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Breast Enhancement Gone Wild

Video: Breast Enhancement Gone Wild
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Caution, cougar ahead! Catch a glimpse at this hot, naughty, mature nympho fondling her massive mammories all on camera for us all to get off on. Watch her amazing gigantic tits get fucked by a hard cock as she caresses those milk bubbles in exchange for a huge cumshot she begs to drink, claiming she's hungry for it. Her lingerie clings on for dear life trying to hold up those knockers she calls boobs. Cum get a load of this mature hottie and get a load off!

Stars: Teddi Barrett

Jubiladas Fogosas

Video: Jubiladas Fogosas
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Studio: Oliva
Grandma might have a few more gray hairs on her head and in other intimate places, but Grandma hasn't lost a step when it comes to sucking a cock, especially the rigid, sustained cock of a horny stud young enough to be her grandson. Yes, Grandma might have years on her, but don't underestimate the stamina of a seasoned veteran who knows a trick or two about how to keep him erect and ready and at her beck and call. Grandma has matters well in hand. Retirement age, but still sexy and having lots of sex!

Momma Knows Best 1

Video: Momma Knows Best 1
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I feel that I should start with a warning and fine print that states that the nature of this video is extremely erotic, seduction is involved and it is hard-core. In this fantasy/video I am an extremely oversexed, wanton woman with gigantic breasts, who thinks of nothing but performing acts of nasty, unnatural sex constantly! I have my sights set on my new young employer and I want to make sure that what I wear for him is pure seduction material. I want it to be so sexy and nasty that he won't be able to resist giving me, too much and a whole lot of what I want, which of course is sex, Sex and more sex!

Soooo, I coerce my stepson, Jimmy, into judging my little fashion show and telling me from a man's standpoint, which outfit is sexier. I strut back and forth, preen and pose so that he can give me accurate advice! "What do you think, Jimmy, bra or no bra, panties or no panties? I think bare titties with this tight see-through top, don't you? You can see how huge Momma's nipples are like this, can't you, Sweetheart?"

And of course, things start to heat up. Especially my cunt and his cock, and before you know it I've totally seduced poor Jimmy into doing all those nasty things that I fantasize about doing with and to young guys. Just as another word of warning, guys, I cannot be held accountable for making it extremely hard on you, (in certain areas) or for a certain amount of "shock factor" in this video and I am not responsible for over-excitement or over-stimulation to the point of explosion or head combustion!

Stars: Teddi Barrett

Grandma Likes It Hard #2

Video: Grandma Likes It Hard #2
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Studio: Filmco
Check out these nasty old 'n still hot grannies! They still need active pussy maintenance and they are hell bent on getting it from whatever source they can. Does it surprise you that Grandma Likes It Hard? Well, just how do you suppose your mother or father got here? Huh?

Stars: Tyler, Cindy, Kathy Jones, Dallas Callan, Dick Nasty, Blake Palmer, Claudio, Raven, Candy Cooze, Fauna

Swingers Club Orgy 2

Video: Swingers Club Orgy 2
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Studio: Delta's Productions
Mothers and Daughters joined each other at a local swing club to have all their holes filled. They laid side by side on the mattresses sucking cock and having their pussies filled by at least 12 guys. One Granny swallowed every drop of cum from 4 or 5 guys!!!

They were all covered in CUM after they were done. They ate CUM, had their pussies and asses filled. There were puddles of CUM everywhere.