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Swingers Party 1

Video: Swingers Party 1
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Studio: Trix Video
This video is an interracial fuck feast! We invited all sorts of people to cum over and fuck till their balls fall off and everyone had a blast! You will see every girl there take it in every hole by cock after cock and from beginning to end, you see nothing but fucking, blowjobs and cum flying. This little party grew and grew until the girls had to take two or three guys at a time just to keep up with the demand for more pussy! After that was over, we moved on to a girlfriend's house where she spread her legs and opened her mouth for more of the same and takes a 10-inch dick to the hilt until it blows cum all inside of her pussy! This video shows just how much fun you can have on a Saturday night if you love to fuck as much as we do! Check this one out!

Fantastic 40’s #3

Video: Fantastic 40's #3
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Studio: Filmco
These forty-something sexy sluts are hitting their sexual peak. They do not need to be taught what to do with a cock. They suck and ride a cock like there is no tomorrow and they cannot get enough fucking! They are forty and horny and ready to fuck! Check them out!

Stars: Jessica, Nicole, Dino Bravo, Dallas, John, Michelle, Don Hollywood, Capt. Bob