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Cum Luvin' Grannies

Video: Cum Luvin' Grannies
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Studio: Tamber Videos
Two dirty grandmas that love to fuck! First up is Chloe. She contacted me and asked if I would go to her house in the North of England to fuck her. She ended up getting fucked by me, her husband, and Tom, the cameraman! The dirty grandma loved all that cock action!

Momma Fran is another dirty grandma that got fucked by a black stud and Tom while I filmed the action. She was well met and loved the attention she got from the guys.

Stars: Chloe, Tom, Fran

Die Wilden Rasse-Omas – Wollen Es Nochmal Wissen

Video: Die Wilden Rasse-Omas - Wollen Es Nochmal Wissen
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Studio: Pleasure Entertainment
These mature German sluts just never give up! Girls just wanna have fun, and all, but this is ridiculous! Isn't there an age limit?!

These old whores just wanna keep suckin' and fuckin' until it's time for them to go, and that's just what happens in this hard, raunchy flick! Who even knew that grandma still had it in her?

I Wanna Cum Inside Your Grandma 3

Video: I Wanna Cum Inside Your Grandma 3
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Studio: White Ghetto

Your Grandma is one special lady, she's over fifty and still as sexy as she was when she was twenty. The only difference is now she's hornier than she ever was.

I can't keep my cock from getting hard when I think about all the years of experience she has, and all the things she knows how to do. I've seen the way she looks at me and believe me when I say I know she wants some action.

Guess what, I can't deny her anymore,. I'm going to give the old lady what she needs, and get what I want in the process. A cream pie shot from a hot and horny GILF!

That's why I Wanna Cum Inside Your Grandma!!!

Stars: Monika, Alice, Lady, Claudie

My Grandma's A Cum Freak

Video: My Grandma's A Cum Freak
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Studio: Bubble Butt Inc.
This is a kinky flick! So nasty and twisted, you gonna love it! These old ladies love to cum and cum. Plus they swallow cum like they are drinking a milk shake. These GILFs are seducing young men like the hungry, sex-craving freaks they are!

Stars: Nina, Frankie, Nina Hartley, Alex, Nicole Moore, More...

We Wanna Gangbang Your Grandma 3

Video: We Wanna Gangbang Your Grandma 3
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Studio: White Ghetto

Your Grandma is one classy lady. She does all the things most Grandmas do, sew blankets, bake cookies, try not to fall asleep at the wheel, but I know a secret about YOURS that no one knows. She is 100% down to fuck, and man does she know how.

All those years of built up sexual tension must have got to her, because she's lusting and hornier than ever. Watch as these old bags get down and dirty with our group of hung young studs.

If you're looking for hot GILF group action, you don't want to miss this perverted flick from White Ghetto. It's time for a good ole' fashioned gangbang, Grandma style!

Stars: Sara, Luciana, Evita

British Lesbo Grannies 5

Video: British Lesbo Grannies 5
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Studio: Freddie's
Granny wants - granny wants - a girlfriend? Are you kidding me? Well they say that "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."

British lesbo grannies are flipping the pussy script. They encounter these young ladies still wet behind the lesbian ears and turn them out. They will get finger fucked, licked and stuck in their pink portals with massive force. These grannies are definitely "BRINGING SEXY BACK!!"

Stars: Sabrina, Cindy, Tanya, Naomi, Tracey Lain, More...

I Was 18 50 Years Ago 4

Video: I Was 18 50 Years Ago 4
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Studio: White Ghetto
Some people would say I'm getting old, but I would say I'm just a mature woman. I am the most sexually experienced woman you will ever meet. I know exactly what to do when it comes to fucking. And I can't get enough of these horny young studs who want to stick their hard cocks in my cavernous pussy. I was 18 50 years ago, but I'm hornier than ever. Who says getting older is a bad thing?

Move over teenie boppers, Granny is horny and she's ready to dole out some blowjobs to some pleasantly surprised studs. She won't stop until that load is safely in her possession. So back to school for you young sluts. And back to work for these silver haired sluts with a passion for cock.

Stars: Jana, Renata, Luciana, Sharon Lane

Hey My Grandma is A Whore 19

Video: Hey My Grandma is A Whore 19
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Studio: Heatwave Raw

Granny is at it again and this time she is humping all the young studs in the neighborhood!

Marvel at the sexual prowess these mature women display and enjoy every pussy-pounding minute! These ladies aregetting freaky in their golden years and it is invigorating to watch such enthusiasm for cock!

Amanda, Renata, and Kata <.b<show off their sexual prowess in this GILF flick for hardcore Granny fans!

Stars: Amanda, Renata, George, Kata, Dominika, More...

I Fucked Your Granny 2

Video: I Fucked Your Granny 2
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Studio: Pure Filth Productions
The grannies are back, and they are still sucking and fucking stiff cock, showing they can still get the job done and keep these young guys cumming. These mature ladies are here to show you that they want to spend their golden years with their heads buried in cock! Like wine, you'll see that these ladies only get better with time!

Oma Extrem 34

Video: Oma Extrem 34
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Studio: BB-Video
These hot babes are not ready to retire! They are a bit older than your average slut, but they are twice as excited at the sight of a fat cock! They never bothered to leave their sexual prime.

These babes are long in the tooth, but ready to have you stuff their caboose with a rock hard cock that you can even stuff in their twat! Cum see the mature and hardcore action!