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Love To Be Gangbanged 11

Video: Love To Be Gangbanged 11
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
Sexyscorpion loves being a bad girl because she’s so good at it! There is absolutely nothing this cock hungry British babe won’t do when it cums to sex! Women, men…the more, the merrier. That’s what makes this edition of Love To Be Gangbanged so special! Watch her dive face-first into a fresh shaved muff and bounce from cock to cock until the cum overflows over and over again in this 11th installation to the gangbang series!

Stars: Sexyscorpion

Puzzy Bandit Vol. 6 – Gangbang: Jade Jamison

Video: Puzzy Bandit Vol. 6 - Gangbang: Jade Jamison
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Studio: Puzzy Bandit
The Puzzy Bandit series continues with “Vol. 6 – Gangbang: Jade Jamison.” Jade brings over a boytoy after telling him they’re going to have a “party.” Little does he know, the “party” she was talking about didn’t really involve him. The real party involves a host of well endowed fit black men that are ready to plow away at Jade’s BBC hungry pussy!

Stars: Jade Jamison

Olivia Adams 20 – Strings Of Ecstasy

Video: Olivia Adams 20 - Strings Of Ecstasy
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Studio: Femorg
The most-prolific-cummer and stringiest (is that even a word?!), juiciest, wettest pussy MILF is back for an incredible 20th movie! Brunette, MILF, Olivia Adams delivers 8 incredible hard, wet, snapping orgasms for us in this title, including one squirting orgasm!

Olivia is seated on a black blanket wearing only black panties with little rhinestones glittering. Her long hair is cascading down to her very perky nipples as she lies back to finger rub her pussy over top the panties, getting them quite wet in the process. :-) Olivia rotates her hips and gyrates into the fabric, then pulls her panties aside, showing off her wet and juicy strings. She firmly pulls back on her mound, revealing her swelling clitoris. Her labia are shaved smooth but she maintains a little tuft of fur on her mound. She dips a finger into her slit, smearing the wetness up to her clitoris. Then she fires up her little lipstick vibe. Olivia lays the toy right on her clitoris, lets out a deep moan and then wham-o she is quickly and strongly popping out an amazing orgasm that just goes on and on as she keeps the toy right on her clitoris. She finally takes the toy off of her clitoris, keeping the panties pulled to one side while she recovers.

Olivia's naked in the black blanket covered chair. Her pussy is shaved very smooth as she touches herself, spreading her thighs wide apart. She begins with a gentle one finger massage of her clitoris. As she continues her warm-up, she spreads her pussy lips far apart showing off the interior wetness of her vagina. It's running right out of her and pooling by her anus. Olivia tugs back firmly on her clitoris, wiggling, jiggling and pressing. She then switches to a one finger rub. And the wetness continues to build and run. She uses two hands to spread wide for the camera once more. Then Olivia fires up her little "o honey" vibrator. The moisture flows. She inserts the soft toy inside for a finger and toy fuck. She keeps the toy inserted as she turns on the silver lipstick vibe. She touches the toy once to her clitoris moaning, "Oh god." then takes the toy away, pulling back with her fingers firmly on her mound as she starts to cum. The dangling string end of the honey pot vibe rises and falls with each contraction as she moans and her pussy contracts over and over and over and over again. Once the orgasm has ended, she pulls the toy out of her vagina and a big, long, glistening string of pussy juice is very obviously dripping from her pussy.

Olivia is wearing a pair of sexy black lace panties and lying on her bedspread. She lifts her legs into the air as we admire her perky nipples and natural breasts. She uses the camera remote control to move in for a close-up view of her building grool. Her black panties are soaked! The camera pans back out for a more full body view as she spreads her pussy and thighs wide. She rocks her hips upward then starts to peel off her panties, leaving them stretched around her thighs as she inserts a finger into her pussy. She pulls off her panties completely then starts to brush upward on her pussy and clitoris with them softly. Then she starts the finger flick with the slow dip, as we like to call it, moving the camera in and out for close-ups as she practices her kegels, we can see her pussy juices being squeezed out of her vagina. Olivia does a lot of spreading and stretching, really showing off her wet, wet pussy. She eases the camera view back out for a more full body view as she reaches both hands around from her backside, still separating and stretching her pussy apart and squeezing her pelvic floor muscles together. She settles back, with a semi sideways view of her pussy, to play with her big grey dildo. She inserts the toy into her pussy, stroking it, and getting very creamy in the process. Olivia reaches for her purple vibrator, also, so she now has two toys working that pussy. As she buzzes her clit with one toy, and fucks her vagina with the other, she softly murmurs, "Oh, yeah" and moans. The more Olivia strokes, the wetter her pussy becomes - making all of those squishy, gushy wet sounds, too! She leaves the toy inserted, gets the vibe situated on her clitoris, then starts to murmur, "Yeah. Fuck, yeah. Ohhhh." And she is popping off some big, strong pussy contractions with this orgasm! She turns off the vibe, showing off her triangle patch, then she slowly pulls the dildo out of her pussy - and I do mean slowly. That one must've felt really good!

A tanned and shaved smooth Olivia is sitting totally naked in a tan covered chair. She fondles her small breasts, making her nipples hard and perky. She lifts her legs up into the air as she practices her pelvic floor exercises for the camera. It's not long before Olivia reaches for her white egg shaped vibrator to buzz on her clitoris. Olivia also uses her hand to wiggle and jiggle on her mound - lifting her hips up and down in the chair as she starts to cum! There are tons and tons of pre orgasmic contractions before Olivia lets out a big moan for the big, real, orgasm! Her pelvic muscles are tightening and clenching as she pants her way through this incredibly long and strong orgasm. She turns off the vibrator, then sits back still breathing heavily. She leans forward in the chair shutting off her camera.

Next Olivia is seated naked in a chair draped with a green covering. She uses the remote control to move the camera out for a nice full body view of her working her purple vibe in and out of her pussy. She has one leg draped over the arm of the chair as she strokes and stims. She puts her pussy juice covered dildo into her mouth and we hear her sucking off the juices. She moves to straddle the chair, inserting the dildo and fingering her clitoris. She is softly murmuring, "Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah." as she strokes, bounces and plays. The more she bounces the more vocal she becomes. She goes back to heavy stroking and the white goo is just dripping out of her pussy! Literally. She pauses from the stroking long enough to attach her clit pump - yep, white pussy juice is still dripping. She puts the purple vibe beneath her with the clit pump on her clit as she strokes and bounces up and down on the big purple dildo. Quite the thigh burning workout ;-) as she rides up and down on that dildo. She pops off the clit pump, placing the vibe end of the dildo onto her clitoris, and her pussy juices are flowing out everywhere - pussy juice squirting. She sits down in the chair, lifting her legs high into the air as she strokes her pussy with the purple vibe and she is squirting big streams everywhere! She pulls out the dildo, letting the juices flow straight out towards the camera lens. Then she goes back to heavy stroking with the purple vibe, only to put it back on her clitoris to squirt again. Olivia is murmuring, "Oh, fuck, yeah. Oh." She goes back to stroking as she pants and murmurs, "Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah." She pulls back on her clit mound and strokes her pussy with the vibrator as she finger massages her clitoris simultaneously. She pulls the toy out to stimulate her clitoris and gets so close to cumming, but not quite. She strokes some more, moves the camera in a bit closer with the remote at the same time. Her pussy is covered in all kinds of wetness. She puts the vibe back on her clitoris and squirts some more! Then she really starts stroking her pussy with the toy before placing it back on her clitoris. She continues stroking and rubbing and stimulating until she places the toy on her clitoris to vibe it and she moans and squirts! Olivia continues alternating her methods of toying and stimulating - sometimes the juices are just flowing. She puts the toy back onto her clitoris and moans as she has a big, hard, contracting orgasm. Olivia is panting and moaning as she sits to recover from that incredible wet squirting orgasm session.

The camera is positioned directly beneath Olivia's naked crotch as she finger massages her shaved lady parts. She tugs up on her mound as a clear bead of pussy juice clings to her inner labia. It starts to run down to her outer labia and thigh as she continues to finger massage her pink clitoris. She pulls back, massaging, as another moisture bead flows out of her pussy - producing those incredible strings of ecstasy ;-) that are just flowing out of Olivia's pussy. She is very firmly pressing hard on top of her clitoris and mound. As she massages rapidly back and forth the pussy juice is going everywhere. Still standing, and massaging very firmly, Olivia murmurs, "Oh, yeah. Oh my god." as her pussy contracts in orgasm! Her pussy sides are just squeezing in and all of those juices are dripping and pooling and stringing everywhere.

Stars: Olivia Adams

Lesbian Sugar Mama’s 3

Video: Lesbian Sugar Mama's 3
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Studio: Channel 69 Video
Older lesbians know what they want and it’s a pretty young pussy to feed on watch these mature babes seduce and fuck younger babes! Channel 69 has gathered some of the most enticing lesbian starlets for this one! There’s plenty of pussy licking, dildo play and a whole lot more! Featuring Jolly, Marilyn, Katie Heart, Ryder, Bailey O’Dare, Anita Blue and more!

Stars: Anita Blue, Bailey O'Dare, Katie Heart, Ryder, Jolly, Marille, Sonia, Marilyn

Naughty Alysha’s Whore Bus 2

Video: Naughty Alysha's Whore Bus 2
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Studio: Sticky Studios
Naughty Alysha is back for another rod trip. She picks up a long haired guy named Russell; she met him on the road flashing him. They pulled over and she had her way with him in the RV. Alysha stops at a classic car show and flashes her big boobs, walks around the RV campground topless. She makes an internet connection and another male comes from a place far away just to fuck her. Then watch her masturbate with a pump on her shaved pussy and a dildo up her ass. Then she gets pounded by another guy, she really loves this guy’s cock.

Stars: Naughty Alysha, Russell

Real Amateur Pussy Volume 38

Video: Real Amateur Pussy Volume 38
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Studio: Joe Pusher Video
Your favorite southern belle MILF Kani Kane returns for the thirty-eighth episode of Joe Pusher’s “Real Amateur Pussy”! Joe is thinking about making her a contract girl…but her contract is a big black dildo stuck to a clipboard! Watch Kandi as she sucks and rides her “contract” to a shaking orgasm.

Stars: Kandi Kane (i), Joe Pusher

Hot 40+ 33

Video: Hot 40+ 33
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Studio: Channel 69 Video
Channel 69 presents "Hot 40+ 33," starring Manuela, Simone Riley, Judita and Tabitha. These ladies are 40 and over but do you think that's stopping them from getting what they want? Hell no! They're still very sexy and even hornier than they've ever been and with just the right mood and just the right cock, they're off to have their every desire fulfilled and so much more!

Stars: Judita, Tabitha, Manuela, Simone Riley

Oma Weib Wie’s Geht! Geile Muttis Uber 70

Video: Oma Weib Wie's Geht! Geile Muttis Uber 70
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Studio: Foxy Media
They may not be in the prime of their lives, but these grannies are on the prowl for a stiff one! These nurturing ladies are ready to shower their attentions on a young, throbbing shaft like never before! Watch them suck, fuck and catch the jizz with their faces better than their younger counter-parts! They may not be young and spry…but that doesn’t keep them from teaching these hung studs a trick or two! This is some of the hottest granny pussy out there!

Stomach Punch Starring Lea Lexis, Scarlett And Ugly Simone

Video: Stomach Punch Starring Lea Lexis, Scarlett And Ugly Simone
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Studio: Hunterotic
Lea lexis and Scarlett take Ugly Simone and use her for their own personal punching bag! They kick and spank and punch Simone’s belly as hard as they can, all of the strikes are loud and poor Simone almost collapsed from the pain. Beats follows beats and Simone's tears are useless. At the end of the session, Simone’s stomach is beet red and she is worn down!

Stars: Scarlett, Lea Lexis, Ugly Simone

Francesca Le Is A #HotWife

Video: Francesca Le Is A #HotWife
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Studio: Le Wood BMC
What makes Francesca Le Is A Hotwife? Grab a fresh towel, some lube and get ready to see for yourself as she does what she does best while she portrays wicked extramarital scenarios where she performs all the dirty deeds you wish your wife WOULD do! Masturbating with a huge wand, the busty Latina MILF confesses to husband Mark Wood that she needs lots of strange cock - and strange cocks she gets in 6 rough sex, throat fucking, anal drilling scenes. When Mark finds Francesca being manhandled by the pool boy, she tells him to sit and watch: He sees an intense, doggie-style hammering, a mouth creaming and his wife orally cleaning a stud's meat. The wicked wife hosts a mouth party for two hung studs. Francesca hires Internet porn star Bill Bailey for pro stud service, and he provides rude, breathless sodomy as in the movies, even carrying her as he porks her shapely butt. Ms. Le seduces young, college-bound Tyler Nixon to tutor him in butt fucking and ass-to-mouth fun. In a POV climax, she strokes (your) husband-dick while shit-talking a nasty streak about: her hotwifing ways; her authority over (your) prick; how strange cock keeps her happy; how she loves fucking other men in front of her husband!

Scene 1: Busty MILF Francesca Le is a “hotwife” — the Latina stunner loves fucking in front of her husband! Gorgeous in bikini and heels, she seduces young, toned pool boy Bruce Venture. They make out passionately and she gives his huge, veiny cock a poolside blow job. Playful Francesca’s boy-toy brings her inside for a manhandling fuck on the couch; he fingers her wet slit and she sucks dick pussy-to-mouth. The wicked wife’s big, tan-lined cheeks bounce through a flesh-slappin’ cock ride. When her husband finds the pool guy fucking her face, she tells him to sit down and watch. He sees an intense doggie-style hammering, a mouth creaming and his wife orally cleaning a stud’s meat.

Scene 2: Gorgeous MILF Francesca Le finds Chad White going through her laundry — sniffing her panties and rubbing his boner with her lingerie. Turned on, the busty American Latina gives him the chance to smell her pussy, and in moments he’s eating her snatch. She strips down to purple lingerie and they make out; he sucks her big boobs. The hotwife kneels for a big boner BJ and some ball lovin’, and Chad tongues the tart’s tasty bunghole. Francesca rides cock, gasping, ass cheeks flexing. The young stud pounds her intensely on her back and manhandles her doggie-style. Francesca tastes dick pussy-to-mouth and swallows the sloppy semen she jacks all over her face.

Scene 3: Jumbo jugs swelling from a net bikini, Latina MILF Francesca Le informs her husband that she’s hosting a party in her mouth. Anthony Rosano and Will Powers bare their cocks for kneeling Francesca. The horny hotwife blows both big boners, and when rough face fucking runs heavy gag spit down to her boobs, she says, “Rub it all over my face.” Francesca strokes shafts, laps scrotum and gets her slobber-soaked tits fucked. Eye make-up trashed, she hangs her head back for a throat fucking. Francesca fingers balls while stroking jism onto her out-stretched tongue; she lewdly drools the second stud’s semen. Sweaty and reeking of cum, the hotwife says her husband is next.

Scene 4: Shapely Latina MILF Francesca Le is free to fuck around on her husband. The irrepressible hotwife calls on Internet porn star Bill Bailey for some paid stud service. They share drinks and kisses as they strip. She sucks his big boner and huge ball sac and sits on his face for a rim job. She lowers her hairy snatch down on his dick and rides, then tastes her juice on his prick pussy-to-mouth. Stud Bill spanks her ass and then fucks it as she masturbates — she tells him to give it to her as he does in his films and rewards him with rude, ass-to-mouth cocksucking. The hired gun lifts her bodily and carries her as he’s porking her horny asshole. After breathless sodomy in many positions, Francesca swallows the jism streaming into her mouth.

Scene 5: Showing off deep cleavage and no panties beneath her tight skirt, busty MILF Francesca Le seduces inexperienced, college-bound Tyler Nixon and offers a sexual tutorial. The hotwife sucks his ready boner and laps his fertile balls. After an intense, doggie-style fuck, he spreads and eats her furry pussy. Fucking on her back with one leg up on his shoulder, Francesca masturbates, and then the tutor advances to anal education. Tyler gets to experience hot asshole pounding in many positions, and he receives nasty, ass-to-mouth fellatio. Her boobs sway, cheeks bounce and hair flies as Francesca is deeply, intensely sodomized. After Tyler jacks his jism into her mouth, the cougar licks his prick clean and pronounces him ready for college.

Scene 6: Busty MILF Francesca Le catches husband Mark Wood masturbating to video of her fucking other men and complains that he should save his energy for her. In vivid POV footage, the American-Latina knockout strokes his (your) big boner while staring into the camera and shit-talking a nasty streak. Wicked Francesca yanks spit-slickened dick, bitching about not getting fucked properly at home; her authority over her husband’s cock; how lots of strange dick keeps her happy; how she loves multiple pricks at once; about dirty whoring in bar bathrooms; and what a pathetic cuckold you are. Hotwife monologue plus dick stroking/anus fingering soon equals eruption!

Stars: Francesca Le', Tyler Nixon, Chad White, Mark Wood, Anthony Rosano, Will Powers, Bill Bailey, Bruce Venture