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Very Hairy Seniors

Video: Very Hairy Seniors
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Studio: Coast to Coast
These lovely ladies aren't quite worn out yet! Bristling under their sexy granny panties. These dirty girls have a muff you can really sink your teeth into! Four foxy and fiery seniors spread their muffs for a hard cock, and they won't stop fucking until they're wearing cum on those vintage faces! Get your cock out and get ready for a fun and furry time, because these nicely aged cum-cravers will keep you up all night!

Buddy’s Mom 2

Video: Buddy's Mom 2
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Studio: Kobayashi Kougyou
Uh-oh! We always knew that Buddy's mom was a slut, but how were we to know she would be THIS nasty? Buddy's dad is out of town, so what's a poor, horny MILF to do? Watch as this 100% authentic Japanese MILF whore does what she's best at: sucking and fucking!


Video: Barenhunger
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Studio: DBM Videovertrieb
Man oh man do these mature German sluts love to fuck! These amateur eurotrash babes don't let their age come between them and a good, hard fuck! Watch as these nasty whores have their dripping, gooey pussies pounded raw and covered in cum by these massive cocks!

Older Women For Young Guys

Video: Older Women For Young Guys
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Studio: N-Studio
A boy never forgets his first time, especially if he is seduced by a hot older woman! This young lad learns the ABC's of S-E-X! He has a willing partner who happens to be an excellent teacher. Together, they explore each other's naked body and fondle one another's private parts. Once this stud gets going there is no stopping him! He is a quick learner and ravishes her again and again. She may think she is in control but she's not, her young lover is in his prime and he wants to fuck all day, every day!

50 Omas 49

Video: 50 Omas 49
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Studio: BB-Video
Forget everything you've heard: these old dogs can definitely learn some new tricks! These nasty, old German whores are out to recapture the glory days of their youth! Watch as they fuck and suck giant cocks like the seasoned veterans that they are! You can't miss this!

Stars: Gisela Kunz

Gardener And Old Slut

Video: Gardener And Old Slut
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Studio: 6666 Productions
There once was an old maid that just couldn't get laid. So she called up a gardener in due course... to come take care of the yard, of course! But this old maid is a clever woman indeed because she remembered exactly how to get his cock freed... from his pants and into her hand and from there they both went down into the sand... for a mid-day quickie that was anything but bland.