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Hot 50 Six

Video: Hot 50  Six
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Studio: Channel 69 Video
Another volume of Hot 50 Hits the streets, and again we find the hottest, sluts around. Diana hasn't shaved her pussy in the last 50 years. Ginger was so horny, she told me, "Me love you long time". Zhanalee, what a sweet thing... Carolina could not stop cumming and Lupee, where is she from...Mars?

Stars: Carolina, Zhanalee, Diana Roth, Lupee, Ginger Graham

The Amazing Ty 29: How Big is Big?

Video: The Amazing Ty 29: How Big is Big?
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Studio: Sticky Studios
This video was arranged due to the overwhelming amount of requests from Amazing Ty's fans for her to measure the size and depth of her massive holes. Ty measures all three of her amazing holes for depth and width. You will actually see them start off normally, and then expand as she stretches them out for the camera. First she inserts a normal-sized dildo into her pussy and it disappears inside - including the balls! She then uses bigger toys, measuring how far each one goes inside. Her cunt stretches to accommodate more and more of the giant dongs. Once her depth is assessed, she stretches herself around monster toys approaching girths of 12 inches! You'll simply be amazed at the incredible capacity of her bottomless cave-cunt. But that is nothing compared to how big this girl's asshole can get. Amazing Ty squats down on the biggest dildos that you'll ever witness penetrate an asshole. And she loves every second of it! She can't help but cum over and over from this extreme penetration. Next is Ty's infamous peephole. You get to see how she's stretched her urethra over the years. You'll feel like you are right there with Amazing Ty as she gasps and gapes her holes for you.

Stars: Amazing Ty