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Old & Horny 2

Video: Old & Horny 2
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Studio: Porn Duck

This granny can't wait for a young chick to lick and suck on her throbbing clit in this hot lesbian flick. She's a geezer, a pleaser, and knows how to return the favor.

Over the course of this hour plus movie, they'll kiss, finger and fuck each other until they're left shaking in the throes of orgasm.

This silver fox knows exactly what she wants and her younger brunette girlfriend is more than willing to suck and fuck her silly. These skanky mamas are totally naughty nymphs!

British Granny Fuck 16

Video: British Granny Fuck 16
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Studio: Freddie's

These grannies have more up their sleeves than an old Kleenex.

If experience is truly the best teacher, these sluts should have their PHD in fucking! Watch a fat English GILF have her pussy stuffed full of hot man meat in an amazing threesome. These women know what they want and exactly how to get it in the 16th installation of British Granny Fuck.

Cum watch these nasty geezers wrap their lips around a hot pole and ride into oblivion with pure abandon!

Stars: Naomi XXX

50 Jahrige Und Hausfrau

Video: 50 Jahrige Und Hausfrau
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Studio: Porn Duck
50 and still thriving is what these women are called. They still know how to sway their hips and suck some good cock for the BIG 50 with or without teeth if preferred. It starts off with one lonely woman and her two young studs, but by the end of the film at least two of her friends have joined in on the fun. Some things are just unexplainable, but with a little bit of encouragement, anything is possible.

Mom’s So Horny

Video: Mom's So Horny
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Studio: Maverick
Double Penetration! You know what that means! This is like a P.T.A. meeting gone wild!! See these sexy horny sluts in some pussy punishing action so hot it burns! They love to fuck because they know how to play hard and fast in XXX action! Just sit back, take a hold of something and get ready for the juiciest pussies your dick can get hard for!

Stars: Friday, Kelly Jean

Old And Hairy – Lots Of Hair

Video: Old And Hairy - Lots Of Hair
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Studio: Porn Duck
Old? Yes. Hairy? Yes. Hot and Horny? Yes and double Yes! This girl may be old, and she may have a little hair "down there", but that doesn't stop her from showing these young bucks the time of their lives!

They know what they like, and they love a hairy woman who can suck cock and take a good fucking in the hairy snatch.

What can the older hairy woman offer? She's had a life-time to learn those sexual skills, and now she's going to show them off!

Older Women For Young Guys 7

Video: Older Women For Young Guys 7
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Studio: N-Studio
She's older and experienced and damn what filthy sluts these older ladies are .They just love to entice young men and it doesn't take much to get these old broads hot and bothered. Watch the boys go back to school as they learn how to please a woman from these seasoned vets!