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Real Amateur MILFs In Miami 5

Video: Real Amateur MILFs In Miami 5
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Studio: New Porn Order
Party in the city where the heat is on, welcome to Miami! In Miami, you can expect a few things. The beach, the babes, the clubs, the fantastic night life... oh yeah, and the MILF's! These big tit horny MILFs are hot and ready to suck and fuck at anytime! These Miami MILF's are incredibly talented and know how to fuck, amateur or not!

All Star 50+ Volume 2

Video: All Star 50+ Volume 2
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Studio: Channel 69 Video
Cum and let these grannies show you how sexually experienced they are! Channel 69 brings you an all star cast of our hottest experienced cocksuckers and fuckers! 8 cum splatters grannies fuck and suck their way through this video for you to enjoy! Cleo Gomes, Joanna Storm and Cara Lott aren’t looking for retirement benefits … No! these older sweeties are looking for younger cock to play with!

Stars: Mary, Joanna Storm, Cara Lott, Peggy Abia, Shaena, Lealiana, Cameron V., Cleo Gomes

Age 40 In Mating Season

Video: Age 40 In Mating Season
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Studio: Kobayashi Kougyou
Yuna Yamami is a brunette mature babe with a nice sexy body. It has been awhile since she has let out her wild sexual side. Yuna meets up with a friend where they discuss their stories of their sex life. Her friend is turned on from their talk about sex so she goes into the bedroom where she masturbates solo with a dildo where she is later joined for some fucking action. Yuna goes to lay down for bed where she is awaken to have some of the best sex she has ever experienced in awhile.

Stars: Yuna Yamami

Taboo Fetishes – Smoking Volume 7

Video: Taboo Fetishes - Smoking Volume 7
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Studio: Red MILF Productions
Keri comes home from work to find her 20 something roommate sitting on the couch and doing "nothing" as usual. She immediately starts asking him questions like "Did you get a job today? What about applying for college? Did you do anything today?" His reply is the same one she has heard over and over. No, he just could not seem to get anything going today. She rolls her eyes and shakes her head. She goes into the kitchen to pour herself some wine. She goes to her bedroom, lights up a cigarette and begins to let herself unwind from a tough day. She strips down to her lacy panties and is sitting on the edge of the bed facing away from the doorway. She is trying to rub the tension out of her shoulder. Suddenly, she feels a strong pair of hands on her shoulders. At first she is a little startled that this young guy had put his hands on her, particularly since she is almost naked, but the massage he is giving her feels so good. He tells her to lie on her back and he will massage her feet. She does, and it feels so good. His hands are working their way higher up her body. She is feeling that something is not right about this, but she is feeling relaxed and she is beginning to feel very horny. She lets out a little moan as his hands are moving higher up her thighs. And without any more notice, his fingers are massaging her clit through her panties. His other hand begins to massage her breasts. She is shocked and tries to get up but her holds her down and says, you are not done yet.

The young guy continues to masturbate and fondle Keri. He plunges his fingers into her wet pussy while sucking on her soft, round tits. He continues to manipulate her pussy and nipples until she has the best orgasm of her life. Looking up at him, she says that it was a very wrong thing to do, but thank you. Later when they are dressed and on the couch, Keri asks, is there anything I can do for you? He tells her that he has a smoking fetish and thinks that she is just about the sexiest smoker he has ever seen. He wants her to do a smoking striptease for him. She agrees, but says that that is all she will do. She lights up a cigarette and begins to do the striptease. Keri suddenly realizes how fun and sexy this is and closes her eyes and starts to get into it. She takes off her bra and opens her eyes to see how her audience liked it. To her amazement, he is sitting there in front of her totally naked and jacking his cock. She looks stunned, but also she sees that he has a big beautiful cock. She moves closer to him and reaches out to touch it. When she does, he moans loudly. She kneels down and starts jerking his cock. She is so turned on by his reaction that she cannot help but put his cock in her mouth. She gives him a mind blowing blowjob.

After a few minutes, he cannot take it anymore and tells her that he is going to fuck her. He picks her up and carries her to the bedroom. He drops her on the bed and says, I want you to smoke while I fuck you. She lights up another cigarette and lies on her back. The young stud mounts her, easily sliding into her wet pussy. He flips her over and takes her from behind. She continues to smoke as her beautiful breasts bounce from the hard fucking she is getting. He is not ready to cum yet, so he lies on his back and has the beautiful MILF climb on top of him and ride his cock. When he feels he is getting close, he tells her he wants to cum in her mouth. She kneels on the floor in front of him and sucks him hard, never slowing down her smoking. When he is ready to cum, he forces his cock all the way to the back of her mouth and cums down her throat. He leans over and gives her a kiss.

Stars: Keri

The Nurse

Video: The Nurse
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Studio: Walking Fish Productions
Nurse Nice is known for offering some amazing bedside manner that ninety nine percent of other nurses will not offer! In the opening scene, Nurse Nice must check on an elderly gentleman who is recovering slowly. However, he perks up very quickly when Nurse Nice enters his room! Nurse Nice starts off by checking his vitals and fluffing his pillows and eventually she gives a blistering blow job and that gives way to her elderly patient screwing her in multiple positions! This is a must - see if you have a thing for nurses!

Beautiful Matured Lady Red Light District

Video: Beautiful Matured Lady Red Light District
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Studio: DreamStage
This movie is about a beautiful, matured Japanese stunner. This mature woman also happens to be blessed with some amazing, large breasts! She certainly is a special Japanese woman that you will love to see in action! She specializes in bathing and cleaning her lover before she blows his mind with some mind – blowing sex! This movie is a must – see if you love mature women with large tits!

Solo Pleasures Volume 7

Video: Solo Pleasures Volume 7
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Studio: Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - MILF Shows You How to Fuck
MILF Rachel hears from your friends that you are interested in older women. She decides if anyone is going to teach you, it is going to be her. She very slowly gives you a tour of her body. She teaches you how to excite a woman, and when she is ready, she shows you different positions including her favorite doggy style position.

Scene 2 - After the Party
You are surprised to find Rachel sleeping in your bed when you get home. She is in your bed because there is a couple passed out drunk in her bed. Rachel tells you to get in bed and get some sleep. It started out innocently with you just cuddling, but you could not resist stroking her under the covers. She admits she is still a little drunk from the party so she lets you touch her. As you pull her nightgown down to expose her breasts, she realizes she has let it go too far. You are insistent, and she is horny, so she lets you continue. She spreads her legs and lets you explore her shaved wet pussy. After you tell her you want to fuck her, she rolls over on her side and lets you enter her from behind. You pull out and push her onto her back and tell her to spread her legs. She is reluctant, but lets you see her with her legs wide open with her dripping wet pussy. She rammed it in her again and holds onto the headboard as you ride her hard. She covers her mouth when she orgasms so she does not wake the others.

Scene 3 - Creampie MILF
It is Rachel's birthday, and she has decided she wants a cream pie. You do not know what that is? Rachel will show you. First you have to get her naked and get her all worked up. Suck on those tits. Finger that pussy until it is all wet. Now push those legs apart and fuck her hard! Flip her over and fuck her from behind. Make her ride you, then put her back on her back for the finish. When you cum, pull out and shoot it on her pussy. Now lean back and take a look.

Scene 4 - Flogging Rachel
Rachel calls you to come over. She is in the mood for some kinky sex. She is wearing a skimpy robe and some hot high heels. She makes you look at her feet as she prances around the room. Then she opens her robe to show you her big tits. You notice that she has something in her hand. It is a flogger. You did not know she was into that kind of stuff. She loves her back, tits, pussy and ass flogged. She is going nuts.

Scene 5 - Rachel Teaches Double Penetration
Rachel has been watching porn all day looking for better ways to get herself off. She sees DP and decides to try it. She wants you to jerk off while she does it. After she takes off her panties, she starts getting her pussy wet using a nice big vibrator. When her pussy is ready, she grabs a smaller vibrator with nubs on it for her ass. She slowly slides the vibrator in her ass as she changes positions to give you a better look. She pushes the silver vibrator in her pussy while holding the ass vibe in. It looks amazing as she works both vibrators in and out of both holes. You explode all over her ass.

Scene 6 - Lactating MILF
MILF Rachel finds out you are obsessed with her big tits full of milk. She reminds you of when you used to suck on them causing milk to squirt out all over your mouth. She instructs you to squeeze and suck her huge full tits until milk drips out. The MILF is very turned on and horny as you do this to her. She wants your cock in between her tits. Rachel makes you lick her tits clean as she moans in pleasure. She then screams at you to jerk off and cum all over her hot wet tits.

Scene 7 - MILF Maid
MILF maid is tired of cleaning up after your sex parties. She has you come in the bedroom to have you explain what went on the night before. She knows you were fucking your brains out. She could hear you through the wall. She lies down on your bed and demands you please her or she will blackmail you by telling your parents. You agree. She demands you drop your pants and stand naked before her. Your cock grows as you look at her hot body. She loves a good tease, and a good tease is what you get. She pulls her uniform down baring her huge tits. She would not let you touch yourself or her until she gives you permission. She shows you her wet panties and pulls them off. She demands you fuck her. She lets you jerk off and licks your cock until you lose it all over her huge tits.

Scene 8 - Rachel Finds Cum Stains
Rachel is tired of finding your cum covered underwear in the laundry. She has even found cum on her panties. She can tell it is yours by licking the panties and underwear. It is about time you start taking care of your own laundry and stop jerking off on her panties. You want to see Rachel's tits? She takes off her shirt and throws it in the laundry. She might as well wash her shorts, too. Her shorts go in the washer, and then she spreads her pussy out on the laundry basket. You are jerking hard now. She turns around and puts a leg up on the dryer. Go ahead and shoot your cum on her ass.

Scene 9 - Christmas Gift
Rachel finds the gift you put in her stocking under the tree. Her favorite color, red! She is wearing her Christmas lingerie and hat as she opens the stocking to find a big red vibrator. She pretends it is your cock and shoves it in and out of her mouth. What? You want to see her fuck herself with it? No problem. Watch that big vibrator slide in and out of Rachel's wet pussy. What a great Christmas present!

Stars: Rachel Steele

Old Slut Young Stud 13

Video: Old Slut Young Stud 13
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Studio: Must 4 Adults
An all-European cast with older women who crave a young and strong cock and Younger guys who crave for some experienced pussy! These cock crazed old sluts are always on the prowl for young stiff dick. Years of experience make up for the wrinkles and stretch marks! Featuring anal in every scene and a fucking machine!

Stars: Forgan, Kriszta, Arina, Andreas, Viktor, Vincent, Rita, Borta

Purely Anal MILFs 8

Video: Purely Anal MILFs 8
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Studio: MILF Mania
If you want to make these MILFs scream in pleasure, there's one thing you got to do: Dig that dick deep into their eager assholes! These MILFs just love the feel of a hard cock in their ass and pussy! Oral, anal, ATM and facials it is all here! Five scenes of totally deep penetration hardcore sex!

Stars: Daria Glower, Missy Monroe, Natalli Di Rossa, Aaralyn Barra, Samantha South

Vote Yes For Milf 8

Video: Vote Yes For Milf 8
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Studio: Wow Pictures
Moms need love too! And as the holder of a huge cock that never runs out of warm loads, it’s kind of your duty to make sure they get it. If that means getting your dick sucked and pounding the shit out of sweet juicy pussy even when you don’t feel like it, just take one for the team. After all, wouldn’t you want someone to do the same for your mom?

Stars: Domma, Laure Mint, Angelline, Nikki Rider