There is nothing more beautiful on this earth than two naked muscle girlz in bed enjoying each others' naked, ripped, muscular physiques. And you will be mesmerized by these women who are just The muscle bombs of all muscle women, touching, kissing (very sensual and sexxy too), rubbing on each other, posing for each other, so much to behold that you’ve just got to see it to appreciate fine muscle art in the making!

Stars: Emery Miller, Marina Lopez