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Seduced For My Husband – Cuckold Creampie

Video: Seduced For My Husband - Cuckold Creampie
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Studio: Sally's Cuckold / Femdom Corner
Sally knows it Saturday morning, so she hatches a plan (with her husband Bill's knowledge) to seduce the young paperboy when he stops by to collect. Bill hides in the closet so he can catch all the action and the plan proceeds right on schedule. Sally dressed very provocatively, luring the young lad into their trap. She starts off with a slow strip tease and then goes right into action, pulls his cock out and sucks it gets his clothes off of him and moves him to the bedroom so Bill can watch her get fucked. This guy has never had pussy like this before – he might even be a virgin. The young guy shoots his load deep into that married pussy!

Stars: Sally D'Angelo

Touch The Pussy – Susan

Video: Touch The Pussy - Susan
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Studio: realfemorg
The absolute real female orgasm has returned, and this time with the beautiful 53 year old Susan. She won’t have what might be an ordinary solo masturbation session. Instead, she has a special masseuse of sorts to come touch the pussy. He massages her legs and the inside of her thighs and around her lips, warming her up for what is to be a most enjoyable session. Utilizing two types of powerful vibrators and dexterous digits, “Mr. Hands” as he shall be named for now does a good job bringing Susan to an authentic orgasm.

Stars: Susan

Lusty Ladies Over 40 Part 5

Video: Lusty Ladies Over 40 Part 5
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Studio: N-Studio
Age is just a number, as any of these Lusty Ladies Over 40 will tell you! Watch as these crazy-horny MILFs get wild with much younger guys, making them eat their pussies and using their young cocks to get off. These cougars are ready to pounce… and these guys have just the right amount of inches to feed them!

Free Massage 21 – Lacy

Video: Free Massage 21 - Lacy
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Studio: Desert Wind Videos
This 48 year old MILF should know better. Nothing is free. The 82 year old man tricks another naive chick into getting what she thinks is going to be a professional massage by a female massage student. She thinks something might be wrong when she feels a finger in her pussy. Somehow she ends up with his cock in her mouth and then on the couch with his cock between her tight little ass cheeks. He shoots his cum on her ass of course.

Stars: Lacy

Kelly Madison’s World Famous Tits #12

Video: Kelly Madison's World Famous Tits #12
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Studio: Kelly Madison Productions

A whole new volume full of Kelly Madison's gigantic natural tits! Watch as she saves Private Ryan with her MILF boobs, find out the ways men and women are different and go for a hike up in the mountains with Kelly!

Scene 1: Wanna Job So you think you want a job? Can you handle a boss like this? Apply within - but you'll need to mind your office manners. And by the way, what kind of job do you want? I have lots of available jobs, to give that is! I've got hand jobs, blow jobs, and my favorite job of all - a tit job! Honey, I've got lots of jobs to give, just pick one to start with.

Scene 2: Fucking Private Ryan Sleeping on my man's chest and feeling so safe and secure was abruptly interrupted by a call from the Sargent. Ryan received orders to report to duty immediately to head off to Korea. My man was going to leave me prematurely, almost one week early and I wasn't going to stand for it! I don't care about the war, I only care about my man. I decided to delay his trip by a few hours. I got ready for a passionate and intimate last moment for us. Ryan couldn't resist and practically went AWOL for me. I got my last kisses in and of course a good fucking so he could leave me my blessed last memories of his cock.

Scene 3: Ethereal Ecstasy Can you hear the music playing? It is a song just for us. It is love song about me and you and what we are going to do. I can only imagine how good your hands are going to feel on my flesh. I can't wait to taste your lips and have you kiss my breasts. My womanly cunt yearns for your hard manly cock. My body aches to feel you thrust inside me. That would be beyond ecstasy. It would be other worldly. Take me here and now. Take me to another place.

Scene 4: Polka Dots and Pussy If there's something that always makes my day, it's feeling sexy in what I'm wearing. Hopefully that makes your day as well. I'm really liking my Polk a dot bra. It is made of cotton, it is soft, I like to touch it, hmm, you know what else I like to touch? Yep, my pussy. I would like you to touch my bra, take it off for me and then touch my pussy softly. Get me all wet and lift up my dress and fuck me ever so good. Poke me with your big stick!

Scene 5: Men Vs Women Here we go, the battle of the sexes. What a man wants and what a woman wants are entirely 2 different things sometimes. Men always have nothing but sex on their minds and women, well we get horny and like a good fuck but life's pleasures can include so much more. Take for instance a man bringing home flowers to a woman. A man wouldn't want that, he'd want his woman to bring home her naked body and want to fuck. A woman wants a foot massage and her toenails painted, a man, well, he just wants a footjob! You see where this going. Check out our differences but in the end we both want a great orgasm!

Scene 6: Bug Man It was the day of the month when the Bug Man comes to spray the outside of my house with pesticide. I live right next to the National Forest so I have bugs that nobody has even discovered yet! I had completely forgotten and was just taking a quick break in the middle of the day and I got out one of my vibrating glass penis shaped dildos. I didn't have enough time to take off my panties, I was trying to get in a "quick one" and then I thought I saw a shadow in the window. I paid it no attention and continued on with my orgasmic treat when I guess the door opened and he walked in my bedroom. I was shocked but really happily surprised. I have been checking out my Bug Man for long time. His cock was big just as I had imagined. I gulped it down and sucked it so hard. It was awesome. I then got up on top of him and fucked him long and hard. I came and squirted all over him. He then got up and really showed me what a Bug Man can do in bed. He exploded his hot cum all over me. Bug Man came 3 times but I came 5 times, so there!

Scene 7: Scrub My Titties A clean set of titties is not only good, it is godly, so I've heard. So for my 45th Birthday I decided to get my titties the cleanest they've ever been! Squeaky clean, in fact. They were as clean as a whistle until my husband came in and got them all dirty with his man juice. Oh well, time to scrub them down again. Rub a dub dub, two big titties in a wash basin tub!

Scene 8: Cabin Pressure I've been held up in this cabin for a few days I'm started to feel the pressure. The intense pressure to fuck! I'm up here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and I feel the need to get pounded. I want a big grizzly cock in my mouth. I want to taste the juices of nature and let them drip down my chin. I'm a woodsy kinda girl and I like a mountain man who can mount and kiss and suck on my giant flesh mountains.

Scene 9: Hike Fucking It was the 2nd to the last day on our trip and we took the dogs for a quick hike around the woods near our cabin. It was totally unexpected what happened next. We were walking along and we were going to take some photos of the dogs because I certainly wasn't "photo ready" and Ryan and I just got really horny out in the middle of nowhere. It all started when I took my sweater off. Ryan got out the camera and started photographing my tits. I told him this could mean trouble. I wasn't trying to pose or do a dang photo shoot. Well, I could see him getting hard while he was snapping away so I hopped down and began to give him a blow job. Next thing I knew I had pulled down my pants and was begging him to shove his cock in me. Meanwhile the dogs just stood there patiently waiting for us to finish up. We both came and then got our pants back on and continued on with our hike. I like hike fucking!

Scene 10: Midnight Romance I have on my new bright pink bikini and this September night air is warm and deliciously breezy. I swear you can practically smell the horniness in the air. I love summer nights when the cool air meets the radiating heat coming up from the ground. I also very much love swimming when it is dark outside. The water seems so much more inviting and a bit mysterious. You never know who will be lurking in the deep waiting to take off my bikini and make mad passionate love to me in the dark.

Stars: Kelly Madison, Ryan Madison


Video: Caged
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Studio: Sally D'angelo
Caged dungeon slave Deauxma is at the mercy of Nina Hartley and Sally D’angelo…Watch as the defenseless maiden begs and pleads for her release as the two Domme’s terrorize her as they take turns whipping her and submitting to sexual acts for their lesbian pleasure…then after the night, they lock her back up in her cage only for more for another day.

Stars: Nina Hartley, Deauxma, Sally D'Angelo

Lusty Ladies Over 40 Part 4

Video: Lusty Ladies Over 40 Part 4
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Studio: N-Studio
Who says young girls should get all the fun? The older ladies need it more and have done more to DESERVE it. Watch as a horny female doctor takes advantage of her young trusting patient, leading to sex on the exam table! Follow Scene 2 as a bossy mature babe humiliates her teen boy sub, commanding him to dress up in her clothes for her entertainment!

Abnorm 76

Video: Abnorm 76
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Studio: Z-Faktor
Lovers of watersports, look no further! The 76th installment of Abnorm features three lovely, mature amateurs who can’t wait to display their penitent for piss. These women adore spraying and getting sprayed by their partner! Don’t worry though, they make sure to mop up afterwards!

Abnorm 76

Video: Abnorm 76
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Studio: Z-Faktor
Lovers of watersports, look no further! The 76th installment of Abnorm features three lovely, mature amateurs who can’t wait to display their penitent for piss. These women adore spraying and getting sprayed by their partner! Don’t worry though, they make sure to mop up afterwards!

Persuading The Boss

Video: Persuading The Boss
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
When Sexyscorpion’s boss comes over to tell her she’s getting let go from her job, she’ll do absolutely anything to persuade him to change his mind! Her boss can’t say no to a pretty face, and soon Sexyscorpion is securing her job position by putting her boss in an extremely compromising one!

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx