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Elektra Gets It

Video: Elektra Gets It
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Carl is planning on taking his wife, Connie, and Elektra on a cruise. He’s trying to see how the girls will hold up getting pounded over and over for the four day period. Carl works her over for about an hour, eating her pussy, her ass, and fucking her tight pussy. By the end of the session, she’s cum several times and is not sure how she’s going to walk out once they’re finished. Carl thinks she needs a few more sessions of practice before cruise time, to get her in shape.

Stars: Elektra, Carl Hubay

Busty Moms Fuck Nasty Boys 2

Video: Busty Moms Fuck Nasty Boys 2
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4 Blistering Hot Mommies Fuck The Brains Out Of These Young Dudes. These mommy babes get their pussy hammered by a young stud, some of them even swallow it after the hot action. They love their tits covered in cum, that comes from the fresh meat. These mature ladies with mature boobs show young boys, that they are still in a shape of sexiness!

Black Male

Video: Black Male
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Studio: Sally D'angelo
Sally D'angelo.......... John Long................ BLACKmale......... Interracial, Smoking, Fucking, Blow job, Blackmail, Secret Recording, Butt Plug..................... Conniving housewife Sally D'Angelo calls up her neighbor and asks that her son come over to do some yard work. She keeps up a condescending and bossy attitude until he scoops her off her feet and delivers her to where she already wants to go.....bed, where fucking ensues to her glee filled delight. But unknown to her over heated and sex filled mind, he's got an agenda too....blackmail, and the camera rolls in secret till after her screaming orgasms when he tells her that there's going to be a lot more fucking in the future....or else! Features interracial, cougar, smoking, blackmail, teeny tiny bikini, butt plug, fucking, sucking and debauchery!

Stars: Sally D'Angelo, John Long

American Hotwives Volume 2

Video: American Hotwives Volume 2
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Studio: Black Media Group
Jay Assassin is back and continues to travel around the United States fucking hotwives. Sky Haven, Nola Rouge, Lauren De Wynter and Catrina Costa are the hot honeys featured and eager to take the pipe he’s laying down in this sequel. Watch them beg for a deep drilling in every position before he injects them with his gooey cream in four XXX scenes.

Stars: Lauren De Wynter, Catrina Costa, Nola Rouge, Sky Haven, Jay Assassin

Take It Aft, Matey!

Video: Take It Aft, Matey!
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Sharee comes to Carl's house for a date and wants her to pretend be his aide in the Navy. She puts on a Navy jersey and hat for him, although he strips her pretty quickly. Carl eats her out and tears up her pussy and then wants to do some rear entry. She goes along with it but, can't take it for long. Carl says he'll stop if she'll lick his dick when it comes out of her ass. She goes along with it, and then Carl cums in her mouth and on her face. He lies down and she gets above him and lets the cum drip in his mouth and then gives him a wet cum kiss.

Stars: Sharee, Carl Hubay

Shaving & Mutual Satisfaction 5

Video: Shaving & Mutual Satisfaction 5
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Studio: N-Studio
When there are bushes that grow out of control and it's time to cut them back! This couple knows that well, they help each other with shaving, they suck, then masturbate, lick and blow each other. They are enjoying each other's shaved bodies, even while shaving.

Deutsche Swinger 2

Video: Deutsche Swinger 2
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Studio: Unter Deutschen Dachern
Take a peek inside the world of swinging - where couples swap wives, husbands and partners for the night to put the thrill back in their relationships. Its non-stop horniness with the hot women eager to swap their men and get plugged like leaking fuck-dolls, while the lucky guys not only get a taste of their buddies' girl they get to stick their big dicks in them as well! The girls get to try out their lesbian tendencies as well, as they get their first taste of pussy and they might even go back for more! Flirty and dirty, what these kinky couples mix it up in the bedroom!

Jenny Jizz – I Fuck My Fans 3

Video: Jenny Jizz - I Fuck My Fans 3
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Studio: Sticky Studios
Jenny Jizz , protege of reality porn super star Naughty Alysha, is out to prove she is the highest caliber of gals around! She is a true cum pig who loves to suck and fuck her fans! And her fans are more than delighted to please their Mistress, they only could imagine this but she made everything a reality!

Stars: Jenny Jizz

The Secret Life Of Ms. Richards 4

Video: The Secret Life Of Ms. Richards 4
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Studio: Shooting Star
Ms. Richards, the sex mad matron breaks all the rules in her latest pursuit of sexual pleasure. Even a crowd of young studs can't fully please this decadent dame, but they have fun trying! Loads of cum and lots of fun! She's one hot and horny, sexy old lady and she's crazy for cock. Her gash is open for business. Go granny go!

Stars: Diane Richards

Freudian Slap

Video: Freudian Slap
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Studio: Shadow Lane

A double scenario spanking drama starring Clare Fonda and Butch Simms.

Two lively scenarios, starring one of the cutest, funniest and most charismatic spankees in the world, Clare Fonda, and co-starring Shadow Lane's own mighty Butch Simms, fill our 221st video with exciting hard spanking action, witty dialog and unique personality.

Stiffed and Miffed

After working all day installing a faucet, a plumber is informed by his inconsiderate customer, that all he will receive for his labor is a post dated check. Having had to chase this lady for payments in the past, the plumber informs the lady that he'll take cash that very day, or wear his arm out spanking her. When she protests, Butch gives her a stinging taste of his righteous indignation, turning her silky smooth white bottom dark pink with his hard hand.

Freudian Slap

A troubled individual visits a therapist to complain that no one pays attention to him. But in the middle of bearing his soul to the psychological practitioner, Mr. Simms notices that, ironically, Ms. Fonda isn't paying the slightest bit of attention to him. Naturally Butch loses it and straight up calls her out on her glaring lack of empathy, not to mention, her insultingly unprofessional behavior. Next thing she knows, Clare finds herself over his knee for a complete attitude adjustment. Butch spanks the living daylights out of her!

Stars: Clare Fonda, Butch Simms