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Over 40 And Fantastic

Video: Over 40 And Fantastic
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Studio: Venus Video
Over four hours of XXX hardcore footage featuring hot cougar pounding action! These chicks show that just because you hit forty doesn't mean you can't take a good, hard cock in all holes!! Watch these mature ladies choke on cock until they get covered in hot cum!!!

Kick Ass Chicks #57 – Cougars

Video: Kick Ass Chicks #57 - Cougars
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Studio: Kick Ass
In the old sense of the word, Cougars were cars often found up on a mechanic's rack in need of a valve job. Now it's the other way around where Cougars [read: older women] like Darryl Hanah and Chelsea Zinn, once they get under a young man's hood, have been known to check for compression, oil leaks, and generally putter for hours at a time. In the old sense of the word, if a cougar were found in the bedroom it would be shot because it was, well, a cougar. Now if you find one under the sheets, you thank your lucky stars.

Stars: Cassie Young, Chelsea Zinn, Darryl Hanah, Porscha Ride, Totally Tabitha, Lake Russell, Mistress Angelica

Why Is Grandpa On Top Of Grandma

Video: Why Is Grandpa On Top Of Grandma
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Studio: White Ghetto
I remember back when I was little, I would spend my summer vacations over at my grandparent's house. I would watch my Grandma knit and listen to grandpa's old war stories. I spent many good years with them. Everything was great until one year when I was older I stayed over for a couple of nights and everything changed. I remember it vividly, I was sleeping when I heard awful screeches and moans coming from my grandparent's bedroom, so I ran in as fast as I could. After seeing what I saw that night, I would never be the same. They were both naked going at it like Jack rabbits. My grandma was sucking on my grandpa's old dick and he stuck it in her over and over, it was so messy! They fucked all night long, and in every way possible. I was so confused I called my mom and asked her, "Why is grandpa on top of grandma?"

Stars: Alice, Evita, Izida, Ivona

In With Auntie – Pat Wynn

Video: In With Auntie - Pat Wynn
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Studio: Big Top Video
Auntie is up for some lustful action and she want to document it on film for you to enjoy!!! Share a day with her in paradise, and you will be amazed at how much action she is ready to undertake at any given moment!! She may be getting a bit older, but her libido refuses to slow down, so cum see it all!!!

Stars: Pat Wynn

Punished For Shopping

Video: Punished For Shopping
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Studio: 6666 Productions
Talk about being punished! This pretty blonde must have shopped a little too much for her man to handle! This guy is angrily awaiting his wife to get home from shopping so he can beat her ass good! Watch him bend her over his knee for a good spanking, caning, fingering and more! This is one crazy couple.