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The More Grannyer The Better

Video: The More Grannyer The Better
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Studio: Sex Box Video
This granny loves to play with her pussy! She may be a little "experienced," but she still likes to get off. A lot! And she's going to show you how she does it!

She's been doing this a very long time, probably longer than you. So sit up, pull out your cock or spare granny, and get ready to learn something!

Mature Women 6

Video: Mature Women 6
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Studio: Lady Suspender
What began as a brief introduction between Maddi and Jazz for our film 'Adventures of an Underwear Fitter vo.9', created a 'special friendship' for these two lovely amateur models.

They wonderfully portray, slowly and sensually, their "darker" side. Wonderful vintage underwear with nothing left to the imagination is a fantastic addition to the Lady Suspender library of ultimate erotica.


Video: Magda
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Studio: Femorg
Multi-orgasmic MILF Magda loves masturbating to porn, and really shows it in this self-filmed shoot! She does a segment watching herself masturbate in the mirror, and her whole body spasms when she cums!

Magda starts out sitting on the floor in front of a mirror, playing with a pocket rocket. Pretty soon she really gets down to business working her clit with the pocket rocket. She seems to have some trouble getting comfortable while still being able to show her cooch in the mirror so she flips over on her stomach and does it the way she knows works when she is alone, and the camera is still rolling! She ends up really humping her pocket rocket and cumming with her butt to the mirror!

Next scene has Magda sitting with the camera between her legs and buzzing herself with her pocket rocket. It really doesn't take long before she is cumming again - watch her whole body spasm with each contraction! She waste's little time before she is going for it again, watch how juicy she gets and how her nipples harden as she cums too!

Magda is once again sitting with her cam between her legs for the third scene - it really doesn't take long before she is cumming yet again! She zooms in and shows off her wet cooch - she hasn't shaved so she is mildly hairy too. Her pocket rocket comes back out and she gets herself off yet again!

Two more scenes with two more orgasms - Magda clearly likes cumming for the camera!

Stars: Magda

Lust Im Lastehaft

Video: Lust Im Lastehaft
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Studio: Oliva
Now these hotties earn the title 'Cocksucker'! You won't believe how far down the shaft these hungry mouths can go. These sex kittens suck on cocks like it's a hamburger and they haven't eaten for weeks. The sucking is incredible and the fucking is better. This will have you driving to Europe in no time.

Just Kathy

Video: Just Kathy
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Studio: Lady Suspender
This was Kathy's first time in front of a video camera and, as is normal behaviour with all amateurs, a little nervousness can be detected in the first minutes of the video. But the apprehension soon developed into a superb exhibition of heavy corsetry, large bra's and excellent up-shots.

Enthusiasts of the larger mature woman will love this video. This 40 year old housewife is one MILF you don't want to miss.

Stars: Kathy

Geile Fickweiber

Video: Geile Fickweiber
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Studio: Oliva
The Germans never fail to churn out some hot fucking porn! Geile Fickweiber is no exception! So get comfy and check out how the foreigner's are doing it!

You'll see sloppy blowjobs and messy pussy licking! You'll get solo masturbation scenes from women that just can't wait for cock so they grab a dildo! There's a threesome too!

The New Amusement Of Mature Women With Young Guys 10

Video: The New Amusement Of Mature Women With Young Guys 10
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Studio: N-Studio
These older women are excited to get themselves some fresh young cock! They crave these young guys and want them to fill their holes with fresh man meat! This is some hot amateur action.

Sucking and fucking is something that they can never get tired of doing and they want it to be done just right by these hot young studs!

The New Amusement Of Mature Women with Young Guys 7

Video: The New Amusement Of Mature Women with Young Guys 7
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Studio: N-Studio
These horny mature women are at their prime age of sexual peek! Watch as they try to fight the temptation of getting cock but the power of their sexual urge is too hard to fight off.

What is a girl to do, you ask? Watch and find out for yourself because these cum whores are all about cock! They may be a bit older, but that just means they can satisfy you exactly like you want them to!

Sex Trip

Video: Sex Trip
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Studio: Oliva
Everybody, no matter what age or size, needs to get a serious banging once in a while! These slightly older, but more experienced sluts, need to get some of the nasty more than others!

They sometimes, after a long day of house chores need to use whatever is handy to jam in their pussy! These old German broads want cock in any position!

Cougars Lovin’ Cougars #2

Video: Cougars Lovin' Cougars #2
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Studio: Totally Tasteless Video
Here kitty, kitty! These totally hot cougars have given up on men completely - and why not, when you can have all smoking hot, cougar sex that puts those silly men to shame! when After they're done using their fingers and eating each other's pussy, you'll get to see them show how good they really are when they pull out the double sided dildos and strap-ons. It's some hot older women who've learned how to please another woman.

Stars: Mia, Allura Bond, Sherilyn, Nina De Ponca, McKenzie Blue, Mimi DeVille, Vikki Vogue, Kayla Quinn, Lexxy Fox