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Old Throat Gaggers #9

Video: Old Throat Gaggers #9
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Studio: Totally Tasteless Video
Experience is the best teacher and these golden oldies can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Ignore the sag and go for the gag - these grannies will suck you dry! They might not be spring chickens, but these old hens know something very important...How to handle a cock!

Stars: Dakota, Nina, Kyle Stone, Dick Nasty, Rubee Tuesday, Tabitha Hart, Patty Plenty, Emerson, Eddie Charisma, Lake Russell, Hershel Savage, Mikela Kennedy

Mother Fucker 9 – Street Hooker Edition

Video: Mother Fucker 9 - Street Hooker Edition
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Studio: White Ghetto
Hey, c'mon...Moms get horny too. And with the old man always gone she's got a lot of time to get screwed over and over again. So enough of the dripping fingers and buzzing dildos, these well-used pussies need some real cock, and the bigger-the better. So they'll strip down, unlock the back door and invite in the neighborhood. And those guys are in for some special sucking and fucking because we've got moms who love getting their hot and wet holes drilled and their mature faces covered in thick jizz. Ya gotta love experience!

Stars: Rebecca, Koko, Lenka, Denisa, Lindsia

Alte Spalten 2

Video: Alte Spalten 2
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Studio: Magic Horn
You want gross old grannies? This is the place to be! Sloppy, floppy pussies getting pounded and pulped - even more nasty than they already are! These horny old broads have more to love - but can you handle it? You better be sure, because once you go in, there's no going back!

Alte Spalten 6

Video: Alte Spalten 6
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Studio: Magic Horn
Now, we all love the sexual exploits of the Germans. Additionally, who can deny how wonderful fucking a woman late in her years is? Put the two together and you're in store for a one way trip to heaven. To he who says that you can't teach an old dog new tricks... well, these old ass German sluts sure are turning out trick after trick, so I don't know what he was talking about. This is perhaps the greatest video ever conceived. You will not be disappointed.

Alte Spalten 4

Video: Alte Spalten 4
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Studio: Magic Horn
Hot Damn, it looks like Granny still has a bit of hitch in her gitty up! Don't send these older and bolder geriatric Divas to the glue factory yet...cause they can still get it wet and hey....old babes need love too! And if I may speak for everyone in the great land of Pornville, if it's hard dick that these old bats want...then lets give it to them...just be easy on them, I mean after all, we don't want to break a hip!!!

Alte Spalten 10

Video: Alte Spalten 10
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Studio: Magic Horn
Part 10 in a German series is a cum-filled, lust-laden adventure that will make you holler with glee! Three sex-tastic scenes featuring women of various sizes getting fucked and sucked at will! If you're looking for some awesome fucking action, this is the movie for you!

Mature Vol. 27

Video: Mature Vol. 27
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Studio: Sandy Bunz
These older experienced women are seasoned sluts therefore they have the advantage of knowing what they want and where they want it! These particular whores prefer sucking and getting fucked up the ass with a hard stiff one and getting showered with a fresh warm batch of jizz. Weather there in an office or a public pool they can't get enough.

Stars: Damien, Trevor, Jeremy Steele, Cassidy, Buster Good, Frankie La Rue, Vanessa Videl, Dawndee, Johnny Zen, Saint Johnny