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Ehefotzen Verleih 21: Sex-Kontakte

Video: Ehefotzen Verleih 21: Sex-Kontakte
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Studio: BB-Video
In this German threesome collection, you’ll meet four curious couples seeking to spice up their sex life by bringing in another man. Watch as each of these insatiable wives take on two cocks at a time and love every second! Whether they’re getting fucked, fingercuffed, sucking or getting covered in multiple loads, they’re thrilled their dirty husbands decided to share!

A Fun Night On Cam

Video: A Fun Night On Cam
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
At Home Horny Productions is here to show you A Fun Night On Cam! The delectable SexyScorpionXXX is bringing even more sexual heat with this one. SexyScorpionXXX is a sexual dynamo all wrapped up in a curvy, MILFY package. She is paired up with a lucky guy and she gets to show off her sexual prowess! If you like SexyScorpionXXX, you need to get your hands on this one!

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx


Video: Skopami
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Studio: Topax Film
They’re in the sexual prime of their lives, ready to teach a young stud new tricks and keep you cumming back for more! Mature blonde and buxom lavishes special attention to a lucky young stud when she smokes both his cock and a cigarette at the same time! He returns the favor by tickling her clit with a small vibrator before sinking balls deep in her eager hole! Vera Lady is one MILF who doesn’t mind showing off her amazing oral skills. Her expert mouth knows how to welcome a stiff cock properly, but what’s even more welcoming than her mouth is her tight pussy and assholes for a no-holes barred fucking she won’t soon forget! Zoe is one tattooed MILF eager to please her stud’s fetish fantasies with her punker look, hairy pussy, and a willingness to get a balls deep drilling that leads to the gooey facial she craves!

Stars: Zoe Azuli, Tina Monti, Vera Lady, Pierre DJ, Manuel Fantoni, Pino

Dirty Uniformed Sluts Have 3Sum

Video: Dirty Uniformed Sluts Have 3Sum
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
Sexyscorpionxxx is at it again, and this time she has brought a girlfriend to help her take care of a brand new stud. These girls are dressed up in their maids, and nurses uniforms, ready to play out all their kinky fantasies. It’s a good thing that these girls know how to share a man, and have a good time doing it.

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx

Grandma Loves Cock 2

Video: Grandma Loves Cock 2
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Studio: Mothers I'd Like To Fuck
Fifty plus and still fucking! Age doesn’t keep these grannies from having an orgasmic good time with their young hard boy toys, they’re still fucking like they did in their twenties! These grannies will never stop stuffing their pussies. Grandma’s still got it! They have not retired from fucking!

Stars: Ginni Lewis, Rebeka, Francsina, Lida, Christina, Dave West, Forjan, Mark Zicha, Gabor M

Puzzy Bandit Vol. 25 – Interview: Leilani Lei

Video: Puzzy Bandit Vol. 25 - Interview: Leilani Lei
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Studio: Puzzy Bandit
The Puzzy Bandit is back to satisfy his desire for even more pussy! This time he’s paired up with the sexually uninhibited Lailani Lei. These two bond over a brief interview where she reveals her turn-ons and turn-offs. The two even talk a little about fetishes before she reclines on the bed to show off and play with her shaved pussy. Jonathan sinks his 11” monster balls deep in missionary, cowgirl and doggy positions before spewing a gooey load on her flat stomach for a satisfying ending the two won’t soon forget!

Stars: Leilani Lei (i), Jonathan Jordan

Megomas Im Spermawahn 50+ Das Plus An Geilheit

Video: Megomas Im Spermawahn 50+ Das Plus An Geilheit
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Studio: Foxy Media
You’re never too old to give or receive pleasure. These women are over 50, and love to fuck…but only if they’ve got a young buck! These grannies are quite the sexual deviants in their ripe old age. Watch them deepthroat better than their younger counter-parts and get down on a dick like it’s going out of style before they beg for a facial spunk spewing they won’t soon forget!

Stars: Leslie Taylor, J.J.

Olivia Adams 22 – Tails Of Lust

Video: Olivia Adams 22 - Tails Of Lust
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Studio: Femorg

Olivia is a pretty panty kind of girl. She likes to start off wearing a pair of pretty panties for the camera. This movie begins with her on black sheets wearing only a pair of lacy pink panties. She slips her hand into those panties to rub and play with her pussy. She pulls her panties to the side and her strings of pussy juice move with them! She gently works one finger over her clitoris, then spreads her lips wide apart, keeping her hips in constant motion as her pussy juice and grool literally flows out of her vulva. I thought for sure she was going to cum then, but she tones it down a notch and fires up her silver lipstick vibe. As she works the toy on her clitoris, she hisses. She turns off the toy, pulling back on her clitoris just as she starts to cum. Her pussy is pulling and tugging and throbbing and cumming hard, and she is barely even touching herself as the camera shows us every contraction! She sighs a big sigh as she calms down.

This time Olivia is wearing sexy red lace panties. Black sheets are beneath her bottom and she is propped up on a white pillow. She is gently touching herself through her panties. She uses the remote control of the camera to zoom in closer so that we can see her wetness building. She zooms back out again, then pulls her panty crotch to the side, slightly revealing her shaved labia and clitoris. She uses two hands to spread her pussy lips wide while gyrating her hips and showing her glistening moisture. She dips her index finger into her vagina, licking off her juices. There is faint hair on her pussy mound. We fade to a bottoms-up view of Olivia now. She is still wearing those red panties and the wetness is building. She pulls her panties like a thong between her butt cheeks as she continues to touch and play with herself. She pulls her panties aside, spreading for the camera once more, revealing her seriously wet and juicy bits. She strokes her pussy with one finger, pulling out the clear, glistening juices. Olivia rotates onto her back again, pulling her panties aside and playing with her wet strings. She fires up the silver lipstick vibe instantly moaning, "Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Ooooo." She really focuses the toy directly on the tip of her clitoris. Her pussy just continues to drip as she toys her way to orgasm, slowing down when she gets too close and then picking up the pace once more. When Olivia finally does let herself cum, it is a nice, incredible, long, hard, wet, juicy orgasm that has her hissing, panting and moaning. She sits back to recover.

Continuing the interesting panty theme Olivia is now wearing black mesh panties that are trimmed with minty green. She finger massages through the panties for a bit and we can clearly see her clear stringy juices building up through the mesh fabric. The camera is positioned right between her thighs. :-) Olivia places her running lipstick vibe down in her panties and on her clitoris, letting her panties hold the toy in place as she spreads her pussy lips wide apart with both hands. Her clear pussy juice is running out of her panties now. She turns off the toy, continuing to flatten her clitoris and labia beneath the mesh material. She turns on the toy again, working it on her bulging clitoris through the fabric now. She pulls the fabric to the side, places the toy on her clitoris and her clear juices are just flowing! She uses the toy, then takes it off her clitoris, then puts it back on her clitoris, holds it there and cums! It's a nice, squeezing hard orgasm and she keeps the toy going so her contractions just keep coming, too. She finally turns off the toy, moaning. Wow.

Olivia is wearing a black satin nightie, seated in a black leather chair watching porn on her computer! She's already pretty horny as she fondles her small, natural breasts through the nightgown, then pulls the garment down to release them. She turns on her silver lipstick vibe using it on her satin nightgown covered pussy. Olivia's hips are rocking. She pulls up the soaked nightgown fabric, exposing her naked and very wet pussy. Her juices are already pooling under her ass on the chair. She toys her clitoris with the vibe, hissing and curling her hips upward. Olivia holds the toy in place, then says, "Oh, fuck. Oh, shit." as she cums and cums and cums. She is panting and murmuring, "Oh, god. Oh, god." as she settles farther back in the seat of the chair to recover. She lifts her bottom out of the chair and zooms in for a look at all her juices. What a release.

Olivia is back in her bedroom and there's already a pussy juice wet spot on her gray sheets. Her pussy is hairy as she finger massages her clitoris and labia. She leans back on the bed, reaching one hand around her thigh while the other works on her pussy. She sits up on the bed, smearing her crotch into the bed and increasing the size (and soppiness!) of the wet spot. She uses the remote to move the camera lens in closer before she turns on the white egg vibe. She rotates her hips around with the toy. Olivia uses both hands to spread and play with the toy, as her pussy gets wetter and wetter. She taps the vibe gently on her clit, then settles it just before she gasps and enjoys a long, hard, snapping, orgasm – with 13 very distinct contractions!

Olivia's wet, shaved pussy and bare bottom are up doggy style in front of the camera. She reaches a hand around, spreading her ass cheeks and pussy lips for the camera. Her juices are literally flowing out of her and stringing onto the blanket beneath her. She wiggles and jiggles the dangling pussy juice string still attached and flowing from her pussy. Slowly she starts to massage her clitoris with just one finger, pulling and playing with the strings as she gyrates. She builds another trailing string with her finger, then gyrates some more. Then, the silver lipstick vibe touches her clitoris as she softly moans. It doesn't take long before Olivia lets out two deep moans as she enjoys a bottoms up orgasm! Perfectly visible with her pussy and her bottom puckering and winking. She turns off the toy, still kneeling with everything in plain view as she recovers.

Olivia is pantyless, sitting on a black sheet with black fabric draped across her tummy. She starts off with a wide spreading finger massage. After her warm-up, Olivia turns on her silver lipstick vibe as her clear pussy juice runs down to her anus. She flicks the toy from side to side over and around her clitoris, always firmly pulling back on her mound. She occasionally dips the toy into her vagina to pull some pussy juice up onto her clitoris. Her clit swells and elongates – becoming quite engorged and prominent beneath the toy. :-) Olivia is moaning. She moves the toy rapidly back and forth over her clitoris, moaning some more. She slows the pace. She slides the toy between her two lips, then back up onto her clitoris. Her hips rock and her wetness builds beneath her ass. She whimpers, "Oh, yeah." Soft gasp. Then a big panting and clasping orgasm! She turns off the toy as the aftershocks continue.

Olivia is totally naked, with her shaved bare pussy seated far forward on a wooden chair. She is gyrating and rotating her hips as her girl juices flow from her. She gently massages her mound with her fingers. Her juices are now dripping out of her and onto the floor as her pussy turns pink. The firm finger assault continues as she hisses and moans. She pauses from the rub long enough to spread her lips. Her labia majora are swelling noticeably. Pulling firmly back on her mound with one hand, she lets one finger do the work on her clitoris. She dips a finger into her vagina, pulling out her juices and flicking her clit with one finger as murmurs, "Oh, yeah. Fuck, yeah." A long hiss and a long moan as she continues to work her clit with her fingers. She pulls back again, frantically and gently rubbing her fingers from side to side over her clitoris as she cums with a deep moan of pure satisfaction. The strings are still attached.

Olivia has a black skirt draped over her crotch as she touches and plays with her pussy beneath the fabric. When she hikes the skirt, we see she that is wearing a pair of black panties. She massages her pussy through her panties, rotating and gyrating her hips. She pulls her panties aside, finally letting us see her pussy. Yay! She pulls back on her mound, and we can see her creamy wetness in the crotch of her panties and flowing out of her vagina. She uses one finger to massage her clitoris – the stringy wetness building. And just like that she rocks out a powerful orgasm – barely making a peep! Her roommate must have been home.

Stars: Olivia Adams

Puzzy Bandit Vol. 24 – Love The Black Cock: Sally D’Angelo And Leilani Lei

Video: Puzzy Bandit Vol. 24 - Love The Black Cock: Sally D'Angelo And Leilani Lei
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Studio: Puzzy Bandit
The Puzzy Bandit, Jonathan Jordan is back with another delectable edition of the Puzzy Bandit! And this installment falls in line with the previous installments, featuring some of the best interracial fucking out there today! Sally D’Angelo and Leilani Lei are having a kinky time in the shower and Jonathan shows up to lay some serious wood!

Stars: Leilani Lei (i), Sally D'Angelo, Jonathan Jordan

Load My Mouth – Friday

Video: Load My Mouth - Friday
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Studio: Brandon Iron Productions
Brandon Iron Productions is back and better than ever! This edition of Load My Mouth features the curvy and voluptuous Friday! Friday is a super sexy, big-breasted woman with an unbelievable sexual appetite to boot! This is a POV style movie with plenty of fantastic dick sucking action and titty fucking featuring your girl Friday!

Stars: Friday, Brandon Iron