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Housewives Unleashed 38

Video: Housewives Unleashed 38
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Studio: Homegrown Video
Ava is a hot, blond MILF in her bathtub/ She is visited by Mick, who flirts with her before she gives him a blowjob and handjob. Mick licks and fingers Ava's pussy and they fuck in the bathrub-mission and doggie. They hop out of the tub to fuck standing doggie and mission. Then, it's on to some anal action with an anal cream pie finish!

Melanie is a hot, mature MILF. She's got a glass of wine in one hand, and her husband's hard cock in the other. She tells him how she desires other men and lucky for her, Paul joins them. She flirts with him and gives him a handjob and blowjob. Then she strips and gets her pussy licked. Ever the multi-tasker, Melanie gives the men side-by-side double handjobs and blowjobs. Then, they fuck her doggie style.

Jen and T are a married couple who are about to make their first video. Jen strips on the bed to show her curves and starts to make out with her hubby. He licks her tits and pussy and she gives him a blowjob while he vibes her pussy. They fuck cowgirl, doggie style and missionary until he cums on her face and neck. They cleanup in the shower.

Cheryl & Delilah - Cheryl is a redheaded BBW with big tits. She starts out by blowing a brave firefighter. She drags him home where Delilah wants to show her own appreciation! The girls warm up by sucking titty and pussy. Chip joins in for a 3 way licking and a double blowjob. Then the fuck cowgirl and 3 way doggie style.

Stars: Paul, Chip, Jen, Ava, Cheryl, Delilah, Mick, Stunt Cock, Melanie Sky, Delilah Monet, Chip Sprinkle

Cougar’s Prey Volume 7

Video: Cougar's Prey Volume 7
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Studio: Reality Junkies
Veronica doesn't appreciate balls flying into her pretty garden, so she takes her stud neighbor inside to scold him.

Inari comes to enjoy a nice cup of coffee with her friend, while her friend’s son enjoys snapping some nice photos of Inari's hot body.

Phoenix's daughter is bringing over her new boyfriend. Phoenix knows she has seen him somewhere before, and will stop at nothing to find out about his past.

Alexandra won’t stand for it that the school bully is making fun of her son, so she pays the bully a visit to see how much he likes getting dominated.

When Ava's private time gets interrupted by her love-struck neighbor, she decides to teach him a thing or two about what women really want.

Stars: Cameron Paige, Giovanni Francesco , Veronica Avluv, Chad Diamond, Daniel Hunter, Michael Vegas, Ava Adams, Marie McCray, Phoenix Marie, Johnny Castle, Bill Bailey, Alexandra Silk, Inari Vachs

Countryside Cream Pie

Video: Countryside Cream Pie
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Studio: DreamStage
Get ready to watch some gooey man juice drip from the snatch hole of a fully fucked Asian beauty. “Countryside Cream Pie” features a hot and horny Japanese MILF sucking cock, getting her tight twat fingered and fucked from every angle. Her juicy mature pussy feel so darn good, her lover can’t help himself and busts a full load inside her love canal.

Family Fantasies – MILF 605

Video: Family Fantasies - MILF 605
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Studio: Red MILF Productions
Brent called his ex-lover, MILF Taylor to ask her advice. Taylor was secretly thrilled he needed her again and asked him to come stay to clear his head. Taylor was going to have to use his vulnerability to her advantage. She changed into a bra, garter and stockings. She knew his weakness for this because she used to seduce him wearing these items when he was younger. Brent arrived and saw her looking sexy as he had remembered. She acted as if she was in regular clothing. They sat down to talk. Brent told her how miserable he was and how nothing he did seemed to please his girlfriend. Taylor reassured him she knew what he needed; an older woman’s love. She began to slide her silky stocking legs over his lap. His erection grew. She stood in front of him and showed herself to him.

Taylor kissed him passionately and told him she wanted him to sleep with her. Brent fell into her clutches, he never felt this way with any other woman. They went to her bedroom and Taylor slowly seduced him. After a nice long blowjob looking into his eyes, he lay her down between parted her legs and pleasured her to orgasm. Taylor was ready for his young cock. He mounted the MILF, gently gliding into her warm loving pussy he remembered from years ago. They fucked like animals, reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy. Finally, young Brent was ready to cum. Taylor wanted to see his sperm, so she had him cum on her pussy. They both kissed passionately and she told him that she always knows best.

Stars: Taylor, Brent

My Mom Craves Black Cock! 3

Video: My Mom Craves Black Cock! 3
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Studio: West Coast Productions
Like mother like daughter, they both want a huge black cock inside them. This is the third installment to the series “My Mom Craves Black Cock!” The daughter gets busted and mom will fuck the boyfriend. Mom loves to get fucked in the ass & then gets hosed down real good. They act like an anal nympho. Mom gets her ass worshipped, sodomized and creampied. The first scene with this MILF squirts she gets fucked so hard by a big black cock.A behind the scenes footage and a Bonus Interracial scene starring Victoria Spencer, watch her get DP’d!

Stars: Totally Tabitha, Austin Taylor, Hailey Young, Rico Strong, Victoria Spencer, Anita Blue, Angel Cummings, Carrie Ann, Domineko, Rock The Icon, Prince Yahshua, Vannah Sterling, Delonqiz, Honey Foxxx

Mature Amateurs Exposed #29

Video: Mature Amateurs Exposed #29
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Studio: EPR
First, an older woman is bent over cleaning the floor and the horny young man in the room just can’t keep his hand to himself! He gets a look up her skirt and he has to have her! She gives him a blowjob, he fucks her silly and leaves his load on her tits. Next, a horny older woman sees a younger man she wants and she gets him! After fucking her brains out, the young stud gives her a mouthful of jizz as her sweet reward!

Oxsana Mature Russian BBW

Video: Oxsana Mature Russian BBW
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Studio: 97% Amateurs
Oxsana is our 44 year old 38DD Russian BBW. She says hello & then turns around in her black dress. Leans forward to show cleavage. LIfts her long dress up & pulls it off. Black bra & panties. Pulls the bra straps down & flips her bra inside out. Pretty big areolas on her DD's. Some slow motion jumping & a nice bounce is visible. Leans forward with a side to side boob wiggle. Same in slow motion. SIngle boob swing of her right side in slow motion. Colliding boobs in slow motion. Boob choke & wiggle. Same in slow motion. Jump & wiggle combo. Same in slow motion. Full lean forward with another wiggle. Same in slow motion. Measures her nipple at about 3.5 inches across her areola. Nipple pulling & releasing. Running in place. Same in slow motion. We look between her legs & watch her boobs wiggling. on her hands & knees wiggling her boobs side to side. Same in slow motion. On hands & knees with a single boob swing. Cradles her right boob in both hands & wiggles it up & down. Same in slow motion. Boob juggling. Same in slow motion. Lifts & drop sheer boobs. Same in slow motion. Licks her right nipple. Wiggles her right boob by pulling her top up & down. Same in slow motion. On her back pushes her boobs together. Wiggles the boobs side by side. Small vacuum cup on her right nipple. Pulls up & lets it release. Pulls up again on her small vacuum cup. Pulls up in slow motion & pulls till the breast drops away. Another pumping of the nipple. Same in slow motion. Puts a manual breast pump on her nipple & pumps it up & down. Pulls & releases the nipple. Nipple flicking while on her back. Same in slow motion.

Laying on her side we look at her boobs & she wiggles her right boob. Gets out of her lingerie top. Now in just panties & black gloves. Takes the panties off & we see that she has quite a heavy bush. Puts on a different outfit & leans forward to expose her boobs again. Puts the straps down & exposes the left tit then the right one. Side view of the right boob. Puts the boobs back in place & jumps up & down. Same in slow motion. Takes the top off & now is only in a skirt & gloves. Boob bouncing. Off comes the skirt. Another look at her pussy. Squats to the ground. On her back with a nice pussy spread. A great lit view. Very close up. A better look at her inner lips. Clit closeup for a couple of minutes. Her inner lips spread very far. Spreading with some pussy flexing. Very close view to her pussy opening. Spreads her inner lips in slow motion. Pulls her pussy apart again. Rubs her bush with her gloved hand. Pulls up on her bush. Some hairs must be 2 inches long or longer. Rubs the bush. Some more hair pulling & a nice side view of the bush. More pussy views. ANother side view of the bush. Spreads her legs for a wide pussy view. On her hands & knees with a rear butt & pussy view. A side view of Oxsana on her hands & j=knees with her boobs swinging. Same in slow motion. Rocks her boobs forward & backwards as though she is being F'd doggy style. Same in slow motion. Another pussy spread & pull of her hair. We try to get her boobs to swing in circles. Same in slow motion. Looks at her pussy with a mirror reflection. Picks a glass dildo & plays with it. Various views of the pussy contacting her pussy, lit & more. Gets up & walks off the set.

Stars: Oxsana

Taboo Tales Volume 13

Video: Taboo Tales Volume 13
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Studio: Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Mamma’s Boy Milked
Rachel and her friend Crista were talking about a neighborhood boy who did chores for Rachel. She said she had never seen him with a girlfriend, and he still lives with his mother. Rachel thought he was a mamma’s boy, and still a virgin, and they should do something about it. Billy walked in the house and Rachel asked him to go fix her sprinklers. He left to do so, and they changed into sexy short nightgowns for when he returned. Billy came back and was shocked to see Rachel and Crista in silky robes smiling at him. Rachel stood up and asked him if he’d ever been with a girl. He replied no and said he had to go home to his mother. Rachel stopped him, asking him to check one more thing out for her. He agreed. They told him to follow them to the bedroom. Rachel asked Billy to sit on the bed and tell her if it felt sturdy. He sat on the edge and said it was fine. Rachel told him to move to the middle and lay down to feel if it was sturdy. He did. Rachel and Crista got on the bed and jumped up and down saying, are you sure? Just then Rachel started to compliment Billy, telling him she liked his new shorts and felt his crotch. Billy jumped, and Rachel asked if she touched him inappropriately. He said yes, but Rachel began to unbuckle his belt. She told him he needed a woman to show him a thing or two.

Rachel slowly pulled his shorts off, and his cock was hard. Rachel and Crista moaned and made eye contact with him. She took some oil and stroked his virgin cock. Crista rubbed his balls. They pulled out their tits and Rachel told him to feel them. He grew rock hard. Rachel asked him what he wanted them to do to him. He did not know. Rachel was so horny at his innocence that she got on top of him and guided his cock into her pussy. She went up and down on it a few times for him to feel, but got off so he wouldn’t cum too fast. The women kissed each other and sucked each other’s tits at his request. Now it was time for Billy to experience his first blowjob. The hot MILFs took turns seductively sucking and licking him. Rachel asked Billy if he wanted to cum and where he wanted it, and he said their tits. Rachel and Crista smiled and jerked Billy hard and fast until he moaned and came all over their tits. Rachel loved the huge load he had. She told him he would have to do this every day with her. Billy giggled in a shy manner but agreed. They told him not to tell his mother.

Scene 2 - Suck and Make Up!
Kelsie is grounded and complaining to Rachel about how bored she is. Rachel is trying to ignore her. Kelsie goes into Anthony’s room to pester him while he is studying for an exam. Rachel hears them fighting and storms in. She reprimands Kelsie and tells them she cannot stand the tension anymore. Rachel tells Kelsie to kiss her stepbrother and make up. Kelsie is grossed out, but does it. Rachel sees that she did not mean it, so she orders her to kiss him again. Rachel is still not convinced, so she tells them both to strip. Rachel then tells Kelsie her Anthony is very stressed out and needs a release. Since Kelsie is the main problem, Rachel tells him to have his way with her. Kelsie is mortified. Rachel tells her to lie down and let him do whatever he wants. She knows she has to do this or she will be grounded again. Anthony smiles at Rachel. He is pleased to have his way with the brat. He spreads her legs and licks her pussy, then moves up to her tits and sucks them. Anthony is hard and he mounts her, sliding his cock into her tight 18-year-old pussy.

Rachel sits on the bed and orchestrates. He bangs her for a few minutes and then pulls out. Rachel tells her to suck his cock nice. Rachel helps with the sucking. Kelsie does this for a minute and pulls away. Rachel yells at her and makes her give him a blowjob. Anthony pushes her down and fucks her some more, but he wants to make this last. He spins her around and Rachel tells him to fuck her doggy style. Rachel tells Anthony to fuck her bratty little pussy. He tells the MILF he is ready to cum. Rachel tells him to jerk it on Kelsie. Anthony jerks his cum on her stomach. Rachel tells Kelsie to lick the cum off his cock. Then Anthony holds his finger to her mouth and Rachel makes Kelsie suck the cum off his finger. Now the tension is over and all is well at the Steele house.

Scene 3 - Scrubbed Clean By MILF

Phillip snuck into MILF Rachel’s bedroom to sniff her panties and jerk off to her sweet smell. Rachel found him with cum all over him and her panties in his hand, and flipped out. She did not know he had those thoughts about her. Rachel ordered him to the shower to clean up. She was very upset and shocked. Phillip apologized and told her he could not help his desires. Rachel so upset entered the shower with him to clean away the dirty cum. She soaped up his cock and scrubbed it. Phillip became hard. Rachel was dumbfounded. She told him this was wrong, but he just blushed and grew harder. Rachel took him out of the shower and into the tub. She felt he was still dirty. He confessed his desire for her. Rachel decided to jerk the dirty cum out of him so his desires would dissolve, so began jerking him son off. She sucked and stroked. She put her tits in his face to help him cum fast. Phillip just laid back and watched the beautiful MILF finish him off. Rachel jerked his cum onto her white lace panties. She told him to go and hand wash all the panties he sniffed.

Stars: Rachel Steele, Phillip, Kelsie, Anthony, Billy, Crista Love

Old Hairy Sluts & Young Studs 2

Video: Old Hairy Sluts & Young Studs 2
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Studio: Must 4 Adults
Must 4 Adults presents "Old Hairy Sluts & Young Studs 2", starring Agnes, David, Carola, Michael, Elvira, Maria and Ronald. Old, Hairy Sluts getting it on with the young boy from next door! It's time for some sex-education, and what better way is there, then to learn it from an old tart?!

Stars: Maria, Carola, Ronald, Elvira, David, Michael, Agnes

MILF Date…

... I have to prepare a young boy found on the Internet. So date made, and it comes from. After a brief conversation at the sofa we have sex. I blow his hard cock, ride it off, let me fuck. Finally, he sprayed me everything in my face. Then I lick clean the tail.