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Video: Voyeur
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Studio: Sally D'angelo
I was hanging out by the pool the other day (my home) is pretty secluded so I'm usually naked while sunning..... smoking a cigarette,rubbing oil on my naked body , just a typical girls day but I just had this feeling someone was watching me, it really started to creep me out but was sexy at the same time, as I was heading back into the house there he was, caught red handed and with a movie camera in his hand, my son in law...what the fuck you little pervert how long have you been watching me.....pissed to the max I went inside (cooled down) and thought things over a minute.....I'm going to teach him a lesson for watching me, I want to see him naked, I want to see his big hard cock....I think I'll suck it.

Stars: Sally D'Angelo, John Long

Filthy GILF Vol. 1

Video: Filthy GILF Vol. 1
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Studio: Lacey Starr Productions
57 year old cum slut, Lacey Starr is fast growing her reputation of one of the world’s nastiest gilfs! Lacey Starr is definitely a sexual force to be reckoned with! Lacey is blessed with sexual talents and experiences that are more than impressive, but for a woman well into her 50’s, she still possesses the body of a 30 year old! GILF fans, get down on your knees!

Stars: Chloe Davis, Lacey Starr, Jodie Cummings , Princess Rochelle, Jake Matthews , Andy Savage, Drew Wade

Sonia, 50 And Easy As Fuck (English)

Video: Sonia, 50 And Easy As Fuck (English)
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Studio: Marc Dorcel
Men or women, they all have sexual fantasies that they have never been able to put into practice. During these three sexual adventures, Philippe Soine will fulfill their wishes and allow them to realize their most perverse dreams. While she was stowing in one of the rooms of the hotel in which she works, Sarah Sofia, the manager, got stained. After removing her clothes to clean them, she noticed that the tenant of the room had come in and masturbated looking at her. At first shocked, the young woman began to fantasize about this stretched sex. Today, she accepted to finally experience this fantasy in front of the camera of Philippe Soine. Conny, a friend of Philippe dreamed of slapping the pretty unknown cross at the gym. Philippe then brought a pretty blonde with big breasts to allow him to relive this moment. But in the end, she prefers to be fucked and sodomized by the director. One day, Sonja's boyfriend, a beautiful slutty MILF, blindfolded her before watching her get caught by another without her recognizing him. Today, she wants to relive this moment. It will not take too many men to satisfy her completely.

Stars: Mila Milan, Sara Sofia, Sonia World, Philippe Soine, Marco X


Video: MILF-In-The-Studio
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Studio: Desert Wind Videos
The woman just wanted a few sexy photos for her husband. She had brought a few outfits and the old photographer kept having her put on more sexy ones. She seemed pretty open so he started touching her as he adjusted her outfits. She did not seem to mind, if fact, seemed to really like it.

Before long she is rubbing her pussy as he plays with her tits. He starts to wonder if she even has a husband and just wanted to get fucked.

He takes her into the office after the shoot and soon has her naked and sucking on his cock. He has her lie on her tummy, oils up her ass and starts rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks, he cannot hold back and shoots hot cum on her ass and then she hitachi’s herself to an earth shaking climac! Editor's note: Movie ends abruptly.

My Auntie The Pornstar

Video: My Auntie The Pornstar
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Studio: Sally D'angelo
Hi I'm Billy. I just landed the greatest job on earth, I now work security at all the ADULT XXX conventions, this is my first one and the eye candy around here is unbelievable. I was just asked to escort a models to her movie shoot and I get to the room and it's my Aunt Sally, (no way ) but it's true my Aunt Sally D'Angelo is a porn star. I don't know who was surprised more me or Aunt Sal. After our brief clumsy introduction, I just had to ask her, "You work here? You fuck other guys on film?" I said, "This is unreal Aunt Sal...don't be embarrassed, but I find this to be just TOO HOT." I must admit as a young guy growing up I always fantasized about my Aunt Sal, walking around our swimming pool almost naked in the skimpiest bikinis on the planet. Oh YES, I had to excuse myself a few times a day back then (while I ran inside to jack off). Aunt Sally looked me straight in the eye and said, "Today Billy I'm going to make you a man. Hurry up and FUCK me. Get me ready for my movie."

Stars: Sally D'Angelo, Billy Tyler

Grandma Gets Nailed #1

Video: Grandma Gets Nailed #1
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Studio: Productions
Every grandma deserves some fun. Julienne enjoys a sip of wine and a massage by her young lover. Of course this intimacy may lead to something more exciting and even a mature lady wishes for a young, hard cock once in a while. So she pulls his young manhood out of his pants and enjoys the ride! Horny granny Ilona loves the taste of hard ebony cock in her mouth. She willingly spreads her mature pussy to welcome that sequoia of man into her for an awesome interracial experience. Ursula's eyes catch fire along with her desire to play with a much younger man. She's in luck: Her lad comes along hard for her juicing pussy. Age hasn't slowed this grandma down. They fuck until he gushes his load into her sucking mouth. Sexy mature ladies know how to have fun and Franny is no different. She takes this young guy for a cock pleasing trip with her mouth and pussy. Lucky guy.

Stars: Ilona, Julienne, Ursula Grande, Franny, Carlos, Roberto, Norbi

Family Fantasies 1660 – The Indecent Proposition

Video: Family Fantasies 1660 - The Indecent Proposition
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Studio: Red MILF Productions
Brent's uncle designed a computer software program and sold it for a fortune. When he passed away in a tragic accident, he left Brent several million dollars inheritance. The young man promptly used part of it to buy a luxurious property. It was next door to Rachel Steele and her husband Frank. The pair was intrigued by their new neighbor. They heard the rumors of his great wealth, and decided to invite him over for a drink. Brent was enchanted by Rachel from the instant he saw her. He could barely keep his eyes off her amazing cleavage. Meanwhile, Frank made conversation with him - talking about the financial problems he and his wife were having. Back at home, Brent could not get Rachel out his mind. He wanted her so badly that he decided to make her an outrageous offer. He would pay off hers and Frank's debts if she agreed to have sex with him. But Rachel was furious when Brent over and proposed it. She slapped him across the face and told him to leave immediately.

Later, Frank got a letter from the bank. It announced that he had one week to pay off an enormous debt. Rachel felt close to despair. She knew there was no way she and Frank could find the necessary money - other than going back to Brent for help. Reluctantly, then, she met with him at her house and agreed to his offer. Even as she sobbed with guilt, Brent made his move. Before Rachel knew it he was kissing her passionately - stripping her out of her clothes so that he could fondle her big naked breasts and finger-fuck pussy. The adultery had begun.

A month later, as the next mortgage payment was due, Rachel had gotten used to it. On her bed she sucked Brent's cock before fucking him in several different positions. While she moaned in pleasure and praised the feeling of his cock entering her, she noticed Frank spying on the scene from beyond the door. He was rubbing his crotch. Rachel stayed calm, and carried on with Brent until the young man blasted his cum all over her stomach and torso. Afterwards, she went to Frank and talked to him about what had happened. Frank was cool about it. He admitted that her and Brent's fucking had turned him on. In fact, he wanted Rachel to continue it. There was plenty more money to be milked out of Brent.

Stars: Rachel Steele, Brent

Bagged & Shagged

Video: Bagged & Shagged
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Studio: Television X

Jessica is a bar lady at her local working men's club - she gets on well with the lads and she's an upstanding member of her community. She loves fucking her boyfriend she just wants more cock but doesn't want to lose him. So Nige reassures her that he has the perfect solution - and to her delight she wastes no time sucking the rock hard cock that she can only see through the paper bag over her head.

Loz is a highly paid barrister. She is married to her work but behind closed doors she's a sex addict & fantasies about being watched whilst being fucked. Well Nigel will fix it to make her dreams cum through - as she takes cock royally up the vag whilst donning a paper bag.

Claire is a dog trainer and regularly appears at shows showing off her 4-legged canines. She also has a guilty pleasure of wanting to be in a porno. But feels her good reputation will be ruined if she is recognized. So once again Nige cums to the rescue - and with the paper bag over her head - she moans at her heart’s content whilst she gets pounded in all holes before her tits get covered in creamy spunk.

Hannah is a 40-year-old bored housewife. Husband works all day & his idea of good sex is shooting his load in 3 minutes and then going to sleep! She longs for a good shag but doesn't want hubby to know. So good ole Nigel makes a few calls & before she knows it* she's bagged and shagged by a massive cock and left feeling truly satisfied.

Trish loves sex but she has a grown up son that watches porn. She's always fancied herself as an amateur porn actress but is terrified her son would find out. So she calls Nige and asks his advice* and before she knows it - lights* camera* and plenty of cock action - Trish is bagged & shagged in her own porno movie.

Stars: Jessica, Trish, Claire, Hannah, Loz, Leo Popps

Slow Blonde Cheerleader

Video: Slow Blonde Cheerleader
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Sex Party Prep

Coach Carl propositions a dumb blonde girl on his cheerleading squad, and asks her to drop by his house after school. He gets her to suck his cock, and then talks her into letting him fuck her. He promises her the position of Head Cheerleader if she will let him fuck her ass. She goes for it and he pounds her ass. He fucks her some more and she squirts on him. Then he eats her asshole, jacks off, cums all over her pussy and asshole and licks it up.

Stars: Josie Pesci, Carl Hubay

Family Fantasies 1664

Video: Family Fantasies 1664
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Studio: Red MILF Productions

Red MILF production presents Rachel Steele's Family Fantasies 1664!

Rachel and Julia, perverted sisters, who have a huge sexual history together! Julia seduces Rachel's husband right in their kitchen and takes a huge load from him.

Rachel is masturbating, while she thinks no one is watching and she's alone. She remembers time when shen and Julie seduced her son and had some wondeful family time.

And finally Rachel gets busted by her sister and son, who got really horny with what they saw and decided to join Rachel and have a threesome, while her husband is away.

Stars: Rachel Steele, Stacie Starr, Frank